360 - Dem Gainz Lyrics

I was smashing Skittles any minute I can (I was)
Until I started looking like the Michelin Man (I did)
So now every day I hit the gym in the tan
So I can be heavily armed without a pistol in hand (Let's go)
Any form of exercise there isn't a plan (Nup)
If Jesus walked on water then I'm swimming on land
(Check this cunt out) It doesn't matter when I listen to trance
I can't help but break into this ridiculous dance
It's like a faster running man, but I'm kicking and flicking my hands (Woo)
Understand I'm the shit and I think I'm the man (I do)
Yeah, bulking on these motherfuckers
Incredible Hulk'in' on these motherfuckers
I'm the dude in the gym training his upper body
With pants on 'cause downstairs there's nothing on me
Check my damn pins, not a damn thing
Yo, my hamstring actually looks like an actual fucking hamstring
The damn gym's the only thing that I'm advanced in
Bustin' out reps in the tempo that I dance in
Incredible back, impeccable traps
And when I'm topless I'm never relaxed, I'm flexing my abs [?]
In cardio I'm the best on the map
I even forget where I'm at to give my memory laps (Think about that)
I'm so obsessed with fitness that I'm the definition
When I rap I even get the record skippin'
I got a thick neck, but shit legs, ayy?
Do some fuckin' squats then, Nah, I got a big headache
Ah, typical 6 fuck, skip leg day
Cunt, we'll do it tomorrow, man, I'd rather hit chest, ayy (You fuckin' pussy)
I do ten sets on the benchpress
Then do ten reps on the pec deck, I've got the best chest
And if you want the same then listen to your sensei
(Do it) Yeah, fuckin' 6 is really making sense, ayy?
You want the best shape? Go and get your chest great
Fuck your legs, mate, only worry about your pecks, ayy
You gotta work out the best way
Where every day is chest day, yeah, it's Forthwrite, Dem Gainz

If you wondering where 6 been lately
You can catch me at the gym, baby
It shows I got my pecks so strong
Everybody sayin' that my chest so bomb (This cunt's massive)
I know you probly thinking this shit's crazy
Upper body is the shit, baby
You know I got my headphones on (Check it out)
Won't believe that it's a techno song
Just leave me alone (Yeah)

The moment that I walk in the gym
You're like, "What the fuck's my girl doing talkin' to him?" (Sup babe)
A workout's better the shorter it is
So I'm calling it quits before it begins
Walk straight up and disconnect the exercise bike
See people looking mesmerised when I ride by (Bye)
From the time I was born I was never quite right
You wanna hide your flaws, I'm tryna emphasise mine
So while they try and get all energised, I
Don't give a fuck about my tris and my pecks and my bis (Nah)
I'm tryna blend in with the rest of my kind
And look like every white guy I've ever met in my life (Okay)
Lookin' skinny on these motherfuckers
See my arms? Muscles are mini on these motherfuckers
All these lames say it's gain season (It is)
Nah, I'm tryna find ways to train so my frame weakens
That's a main reason I spend the whole time
I'm here walkin' 'round daydreaming in a daze schemin'
'Cause time is money and shit's expensive
So I ain't leavin' till I break-even, yeah
It's hard to summarise it, but well
In a nutshell I won't touch a dumbbell
I'd rather walk up on these dickheads who are big and buff
While they're standing in the mirror and then interrupt [?]
I hear 'em call me skinny like I give a fuck
I'm 'bout to get a nip and tuck just so I get skinner
I idolise those skinny runts bumming ciggies in the city, bruh
And I'm not giving up till I look similar
And this is sincere, I been at this gym for six years
People wonder why I'm even in here
It's 'cause I hate working upper body, man, I can't take it
But if there's legs being worked out then I'm partaking
See me half-baked in my apartment
Stark naked doing calf raises till my heart's racin' {Strained Noise}
And I'll start pacin' till my feet'll hurt
And do a shitload of cleans, I don't need the jerk
I'll even spend a whole night in a squat rack
How many reps is that, PEZ? I don't know, I lost track (Fuck yeah)
I want my top half lookin' like I'm on crack
But I want my glutes and my calves and my quads jacked
And if you want that too here's a template (Yep)
To get your flex game better than your best mate (How?)
You gotta workout the PEZ way and only train on leg day
Forthwrite, Dem Gainz

