360 - Floorless Lyrics

[Travy P (360):]
They can hear me, they don't see me though
Nowadays on my UFO
In a league of my own
Don't tell me what they want
Don't say it's been my time (Ayy)
Right now I'm just living life (Ayy)
You know what I'm hear to do (Yeah)
So I've got nuttin' to prove (Let's go)

Fuck money (Why?) Poor, no (Oh)
Sex cells (Yeah?) Hormone (Ha)
Take off (What?) Your clothes (Yeah)
I got it down to a T (No wardrobe)
We came a long way from selling albums in the boot
Now we drop a song and see the shit has landed on the news
When you're makin' money watch what family do 'cause
That's how you decide whoever's relative to you
If you rate this and feel this dog then make a playlist
Of the real 6 God and be the channel with the views
Money so high up but it fuckin' won't die
But if numbers don't lie then I'm tellin' 'em the truth
I"ll rock a purse, that crazy bitch
When I drop a verse, yo, a fat lady sings
I think my mum and dad should get back making kids
If I ain't the best born fuckin' Matt Damon is

[Travy P (360):]
They can hear me, they don't see me though
Nowadays on my UFO
In a league of my own
Don't tell me what they want
Don't say it's been my time (Don't say it's been my time)
Right now I'm just living life (Livin' life)
You know what I'm hear to do (You know what I'm hear to do)
So I've got nuttin' to prove

Ayo, I'm grimy, recording every verse up in a payphone
Do it by the book, but I'm skimming every page though
You'll be bored as until the time you see play though
Even as support act I'm still the fuckin' main show
I can find a silver lining every time it rains though
Grab the pot of gold while they lookin' at that rainbow
Ninety-five percent is the amount I'ma save though
The other five is fuck around money, call it Play-Doh
Why does everybody in this game rap the same?
I can put a fuckin' stop to this shit: Drake flow
Body all these unknown bitches: Jane Doe
When I say bitches I'm talkin' 'bout how many
Figures will I aim for, I can figure eight more
Grade me on the paper, boy, why you want that A4?
You ain't in the same league, let alone the same sport
You can't put a baseball player next to a racehorse

[Travy P:]
Been a minute, now I'm back in it
Thought I was down, now I'm back winning
Thought I would lose, huh? Yeah
But I ain't no loser (Travy)
I ain't ever fell off
Always been a good fella, yeah
Veteran like De Niro
So now I stack hella zero's
Pent house on the top floor
I guess I ain't got no floors, dog
Girl, suck me like she jawless
Shang Tsung, I be flawless
Shang Tsung, I be flawless, yeah
Shang Tsung, I be flawless, yeah
Shang Tsung, I be flawless, yeah
Shang Tsung, I be flawless, yeah

[Travy P (360):]
They can hear me, they don't see me though
Nowadays on my UFO
In a league of my own
Don't tell me what they want
Don't say it's been my time (Don't say it's been my time)
Right now I'm just living life (Livin' life)
You know what I'm hear to do (You know what I'm hear to do)
So I've got nuttin' to prove

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360 Floorless Comments
  1. Alana Wrisley

    Yo as rap getting huge, it's time for ur comeback my dude!!


    good flow and nice song please where can I get the audio am DJ can't wait to do something crazy on this track

  3. Nathan Wilks

    Sooooo good...
    Big ups six, killinit bro.

  4. Diztorted

    Awesome how he hardly tries to act.. looks so raw in the first couple shots while the other guy is going through the motions more so. KEEP IT UP

  5. Logically M8

    Why in the utter fuck has this only got 70k views? Regardless, you’re still killing it mate 💯

  6. Игорь Кевичь

    Бля, просто ахуенно.

  7. guillaume le coz

    Oh le kiff !!!!!

  8. Jonathan Fernandes

    That Drake diss got me WEAK, great work! Best wishes from Bombay, India ~~

  9. Teja Georgi

    His flow is so bloody good

  10. Jamie Greenough

    Am I the only one that sees the awkwardness in this video.

  11. Oldkushcones Gaming

    Flames bruh 🔥 get it six 🤙🏼

  12. STOP

    absolute class mate

  13. Calphix

    Why the hell is 6 not getting more views like the fuck.

