3T - Sex Appeal Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Girl, I love your sex appeal
And it's driving me wild baby
You got me hooked in everyway
There's just something 'bout the way that you move
Now I know I worked it well
So there's no use in fighting it babe
And you know you liked it too
Let's get together and do it again, come on girl

I love your sex appeal
When you shake it I can't take it no more
I love the way it feels
I gotta have it....your sex appeal

[Verse 2]
You turn me on, no doubt about it
Every time I rub against you babe
I lose control thinkin' about it
You make me wanna go and do some thangz
To you babe
Now I know I worked it well
So why you wanna fight it with me
When you know you want it too
So tell me what you wanna do
Come on baby

I love your sex appeal
When you shake it I can't take it no more
I love the way it feels
I gotta have it....your sex appeal

Girl, you got me in this situation
Sex me up and set my body free now
I'm feelin' for some sexual attention
Come on girl and put it down on me

Just bring your body to me
I don't understand the reason
Why you're playing hard to get girl
Why don't you just give it up
To me babe

[Hook out]

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3T Sex Appeal Comments
  1. Telly's Muse

    yes  TJ ....well all 3T LOVE THEM

  2. Ginger Davids

    oh my💓👍I just love this song and awesome job on bringing us on the next generation ride. Bring back another season cause we need to know outcomes. This left me wanting more.

  3. Lilj123

    I love this song just discovered it🤓

  4. Andrea Martinez


  5. Lashay Davis

    HOT IN every way

  6. Angela Jackson

    whooo!   whooo!    whooo! 

  7. Angela Jackson

    Still rockin!!!! 2014

  8. Deona Wingfield

    Tj sounds a little like his father tito

  9. tiffanychamberlain

    omg i love this song 

  10. Chris Andersem


  11. RonicBeatsz

    Listening this on CHRISTMAS day Ahhahaha I must be the only human in the world doing this

  12. orelia monney

    i like this

  13. Robin Keller

    WOAH Taryll is Fine and he looks good dancing! WOAH Sex appeal xoxoxoxo

  14. MinK

    Taryll !!!!!!! \(*O*)/ OMG

  15. Robin Keller

    Taryllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Damn!

  16. Crystyl Bea Altamirano


  17. Alexia Oliveira

    <2 i love 3t

  18. youuunme

    can someone tell me what's TJ last lyrics before the end of this song?thank you! i may be confusing but maybe it's french!!i love this song!it rocks!they are so talented!!!the clip is good as well!

  19. aliyAshley


  20. 1starkid1

    i love this song and TJ IS SOOOOO HOT IN THIS VIDEO

  21. Asya Basden

    Baby Baaabbbaaaaeyyy! u wait Tj when i get one year older baby im comin lol

  22. Alejandra Ochoa

    Can you make this mobile? :)

  23. herly Vanessa Peña Castro

    me encanta este video

  24. Alejandra Ochoa

    Can you make this mobile? :)

  25. Tamara JJ

    i love Tj is so Sexy and cute!

  26. Mitzi De gordy

    i love u TJ *--* and is mine :D

  27. cheerleaderhhsgirl

    hella sexy damn

  28. Giselle dos santos

    lindos e sexy ai se eu te pego!!!

  29. Gia Blaze

    Oh, that's definitely worth another watch!

  30. sweetlikez

    this is a sexy video :)

  31. Alejandra Ochoa

    Damn I'd wanna take Taryll to that room ;)

  32. Roberto Ceresa

    the eldest brother looks like Dida XD

  33. Alejandra Ochoa

    Oh Taryll your so sexy! You got me moist ;)

  34. Courtney Pearson

    This is very Jacksony!

    I Love This! SEXY!

  35. Bianca M.

    Haber...ya no entendi...se supone que les tienen que quitar ellas a ellos la T? o ellos le tenian qe quitar la T a ellas?? ya me revolvi...pero Tj es suuuper sexy...lo amo....como me hubiera gustado ser la chica rubia Lol... xD

  36. Nafana MindlessDirectioner

    @MJJBABE66 No I'm gonna marry his sexy nephew TJ =)

  37. DiabolikLover95

    Taryll's T is on his belt buckle :D

  38. Radar Fuentes

    nope i got dibs on him lol

  39. Melanny Fernandez

    I feel like all the air runs out at 3:18..YOU'RE SO FUCKING HOOOOOOOOOTTT TJ!!! :3

  40. Erika Zorzynski

    Luv ya Taryll <3<3<3<3<3!

  41. Erika Zorzynski

    oh Taryll! I'm crazy for you!!!

  42. Pvee S

    anybody related to Michael Jackson is freakin handsome or beautiful..:) hmmm

  43. S_mainy_C

    @cotisa2222 I cald dibs first hahahaha kidding xxoxxoxxo love him

  44. browngirl313

    3t are some very bad boys lol I like that

  45. Kayla Tatiana

    all them are HAWTT...<3333333

  46. Kayla Tatiana

    Dangg all them are HAWTT...<3333333

  47. Kayla Tatiana

    all of them r soo HAWTT... <3333333

  48. Kayla Tatiana

    Damnn all of them r soo HAWTT... <3333333

  49. blissmermaid

    @superstarz1010 no, Taryll is mines...lol

  50. blissmermaid

    use to be the biggest 3t fan!

