3rd Edge - In And Out Lyrics

[Intro ad lib:]
Sexy Underground, Egh!

In and out, up and down
In and out, up and down

[Verse 1 - Tom]
Now I can be that man that you can get to do
And I see the way you are when I undress you (yeah)
Get on that bed babe "n" show me how you stay
I wanna know if you like it hard or soft
But I know you'll like it my way

[Chorus - Third Edge]
In & Out
You like it baby
No telling me maybe
Front to back
I'm lovin' you baby
All over you baby
Up and down
You're feelin' it baby
I know you are baby
Round and round
Let me touch your body there

[Verse 2 - Tom]
Now you are the type to give it to me right (yeah)
Lady you started this no backing out tonight no
Give me some of your loving girl
That you promised to give me
So undress yourself get comfortable
Feel my sexuality


[J. Tee]
Said babe I know, u got the feelin' (boom)
In the bedroom with ur legs to the ceiling,
Looking atcha body with ur clothes ime peeling,
Off ur bbback, when I cum now with my attack,
10 outa 10 when it comes to the sack,
Jigga jigga (scratch noise) jtee on the bad boy track,
Here we go, 3rd AWA (scratch noise) edge gonna cum correct,
When ime licking u first from ur feet to ur head, (where?)
Doesn't really matter on a couch or a bed,
Take it slow, do u think that u can handle my flow?
When I explode I'll be letting u know,
In 'n' out vibe and away we go!!

Checking the checkin' the right vibe
Come a come alive
When I be riding the right mic inside
I be lyrical bad boy the G intense MC
Just wind ya booty
I'm a lyrical bad boy MC dapa-don
Get upon the rhythm
Do me right not wrong
Ladies just shake down ya bumper
Down to the dance floor
We getcha hyper

Danger- I got the mic inside
Ladies- 4/5 by my side
All they- want is just to grind
Oh no- that called be called a crime
Gimme the key to your chastity
Wanna get down dirty gettin' freaky
Don't wanna steal it so ask her nicely
Just shake dat hip 'n' wind ya booty

[Chorus - Tom v Dan]
In and out, dance, dance, dance
Front to back you got to, you got to hit em wid a killa role
Up and down In and out vibe and away we go
Sexual feeling gonna make you come
Down with the sounds of the bass and drum
In and out and up and down baby, and down baby
Down with the sounds of the bass and drum
In and out
Front to back
Up and down
Round and round [fade]

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3rd Edge In And Out Comments
  1. Kios00

    Still bumpin this all the way from America!

  2. Phil Roberts

    I can't be the only one still listening to this 17 years later.... Still an absolute banger

  3. No hype Gamer

    Dan actually lived in Rainham! Basically opposite my flat haha played football over the Howard school with us sometimes 😅

  4. Lucien does YouTube

    Still bumping this banger

  5. xrach wellsx

    remember meeting the dude in the beige jumper and getting his autograph on my bus pass. he was super sweet

  6. Championship TV

    Dan is my dad

  7. Darren Fox

    Such a banger 🔥

  8. Deleted

    On of them got caught for drugs and jailed and killed in jail.


    bloody hell really, which one

  9. Andrew Hughes

    Mad watching this all these years later. Boys from my ends I used to emcee with dan grant (the fast emcee) always tried getting me on his performances . Mad respect for that. Shame they never took off . But grime started to become the norm when these guys came out

  10. Gwen Char

    Music 3000 :D

  11. nikki k

    girl looks like rihanna


    I was 18 when this come out I'm 34 now lol

  13. Truman

    Lyrics for 2:17 please? :P



    xrach wellsx

    @Swashey WRONG


    xrach wellsx how so?

  14. laura nichols

    ahhhhh my little bro playing this on his sub in his little nova sweet lol

  15. TheJoesmoe1987

    damm man nostalgia

  16. Glenn Thomson

    Cry me a sausage, Gt

  17. !!DecCed!!

    Oh wow Lool I remember this from high school over ten years ago 😭damn I'm old !!

    Auba Sanchez

    My you're not old just cultured

  18. HayleaAllison

    i loved this!!!!