  14. Nathan Culevski

    SIXTY. SHIT. Fuck yeah.

  15. Sheriff

    360 hanging out with the future U-bomb community.

  16. Shadowninja22303

    Dont stop.

  17. Josh Wood

    sounds like a wanna be street rapper don't suit u sixty stick to what u do KING KERS all the way

  18. RUS180

    dam this is GOOOOD!!!

  19. Zuko

    That beat though.. got me in a trance like...... O_O

  20. Gamer Gamer

    number one bull shittt

  21. LTate

    Like if 60 is a god

  22. Ricky Seddon

    Fuuaarrrkkkk 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Harrison Sutcliffe

    I dig it

  24. Mitch Joosep

    this shit is dope 60. glad your back man

  25. JUO JUAL

    Awesome 6, your new shit is right on point

  26. Isobel Davey

    How is 6 not in the charts. #relevant #onpoint



  28. Schnitty

    30 likes I'll make a diss track on 60

    meeekoo jin

    SNAGS sad

  29. Russell Woollen

    what up with 360 putting up this VI fir everything now?


    Russell Woollen It's because all these songs are basically promotional material for the VI album.

    Russell Woollen

    true that thanks!


    Russell Woollen No worries.

  30. iflyaustralia

    That BMW i8 though :D

  31. Leo Oliver

    Cut the auto tune go back to 'What you see is what you get' style

  32. Leo Oliver

    Not a fan of this new stuff

  33. Dillon H FC

    a lyrical masterpiece from uncle 6 😍❤️

  34. K O

    If you rate this and feel this dog then make a playlist
    Of the real 6 God and be the channel with the views
    Grade me on the paper, boy, why you want this A4 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. MrMelo34

    These cunts :)

  36. Isiahwoods Kerser

    Fucking aye 360 is back yo

  37. dylan arnold

    i8 whippin

  38. Jake Hardy

    The king has returned great to see the 6 killing it again

  39. Jordan

    6 = King of Aussie Rap

  40. Logan Simpson

    I dunno about the mumble rapper, but your raps were great as always, man.

    Logan Simpson

    HVN Productions mm, I probably will. Maybe it's just this song, his lines just seem really reminiscent of that style.


    Yeah i agree, but i think it fits well in this song which is probably why they decided to go that way

    Logan Simpson

    It doesn't do bad in this song, I just hope it doesn't became something that 360 gets into, as it wouldn't really fit his style. I listened to a good few songs by Travy and he's not my kind of rapper lyrically, but he's got skill for sure.


    yeah thats fair enough bro. glad you can appreciate his skill even if you're not into his style. and glad we could have a conversation in the youtube comments without insults being thrown around, i swear that never happens these days aye hahaha

    Logan Simpson

    HVN Productions yeah, it's always nice to actually talk to someone politely 😂

  41. YouHaveTheSyndrome

    Travy sounds a bit like a cheap post malone

  42. CosmicPigsButt

    He's definitely back after this now :))))

  43. Anthony Coleman

    Killed it homie madness

  44. shea anthony

    Fuck yeah 6

  45. Coral Lea

    fuck yes sixty , this song tho got that mad ass beat to it . I'm loving your new music sixty , fresh and I'm loving it .
    you are a work of art , amazing talent you have . you are a legend in the hip hop world , and glad that we have you in it keep up that mad work of yours sixty , be good to see you live on stage again with your new fresh beats .

  46. Harry Ash

    DO YA LIKE DAGS? on that snatch tip

  47. kollies kid

    fuck yeah 6 dropping the heat bruzz every song is the shit straight from the get-go



  49. Ultimate Fan

    yes yes fucking yes so much 60 thank you so much for coming back and coming back so strong this stuff is amazing. i don't normally buy albums but im fucking buying VI.

  50. liam Mctackett

    My favourite thing about this was the Asians watching you walk past.

