3OH!3 - Bad Guy Lyrics

Gather up your loved ones, gather up your friends
‘Cause this is when the bad guy, the bad guy wins.
Gather up your loved ones, gather up your friends
‘Cause this is when the bad guy, the bad guy wins.

Now there once was a man
Who was tall and handsome
The best shot in the land
Not to mention good at dancing
A hit with the ladies
A heartthrob with the daughters
Cool with the guys
Regular Roy Rogers
He was a man of his word
And he did what he said
That is, until an outlaw shot him dead

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

Now there's whiskey in the water
And blood in the creek
The outlaw has a glass eye and a scar on his cheek
The town hall's a saloon
And the women are whores
No houses around to put locks on the doors
He dreamt he was a king, safe in his bed
That's when another outlaw shot him dead

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
(Sh-sh-shot him dead)
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

Gather up your loved ones,
Gather up your friends
‘Cause this is when the bad guy
The bad guy wins.
Pray to whichever God forgives your sins
‘Cause this is when the bad guy,
The bad guy wins

(Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na)
Gather up your loved ones,
Gather up your friends
‘Cause this is when the bad guy
The bad guy wins.
Pray to whichever God forgives your sins
‘Cause this is when the bad guy,
The bad guy wi— [gunshot]

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
(Sh-sh-shot him dead)
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

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3OH!3 Bad Guy Comments
  1. Fanofmanythings

    Why does this fit like 10 villains I know?

  2. Jupiter

    Theme song for Cronus Ampora

  3. Gin Argent

    The first verse is literally Star-Lord

  4. Alina Wilhelm

    FAHC anyone?


    Bucky Barnes? This song is made for the Crimen Syndicate

  6. Creative Studios

    This makes me think of the dark tower.

  7. chancladotjpg

    Loverboy Lance?


  8. enter username

    This sounds like hansome jack in a nutshell.

  9. Animated alex

    Negan vibes from this one

  10. wonderwall 2.0

    Just over here thinking of gotham my fav show ever


    Bucky barnes? This song is for the Crime Syndicate!

  12. Rachel Allyeska

    Why did I kinda think of Angus MacGyver, the new one with Lucas Till, and Bucky Barnes?

  13. MaryKay Vincent

    Destiny 2: Forsaken anyone?

  14. Jared Cap

    Would go good with red dead redemtion 2

  15. AlternateRacoon


  16. My Moment


  17. なつ


  18. L D

    This song and "I'm a Wanted Man"by Royal Deluxe would be perfect for a music video for Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  19. leehtopster

    Came here because of loverboy Lance lolol

  20. Stacey Vermilyea

    I came here because of a Leonard Snart/Captain Cold video.

  21. yousuf GMV

    Can I use this song to do n
    One of my new video of VIDEO game please?


    when ambrose turns heel,this will be playing in my head

  23. Kaeda Sonata

    only good song every thing else is garbage

  24. Alxøn Gaming

    Genre: Crunkcore & Alternative Rock (wait how is crunkcore still alive?)

  25. Cecilia Lopes

    I can't believe 30H! did this song

  26. Luu Giac

    Came here because a Louis Tomlinson's video😍

  27. 育海

    Very cool!!😎

  28. bigfatcarp93

    Ricardo "The Dragon" Diaz.

  29. Richard rage

    I came here from roblox

  30. Lemon Daddy

    Holy shit these guys have changed :o the first song I heard by them was My First Kiss....it's so poppy compared to this song. Most singers sell out and do the opposite

  31. Olivia Montes

    Came here from that Loverboy Lance vid

  32. Raven Wolfe

    ... this reminds me of Lance from Voltron. No? Whatever, I love this fucking song.

  33. Lesslie Mendoza

    Lance McFreakinClain anyone?



    Don’t quote me on that_13



    Ann yes


    Ah. I found them.

  34. Vir Blanco

    Lpm amo esta canción. Alguien más vino por el video de Louis/1D?

  35. Ben Davidson

    Barbara kean anyone?

  36. Anastacia


  37. The Walking Dead Tributes

    I think this matches red dead redemption

  38. *:・゚See you, Space Cowboy。

    Doesn't really fit Bucky at all. Like, seriously.

    *:・゚See you, Space Cowboy。

    Having been a lifelong fan of the Winter Soldier, not really. Even in the movies. It maybe fits someone like Loki, Red Skull, etc.

    *:・゚See you, Space Cowboy。

    But to each our own, I suppose. I like to say it's Kilgrave's theme song.

    Assassin's Guilt

    Well... I see your point with Red Skull, but hardly Loki. Also a lifelong fan of the Winter Soldier, I would point out that this song symbolizes Bucky's mental struggle. The "bad guy", being the Winter Soldier. A darker more dangerous version of himself trying to be rid of Bucky as the "good guy" forever. Personally, I would actually give this song to demon Dean from Supernatural. That's just me though.

    *:・゚See you, Space Cowboy。

    Alright, I see your point. It also certainly fits demon Dean.

    Mat the Peach

    This is the most mature and safest disagreement on the internet. May I stay here for refuge?

