38 Special - Fade To Blue Lyrics

Faded curtain, faded moon, through a broken sky
Staring at a photograph, the ghost of you and I
Those were times, yeah, those were good times that we shared
We thought those nights would never end....

Should've seen it comin', runnin' with a fallen angel
Livin' on a broken promise when the day is through
Tryin' to make a life for us, I only knew it my way
I'm just a shadow on the highway..........Fade to Blue.

I hear you cryin' in your sleep
I can feel it 'cross the miles
Love unspoken runs so deep
Like the tears behind your smile
Those were times, yeah, those were hard times that we had
I'd even take them back again.....

[2nd Chorus]
Should've seen it comin', runnin' with a fallen angel
Livin' on a broken promise when the day is through
Tryin' to make a life for us, I only knew it my way
Another shadow on the highway.......Fade to Blue.

......I fade to...I fade to...I fade to blue
(Every night I fade to blue)

There'll be times, girl, there'll be good times on the way
I'll always be comin' back again.

[3rd Chorus]

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38 Special Fade To Blue Comments
  1. Patricia Taylor

    Absolute favorite song to play at full blast in the convertible stang.

  2. Bob Olsen

    cant get enough of 38 Special This song is great live Donny Van Zant is a great performer Im sure he s missed by the band

  3. Steve Drake

    RIP Larry.

  4. IndyFlick

    The song is epic. If you're a man you probably get it - viscerally.

  5. Darcy Courville

    Still one of my faves!

  6. Charlotte Hanna

    Now, the Gin Blossoms!

  7. Charlotte Hanna

    Love 38 Special.


    I recall hearing this song from a station in Kenosha WI. WILL and though it wasn't clear from where I am I remember hearing it but not on any other station in the Chicago area.

  9. Flavia Vassallo


  10. Starcade 85 talk radio

    first album with don barnes back in the band , i saw this tour and it was great !

  11. ohso41

    Can't get over how much they sound like the Gin Blossoms

  12. Robert Waters

    Fade to blue yes !!!!

  13. Hatake86

    Kubo Tite
    brought me here

  14. Jabroni Camel

    Good song Good Title of album.

  15. Robert Waters

    Yes damn great

  16. joseph pernock

    I have been a 38 Special fan forever .One of my favorite songs.Great song.Never really got much play time.Listen to the words.

  17. Adam Unknown

    if REM or Nirvana had done this song, it would have been grammy nominated and played on the radio ad naseum

    but since one of the bests band in the world wrote it, it has been largely ignored

    great song, a masterpiece


    adam unknown Agree

  18. Paul Humphrey

    Great song.

  19. Robert Waters

    frikin great

  20. DJCandyManMike

    Monsters of Rock brought me here.


    me too bro

    Robert Waters

    Driven great

  21. John Beardsley

    Incedible rock at volume 11 ! Why only 6k hits on this fabulous song !?

    Joe S

    They're all playing video games waiting for this one to be featured;

    Kenneth Merriman

    Johnald Beardsley! Is that you?!?!?

  22. Jamison Dean

    Next to "If Id been the one"... My favorite track by them!

  23. mike anglada

    Exceptionally Great 38!!! ;)

  24. Joe S

    Awesome underrated song.

  25. Richard Mantie

    Just got turned on to this song watching their live vieo "live at Sturgis 99" GREAT SONG

    hoss ledbetter

    The live Sturgis version is really good!

    Richard Mantie

    Yep, it was definitely one of their best performances...

  26. Brian Fisher