  51. Minks Rule

    Why Travy P?


    they work well together. And Travy P is one of the best rappers coming out of Brisbane right now.
    It's not all about how big the artist is, but more so how they will compliment the track

  52. Markus

    Shae is probably hyped

  53. The Scarred Fox

    2,990 view nice

  54. Sarah Bowen

    Your new album is pumping ae matt! It's so good

  55. DDIEMON youtube

    Six your a fucking theres really no words gooosbumbs.
    I back you up when ever your name is bought up your a true role modle!!!!

  56. FluFFinCuFFs

    360th like, I win. xDD

  57. Thomas Jackson

    Fire 🔥

  58. craig males


  59. EcstasyVFX

    I thought this was yung lean at first

  60. Mr Inquisitor

    Yeah first scan first tune, first tone...tight! keep it up Everesthangdog....WoRd UP! Respect...Peace,,,long time coming for my communications to reach you sry for the delay.....soarrrrrr bro u Know IT!

  61. Josh Kubeil


  62. Zach Weekes

    And the king has returned to the top of Aussie rap keep it up 6

  63. Alex Harvey

    Big up HFNR!

  64. TheUrbanSoldier_

    Fuck yeah 60
    Love when you colas with Travy

  65. Ando Visuals

    Would love to know when this was shot... Could just be a coincidence but I just shot on this exact street with other Aus rappers 4 weeks ago. Sniping instagram tags for locations?

    dylan arnold

    Looks like chinatown in Melbourne, maybe Little Bourke St?

    Ando Visuals

    Yeah I know man haha, I asked WHEN :)

    Chris McWilliam

    I second this, Show your face 60

  66. OTChiphop


  67. Lunar Pleasant

    love it man, catch up soon

  68. Kai Meese

    Loving this! ❤🔥

  69. Yk Yannick

    Real nigga

  70. clayton Van kuyl

    Its ok, not a hit song. No catchy chorus either way 360 still under rated

  71. johnnyblade3423

    Insane. Awesome track 10/10

  72. Markus Kay

    Here Before 1000 views, not bad 60, very different.

  73. ZephyrFit

    Another godlike song !
    When do you come in france ?

  74. Viiper - Rocket League and More

    You gonna release your recent photo shoot on instagram?

  75. Larbagar

    Too good...

  76. Tom Colquhoun

    Eh. Ain't the greatest I've heard. Bit slow and kinda the lyric style from hammerhead that I don't like. Can't fuckin wait for the album tho!

    Tara Lynch

    Tom Colquhoun same every song hes dropped so far this year ive been like woaaaaah
    This ones not so much my style but i dont think ive ever been so keen for a full album ever 😂

    Tom Colquhoun

    Hmmmmm. Listening to this for a second time it's definitely not so bad but still. Not quite my style.

  77. Høhëpa

    Too ill

  78. oracle86_ _

    Super fire 🔥🔥🔥

  79. Dean Lewis

    "when you're making money watch what family will do, cause that's how you decide whoever's relative to you"
    Fuck yes sixty, fuck yes!


    Dean Lewis Killer double entendre right there for sure.

  80. Matt Spies


  81. HARAMBE DID 9/11

    close enough

  82. jamo90

    Nice man

  83. Dylan Blanch

    Love this song!

  84. Cheyenne Mcdonald

    Now this is a sound i like hearing. 👌👌

  85. avøid

    Anyone been here since Stand The Fuck Up?

  86. ebbxo Hehe


  87. Karrum17

    This is great!

  88. distorted ambience


  89. CallumLover 12


  90. Outback Music


  91. Daniel Sinclair

    Who's here before 100 views?🔥🔥

    CallumLover 12

    Daniel Sinclair yessss

  92. Stephen Ismay - Johnston

    Hook line and sink damnnn me and my woman listening all the way in the UK and love it already :) #360

    Kain Eming

    that's the constructive criticism a rapper looks for to make his stuff even greater good opinion 👌

  93. bisk

    6ixty <3

  94. LoZz LoZzie

    yeaaahhh I love u 360... Matty u make me smile every time!! keep doing what u do...u rock!!! xxxx can't believe I was 4th viewer of this!!!!

  95. Daniel Sinclair


  96. elw00d85

    2nnnd..... love it

  97. Shaniqua Quazinca