If you wondering where PEZ been lately
You can catch me at the gym, baby
You know that when I flex those quads
They're sayin', "How'd you get your legs so strong?" (Check out his fuckin' pins)
I know you prob'ly thinking this shit's crazy
Lower body is the shit, baby
You know I got my headphones on (Yeah)
Best believe that it's a techno song
Just leave me alone

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360 Dem Gainz Comments
  1. Deanox360

    I liked the video as soon as 360 finished dropping his verse.

    By the time Pez had finished spitting about leg day, I went to like the video again.

    YouTube needs to add a double like button..

  2. Lindy Oneill

    1.07 in you got red devil eyes! Dude or is that Demon!

  3. mqcamo

    60 bro, your in shape brah. Killin it brother. So good to see you moving forward.

  4. Josh Hewitt

    Forthwrite dem gainz.

  5. P T

    6ixty’s Aug 2019 vlog brought me here!
    Get back into the gym bro!

  6. jase earl

    This put a smile on my face :)

  7. BonoZion

    whats the grey short sleeve hoodie he wears?

  8. Australian Botanist

    Hahahahah this is so goooood

  9. BonoZion

    what is that grey hoodie he is wearing i want it so bad (360)

  10. Punk Skates

    Disconnect the exercise bikes.
    See people mesmerize when I ride bikes 🤣🤙

  11. Reuban Baxter

    no it is noit

  12. music lights

    🤣🤣🤣🤘 this song reminds me of someone.
    Someone I'm not talking to that's for sure ... And they think I don't know what they been doing... Ha ! Yeah right.

  13. music lights

    I alwase have a good laugh at this

  14. flawofgods

    Hahaha fuk yes lads


    Busshier Brow sensei's training montage workout video...

  16. Slick Rick

    Lol love this.

    Hamstring literally looks like a hamstring 🍖

  17. Jake Butler

    I want to marry the blonde in camo.


    i show this to jim junkies ironicly takeing the piss at them n they frikin love it.. they cant c that the joke is on them xD

  19. Jazmin New

    Haha...still laugh at this

  20. Luke CK

    Only song I've gymmed to for a week 😂

  21. Michael Chard

    Who's here in 2019 ? Oh wait few more weeks ...

  22. Brody Daube

    Fuk ye 60

  23. Quinn Teillet

    I literally listen to this song on repeat during my entire workout. Love it!

  24. Sean Eades

    😂 funny cunts pez and 360

  25. M2Gaming

    This song and video are so epic. Love the song guys, keep it up.

  26. Red Dragon

    YES!! REALLY reminds me of the days that first got me into them.. 06 ..forthrite..ps PEZ FROM DAY ONE KILLS ANY AND EVERY TRACK.. His my melbourne hero. Much respect

  27. Liam bruh

    6 pls get off the juice

  28. Jacob

    60 on that 50 vibe

  29. Dennis Mroczkowski

    Pez with the kemp jersey cause he's a fucking boss

  30. Jordan Thomson

    this is greatness!

  31. Bomb Morrissey

    and when I'm topless i never relax I'm flexin my abs...
    i want my top half looking like I'm on crack but i want my glutes and my calves and my quads jacked...

    so perfect.. urrything about this song is perfect
    well done lads

  32. James George

    Legit can’t not play this at the gym haha . Love u 60. Reply
    Too my ig message !! :(

  33. Robert Catterson

    Good to see 360 tacking the life not to seriously one day at a time

  34. Krafty

    that hamstring line!!

  35. insanetea

    My nan is called Philip Jonson , I’ll see you soon graham

  36. Bruin Taylor

    For s comedy-based song 6's wordplay is amazing.

  37. Stolen VL


  38. vicki jew

    I love u bruv (360) but 2018 i wish u would keep it up at the gym 😅

  39. I pump Fat kids erryday

    The duo are the sickest mutha fuckers 😂



  41. Sataneliteoneshots

    ironic moment when Pez has a thicker neck the 360.