  19. drjdk100

    great tune

  20. BirchBehav

    1:48 best bit >.<

    xrach wellsx

    @Sammie true

    Auba Sanchez

    The whole verse is good

  21. EnnJaySee

    what a pack of wankers

    Flagging Awesome

    Awww jealous much??

    laura nichols

    Just spat my wine all over my self

  22. Ajay Maisuria

    Mistajam bought me here

  23. elite360driver

    This tune is da bomb! Can't believe it didn't do better...

    Auba Sanchez

    The tune number 1 song for 2 weeks

  24. kimberley coleman

    i still remember this song when they came to blackthorn middle school we loved them loads and got to do bits and bobs wiv them

  25. KSV

    Tht middle bit is fucking fast

  26. Tom Connolly

    fuck i can remeber buyin this single! still a tune!

  27. TrueUtility

    In and out up and down

  28. LightEternal222

    One of the SICKEST raps EVER!
    LOVE this track!

    xrach wellsx

    they mc not rap!

  29. ihatekings1987

    can i just say i found a tape of this song from years ago in my old house and found it here and this song is still sick!... someone shud def do a dubstep/dnb remix of it!!! love it

  30. Boida456

    The guy who mc's well quickly.....what does he say and whats he trying to prove?

    xrach wellsx

    that your a NOB

  31. NEME


  32. Joshuarse

    the singer looks like professor greens backing singer? am i right?

  33. unidan82

    @ritchiesbabe can you put these on youtube? :)

  34. unidan82

    I don't get how this band didn't go big? only 2 songs?!? crazy.

  35. Nasser Jihadi

    nice facial expressions from the lead singer, lmao

  36. 1988rems

    such a tune from back in the day :)

  37. ritchiesbabe

    @MrKennedy500 J Tee the one with the beanie hat on.

  38. ritchiesbabe

    @Iggymcpig Yeah there was but it never got release I bought the 5 track album sampler off ebay. They were ace, gonna have to see if I can dig that out I love Turn It On and No Pick Up Line etc. I loved them too bad more people didn't buy their stuff.

  39. Naruto Uzumaki

    @TheTimmierascal which one of em is Jamie?

  40. Iggymcpig

    Was there ever a 3rd Edge album?

  41. alex

    2:17 - 2:20 - That made no sense at all!

    xrach wellsx

    u stupid

  42. twon1610

    sweet lord...them were the days.
    i woz ere 2k2!

  43. tailwhip2000

    can't believe this was 2002. how quickly does time go??

  44. Lauren B

    @tailwhip2000 me too!

  45. Lauren B

    @toyboy198334 try amazon :)

  46. tailwhip2000

    just saw the clip of this on the buzzcocks re run.

  47. tom payne

    FUCKING LOVE THIIIIIIIIIIIS. this was out when I was about 16/17 but I still fucking love it. I wish it was on iTunes :(

  48. majestic29

    Ah, finally found the vid! lol
    Was checking my cd rack and found the cd-single to this! :-)

  49. racer0606

    yes jiggz was a banger this was mate it was nice to see a little movement a gwarn yes yes

  50. tozzilil

    wow brings back some funny teenage memories lol. good tune, loved seeing ya on never mind the buzzcocks...... x

  51. Living Letter Plans

    @sambiggsmusic haha! here watching the line up right now! LOL

  52. Leona X

    actually just seen a rerun of never mind the buzzcocks, had completly forgot this song but tis legend luv it!!

  53. klub1uk

    Ahh this song brings back good memories of hot summers in the garden blasting this out. Good times :)

  54. chamsazp

    is it just me or does the bird at 0:39 look under age?

  55. thehillza

    This should have done so much better, would have been no 1 if released now.

  56. weel857

    Garage will never die..........lads where are you??......we need more!!!

    who remembers the days of recording off pirate radio stations onto cassette tapes??? Quality!!!!

  57. mitch Goodall

    so cool , this track. remind me of college

  58. breaderb16lag

    Avenue and Bar Rio days, So many memories. Big up JT

    Matt J Cole

    Bar rio feels like a lifetime ago...