  39. Manic Halibut

    Jerome Valeska and Bucky Barnes

  40. Actually A Shotgun

    everyone in the comments is talking about Bucky Barnes and I'm just sitting here thinking of Felix from Red Vs. Blue

  41. Valentia

    came here from a louis tomlinson video and i'm so in love 😍

    subscribe to PewDiePie

    Same ❤️

    Anna McGrew

    Same 😩💙

  42. Keith Tepper

    the starting is horralble but its pretty catchy

  43. screaming wretch

    reminds me of Loki

  44. RKshamrock

    Negan, anyone?
    "The bad guy wins"
    "Tall and handsome"
    "A man of his word"
    "He dreamt he was a king"
    Sounds like Negan to me

    Happy Alba Sán

    Sound like Bucky/Winter Soldier/James Barners

    Black Hand of Sauron

    @Happy Alba Sán no


    And the woman are whor*-

  45. Notsoawesome 666

    Is this song on Spotify? I need this in my liffffeee

  46. El Schaefer

    Getting some serious Shadow King vibes here...

  47. Lancaster Responding

    I've never seen such speed!

    lachlan mcdonnell

    Lancaster Responding and it was raining

  48. enter username

    shadow the hedgehog anyone?

  49. stumpsexual confirmed

    i just think about Louis Tomlinson with Zayn,Harry,Liam, and Niall....anyone else?[i bet no one lmao] [its just one direction + zayn]


    Saaaaaaame! ;)


    the larry devil came from a louis video and it is amazing

    rama al-selawy

    the larry devil OMG SAME🙋🙋🙋

  50. SgtP4in

    so does anyone else try to play rpg's as a monster of a human being while trying to save the world. I do

  51. thecheakywoodsman 935

    rilla hops

  52. blurry hans

    freddieismyqueen anyone?


    blurry hans she made a video with this song?

  53. Cookiez Cookiez

    This is Just made for void stiles

  54. The Maniax!

    Jerome "The Joker" Valeska anyone? HEE HEE HEE HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    Manic Halibut

    The Maniax! Ha ha ha

  55. Kenny Crenshaw

    Bucky Barnes anyone?

    -Funtime Foxy-

    Kenny Crenshaw MEEE

    Evelyn Molina

    😂 I love him

  56. Shroom Fumez

    Ur profile picture pisses me off

  57. Julia Harmon

    If the winter soldier had a movie, I feel like this would be great

    Mentality Salad

    buddy do i have a film for you


    @Mentality Salad lmaoo

  58. cabeswaterdreams

    First, i heared it in a superhero-themed video. I find this song, and i love it! :) Thanks for the lyrics. 😊

  59. ComiXProvider FTW_02

    The perfect song for The Crime Syndicate

    Cameo Shadowness

    Exactly what I was thinking!
    Actually, there was once an AMV about them with this song but, I can't find it anymore.... :(

  60. Sofy

    Somebody, also is here for Void-Stiles of Teen Wolf? ❤

    Allison Argent

    Sofy me i got here beacuse of a void stiles vine

    Vale Villalpando

    Sofy Me😂😂

    rama al-selawy

    Sofy me🙋🙋

  61. Some random Templar guy

    Basically almost every creepypasta ever.

  62. Frxst Irxn

    Jim Moriarty anyone?

    Winter Snow

    Omg Yaaaassss

    Jim Moriarty

    Guilty x)

    Esperansa Lopes

    Katherine does anybody think of this music with negan from the walking dead.

    roz turner

    Who else?

  63. Timothy Drake x Coffee

    shadowhunters anyone??

    rama al-selawy

    Timothy Drake x Coffee me🙋

  64. the_anime _ninja233

    dude... luke castellan


    Yay I'm not the only one who thinks that!



    CPS Assassin

    😢 My baby!!

    Luu Giac

    Oh god, my babe

    Ashlyn Johnson


  65. Exotuc

    this would be a perfect song for suicide squad..

    Sheriff Yoda

    Exotuc nah suicide squad is too crap for this song

  66. tina

    official bucky barnes theme song


    Bucky isn't really that evil

    Anime Books13

    astronauticalz. Agreed!

    Anime Books13

    Arenzoj true, but it’s more like in internal battle between The Winter Soldier and Bucky Barnes. The Winter Soldier is evil, not Bucky. However, inside of his head (most definitely in The Winter Soldier) it’s like Bucky VS the Soldier. That make sense? I can’t even tell XD

    Um User Qualquer

    And the actor will be John Hennigan


    Oh yes 😅

  67. KidsCantRead

    Captain cold😍👏🏼👏🏼😍

  68. Elogetic Ethan

    i just think of the penguin

  69. Mephiles200108420

    Ultimate Handsome Jack song.

    Gammer Hourlies

    R.I.P Roland

    *:・゚See you, Space Cowboy。

    Handsome Jack is the hero though. The goddamn hero.

  70. Justine Bowman

    just thinking of Bucky Barnes as i listen to this

    Yui Shishido

    Which was funny considering this was for the Ironman 3 soundtrack.

    Phasika Inthachot

    Justine Bowman same

    Holy Water


  71. Valshmere

    I got here from a vine of Captain Amerca: C.W.

    Letus Thanatos

    I got here from a Bucky fanvid

    • Fleur •

    I came here from a shaduwhunters crack


    me too :D

    Alyssa Gilbert

    Same dude same

  72. Ivana Radonic

    this is so Captain Cold's song yay

    Victoria Nelson

    Ivana Radonic that’s what I thought too