  42. Cara Jayne Kilby

    Sick as😎

  43. Sataneliteoneshots

    You've got tiny arms and legs Matty.

  44. Ryan Meddings

    This is gold! Love it

  45. Elias Lazic

    mad song. skinny cunts in the city bummin ciggies bruh. im not giving up till i look similar. haaa

    Elias Lazic

    yer right, nice investigating Mcphillips! i love the word cunt one of my favorites hhaha

  46. Jamie Edgar

    thumbs up

  47. the jangler

    Pez is killer hes a talent

  48. Mull Dog

    actual makes me wonna go gym n pump this while eating chips haha

  49. Physsk outt

    honestly listen to this song on repeat for 2 and half hours while i work out

  50. Adam Holden

    im stoked as 36 and pez are tight still cause they both bringin out sik beats a.t.m!!! FORTWRITE!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Leazbianraveparty Yo

    You cunts are fire 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Callum Gerraty

    nice as

  53. The Good Meme Man

    Good song 6

  54. Scott Brown

    I want my top half looking like I'm on crack hahaha still killing it pez

  55. Matthew Sant

    This is my all time favourite

  56. Cameron Mcgrath

    Smashed kerser in that rap battle 100%

  57. Cameron Mcgrath

    You've gotten heaps bigger fresh brother

  58. Cameron Mcgrath

    Oi bro what's your secret im skinny and fuck I wanna have a mad upper body do you certain diet to get bigger

  59. Pip Steer

    These 2 are like the Hilltop Hoods :)

    Pip Steer

    Campbell Webster personal opinion

  60. Blue the colour

    360 Another Brofessor?

  61. FadedPilotProps

    PEZ rockin the Sonics Jersey, hell yeah

  62. Darren Barnes

    So true! glad to see some fresh new music 360

    Keep that head up and strong

    Jasmine Bowring

    Darren Barnes sfbfhuffturxvcc

    Jasmine Bowring

    Darren Barnes bunny wddw

  63. MC Hodge

    Is there any way to find this instrumental

  64. ben newman

    One of your best songs in a long time 6, great to have you back 😍

  65. DJ Spuddzz

    60 has a tiny VI tattooed on his face.

  66. ZeeZers

    Fucking amazing

  67. Oliver Quang

    Real talk you should organise a cage fight against kerser

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    This is actually dope


    Listening to dem gainz whilst getting dem gainz hahaha

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    Gotta admit I did LOL

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    I love this so much!!! Killer video n lyrics 😁😁😁

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    great track! :)

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    How is this not more popular? This song is the shit

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    I tell ya bud 💯% respect from Brisbane, QLD been repping you since (What you see is what you get) keep it up G 4th right 🔥👌🏼

  75. mazcati

    Fuckin love it!!!!!

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    i proper LOLED listening to this lol

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    Suchhhh a tune!!!! When are you and Pez going to tour?!!

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    haha this is epic! love ya six!

  79. Jordan E


  80. Radzwa Chikonyora

    I've been doing legs ever since this came out

  81. Zuko


  82. Sataneliteoneshots

    Man, alot of people lost faith because you've gone clean. I just think it's the best and most inspirational story i've heard. I started listening to you after the 'i'm sorry' song came out and i'm glad i've come across you at that time. i'm not gonna lie, you're earlier stuff was crazy and funny, there's no doubt. But; i love the fact that you've overcome the things i'm going through and it gives me hope. I take the piss out of everything, especially my life but, like you i hope to do it in a positive way.

  83. SirS.E.XAlot

    Insecure cuntsss so u made a song about it, but that's ok me too brah..

  84. Sean Suokallio

    When the fucks the FW album coming.

  85. Coral Lea

    loving the new style in your music , @360 and @pez  you guys are the sickest .

  86. Your Face

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    i really like this man... you on it 360!!!! fucking BOSS for this one bro!!! from UK/England funny video man this suits you!!!!

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    fuck ive been missin this dope forthwrite shizzzzz yer boizz dope bars dope beat

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    1800 CHERRIES

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