    ... And your nostalgic comment about the place is 9 years old 😂

  59. rabbitman56


  60. rabbitman56


  61. Kinamod

    who's the one at 2:12, wicked

  62. Georgie Porgie

    Ha Ha that still confuses the f*ck out of me.
    I think I get what u mean though, KooL

  63. jackyeah00

    Its funny how this vid has got more and more vids since it was on NMTB LMFAO

  64. Tim Cumersdale

    sorry for making imy last statement confusing.

    songs with beat and your style of mc'ing with guest singers maybe for choruses, would you be able to do the main vocals over 3rd edge

  65. Georgie Porgie

    A few more of what?
    Video's or 3rd Edge songs?

  66. Tim Cumersdale

    awesome vid jamie, love the mc'ing any chance you could do a few more? :p

  67. jackyeah00

    Jamie George lol

  68. mitch Goodall

    hahah everyone had the same idea as me, i loved this at college. nice to see it on buzzcocks

  69. Georgie Porgie

    Thanks so much for all your comments.
    Jamie George.

    Jiggz12 is my youtube channel (shit name I know)
    so feel free to have a look or subscribe.

  70. Damion Groom

    can't believe i forgot about this tune brings back memories of all the novas driving around with this tune blasting out

  71. t dan

    brings bak sum old skool memories

  72. BUGGYmachuggys

    haha buzzcocks just bought a flashback of me makin up a dance to this when i was little lol jokes

  73. enzee26

    haha same...

  74. ijolfster

    just heard it on there too, forgot all about this tune!

  75. K C

    If i just didnt watch this on buzzcocks then i wouldnt av known about this cool tune.

  76. Creamedinmypants

    lol watching buzzcocks now, never heard of it!

  77. Catherine Rowlands

    Anyone know where I can download it safely. I can't find it anywhere

  78. Keefikus

    lmao and me on buzzcocks! how funny!

  79. joe lawrence

    lol just saw this on buzzcocks good tune for car

  80. kitwew

    Pretty awesome MCing there

  81. Georgie Porgie

    Thanks for your comments

  82. Victor Chiew

    Ah man...brings back the memories!! nice old skool garage tune! Can't believe this didn't do better back then.

  83. Naruto Uzumaki

    Yeh if it was released now it would of done well !

  84. Jade Michael

    wata chune

  85. Nasser Jihadi

    lol remember, they can rap and sing, some of these guys today got no rhythm, sway is good.

    xrach wellsx

    they mc....not rap theres a huge difference

  86. Georgie Porgie

    Hello Spence'

    It's Jamie (JTee)
    Hope all's well mate. *thumbs up*

  87. Spencer Horton

    I played guitar on this track at the end!!!
    they were amazing, havnt heard from tom, jt, or dan for ages!

  88. ZenZoah Dos

    Loved Thomas.... i remember his song Didnt I Tell You True .. any 1 remember thats songg .. ??

    used to listen to it all day !!!

  89. LFC4L1F3

    I remember buying the CD single of this. Still love the song now :0)

  90. Naruto Uzumaki

    which one is dan ?

    Andrew Hughes

    Naruto Uzumaki the one with fare hair and eyebrow piercing

  91. Koneezy

    I remember this!!!

    Proper chav music!! Brilliant!

  92. Naruto Uzumaki

    probably the black one he looks like a wanker

  93. Jordan Casey

    yeeah tom .. the one in the midle .. has started his own lil corear .. and he is my mates brother soo :D

  94. Fhat Sam

    Jtee now known as Jamie George is up to big things, his solo albums out in march. He personally posted this video so check out his other vids to find out more :)

  95. Naruto Uzumaki

    which ones dan ?

  96. carlymoments

    dan is my boyfriends best mate and dan is the biggest WANKER!! i have ever met!

  97. carlymoments

    dan is my boyfriends best mate and dan is the biggest WANKER!! i have ever met!

  98. Georgie Porgie

    Howdy, Single out 3rd Nov' Album next March! ;)


    big tune. i stil got dis on vinyl