  51. Charles Sessanga

    ooooooooo tj yo sex appeal is good lol love ya 3t

  52. Frida Roland Pagh

    @gnisha777 Do you mean you was 14 the first time you heard it, or do you mean now

  53. misszallienicole

    That B Howard guy does all the same "moves"

  54. Jennifer Ramirez

    TJ is a sexy mofo!!!

  55. Cay from the block .


  56. Cay from the block .

    DIBS ON TAJ!!!!!!!

  57. Melanny Fernandez

    this girl better watch it! taryll is mine god damn it! >:(

  58. Therese Nilsson

    TJ has the most beautiful smile
    Taryll has really beautiful eyes
    Taj he is just so cute.

  59. Therese Nilsson

    TJ has the most beautiful smile
    Taryll has really beautiful eyes
    Taj he is just so cute.

  60. Therese Nilsson

    TJ is so hot

  61. IssiRavenfyre

    All three are smexy..

  62. gnisha777

    NOOO Not TJ lol jk jk! I luv 3t this is the first time i heard this song, overall i give it 110%! hahaha i love the whole jackson family. mj janet, rebbie, jackie, tito, jermaine, marlon,latoya(somewhat lol). EVERYONE! i love this music... oh... did i mention i was 14. lol weird coming from a teen huh?

  63. taterkat6

    lmao. they are all hot. but i just have to say... TAJ LOOKS JUST LIKE TITO! LIKE.... he IS tito

  64. irene austin

    i love tis song n i luv there music i just hope 1 day they can help write a song 4 my ablum im doing that be a good blessing 1 luv guyz

  65. irene austin

    i lovw tis song n i luv there misic i just hope 1 day they can help write a song 4 my ablum im doing that be a good blessing 1 luv guyz

  66. Donna Bella

    Tj you sexy thang. im still waiting to marry you xxx I LOVE YOU xxx

  67. Lauren Virgile

    im hooked on 3T omg im so mad dat i was too young to even kno dem wen there was around but im happy i finally heard their music omg im so hooked and TJ is da best he looks sooooooooooooooooooooo good he is HOTT and so is Taryll i lik Taj too but TJ is da best i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dis song they are so sexy i love 3T

  68. kayla green

    i love taj!

  69. Jacinda V


  70. Jacinda V

    @Tanisha0782 i sooo agree with you TJ is my fav!!! ppl say its werid b/c he looks like his dad but w.ehe is still a cutie!!well HOTTIE!

  71. Denisse Phoenix

    I really miss them!!!Hope they'll have a huge comeback.TJ says they'll release something soon.Good God Taryll is soo gorgeous it makes me wanna cry!!!

  72. MzPrettyladii97

    no no no taj and tj oohhh lala

  73. Nongoma Ndlovu

    @xXxMJ4LIFExXx u know!its kind weird i thaught i was mad

  74. LaShunda Hill

    We are just missing out in the US. This is nice song. Is this on Identity?

  75. Raetoya Leazer


  76. Ruth Morissaint

    hummm they are so hot

  77. Anjelle Pettigrew

    ughh the whole jackson family is so sexyy |!!!

  78. SexyThrillerGuy

    taryll is soooo sexy he my fav. right after michael.

  79. DahliaGraceland

    Oh my...Taryll ;-)

  80. Shevon71

    tj is 30 and still sexci as hell 4real

  81. khristin turnage

    i love taj part

  82. Jenna Hodge

    They are all just soooo yummy! :) Taj will always be my favorite though

  83. Jenna Hodge

    @hy6100 I agree, sooo yummy!

  84. yellowbananamonkey

    these guys are twice my age...but ther sooo gorgeous! lol

  85. pam brando


  86. Shevon71

    sexxy tj

  87. shanonia rojas

    you can hear that these guys are part of jackson family!!

  88. lyanne watkins

    I Love These Guys They Are Sooooo Handsome!!!

  89. ThreeT .Fans United

    i so agree with ya girl :)

  90. Cho0kz

    apparently he/she thinks when ur 30 u get all wrinkled up LOL
    probably a 15 year old

  91. Nicole

    TAJ AND TJ R SO HOT !!!!!

  92. Nicole

    THEY R SOOOO HOT !!!!!

  93. Nicole

    THEY R SO HOT !!!

  94. LaShanna Brooks

    @3tfanclubgermany I have seen how Royal looks on the famliy dynasty he looks so much like his father such a cutie pie

  95. LaShanna Brooks

    Yes I agree 3T are still hot and still sext to this day no matter how old they are

  96. kk ra

    there still hot (taj) ummm lol.x

  97. Jessica jackson

    taryll je taime tu es si sexy

  98. tizzzzle

    ohhhh... so hot!