311 - Wild Nights Lyrics

I had to find out
Figure it for myself
Now I have no doubt
What it looks like in hell
Nights of sweet mischief
I lifted quite a few
Let’s light the fuse quick
And see just what this thing can do

Let’s just get crazy with it
Once again give it a spin my friend
We’re gonna test the limits

Where would we be
Without the wild nights
Without the lows and highs
Failing to get it right
Where would we be
Without the wild nights
Barely getting by
The days of getting high

Spinnin’ with the rhythm in this world will bring
DJ’s on Friday nights hungover mornings
I wanna live a little
And no it’s not a riddle
Your attention yeah
I want in the middle
Take it up and we hit the stage
Wrecking ball effect is how we rage
Pay the price for months and days
Once in the clouds now it’s just haze

Let’s just get crazy with it
Once again give it a spin my friend
We’re gonna test the limits

Where would we be
Without the wild nights
Without the lows and highs
Failing to get it right
Where would we be
Without the wild nights
Barely getting by
The days of getting high

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh

Where would we be
Without the wild nights
Without the lows and highs
Failing to get it right
Where would we be
Without the wild nights
Barely getting by
The days of getting high

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh

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311 Wild Nights Comments
  1. Joshua Knudsen

    The version of this song on 311’s page with the stop motion video has an alternate mix of this song, I prefer it over this one The guitar sounds to muffled in this mix, and the drums sound better as well, there is an alternate mix of trouble on their page as well

  2. Peter Egan

    now I have no doubt what it looks like in hell...

  3. Michael Pentecost

    Awesome group, great driving music...

  4. 08996688

    Why am i just hearing about this album. They kept it on the DL.

  5. Jeremy Vanlaanen

    it always surprises me how few people know of 311. where im from anyways.

  6. RingAnimated

    Out o all the 311 ive heard (which really isn't that much) they have never had a shitty album....

    Charles Smith

    Damn right! Their latest album Voyager that was released around July was PERFECTION! I thought for a moment they would've lost their touch around this album(Universal Pulse I meant) or around Stereolithic but then again, I was surprised they would not only bring back nostalgia, but very good albums still since 2011!

  7. Deadsurfr

    songs that is

  8. Deadsurfr

    ALL I KNOW IS...... love this band..... I'll never knock another Dead fan again. My son started singing 311 sons when he was 5. It will be awkward going to a concert with my whole family......

  9. bastard

    I didn't like this album when it first came out but it's grown on me

  10. Clif Cocke

    Danger! Danger Jeff Robison, I agree 100%.

  11. Jeff Robison

    311 has been around forever and are in there 40s so they experience a different life with kids and wives....a lot different than touring partying etc....so their lyrics and inspiration are different but the music is still the same...funk slap bass mixed with rhythm dancehall hip-hop beats and punk guitar....and deadly on the mic the one SA. Soundsystem and Transistor and both ETSDs are my favorite and the blue album but it's hard to choose because all their albums are great even to this day

  12. thezoeshow2001


  13. Gregory Smith

    thats one of my favorite band out of all the band even linkin park is another of my favorite band.

  14. Vickt0r16

    i love 311 there my favorite band this is my favorite song from them i have like all of there cds

  15. digitalphreak

    They are just lighting the doobie bro. Chill... Gotta dislike to light it unfortunately.

  16. zerocool1ist

    I made a 311 rarity albulm which means no songs from any albulms like one song for example LEAVING BABYLON now think of a whole albulm i made the best 311 albulm its better then all of them i suggest a real fan do the same.

  17. Justin7894


  18. Numonkei

    I believe this is my favorite track on this particular 311 record. At least at the moment...that chorus reminds me of Evolver and Soundsystem.

  19. Numonkei

    @TheNorthstar93 You are forgetting Music and Grassroots...for shame.

  20. TheNorthstar93

    its definitely either Blue album or Soundsystem as the best

  21. TheNorthstar93

    2 losers...

  22. Wheat Cobbler

    @afterexile you should recommend cochlear implants to them

  23. jhazlem

    haha dude dont worry about this crazy fucker (bluefukingreene) he thinks he's like a bad ass thug shakespeare, always bragging about his vocabulary and trying to get in (word battles). he just like a deviant 13 year old pervert

  24. jhazlem

    true that, 311 used to be able to write lyrics about weed and drugs and slinkin fat subs of course, and fuck the bullshit, and what the fuck was i thinking, and if you hurt her again i'll fuck you up, and jackolantern's weather, and their stoney baby's and nix hex.... etc.. the only difference is there was a more rebellious tone, since they were younger and leaned towards hard rock/rap. now they're 40 and don't have anything to bash or be upset about. this album is dope

  25. TheReapersSon

    I'm one of those people who liked Evolver but didn't like anything past that. This album has that same vibe that i got the first time I listened to Soundsystem, and that's great. Yes, the lyrical content can be goofy or awkward sometimes, but I challenge anyone to point out a time in 311's career where the lyrics HAVEN'T been goofy in some way. I just like the fact that the hard-driving energy from albums like Transistor or From Chaos is back here.

  26. bluefukingreene

    @420element take it with a grain of salt,i use to think i was a rapper when i was 17.its a joke.you gotta admit that i destroyed you in this battlerap.even though you threw no rymes my way,i pretended that you did.i work less than 25 hours a week so i got time to kill.peace love and bud.

  27. bluefukingreene

    @Eons44 a spade is a spade bro ham.im not arguing im debating,the one who resorts to name calling, people they dont no less,a bit childish dont you think..notice the good points i made were never even commented on...hmmm.the truth hurts and my wife squirts fuck that dude.

  28. aj frook

    i am so high lol

  29. EvilDanzig

    @420element lets not forget transistor

  30. SKUNKskanking

    I love this song. reminds me of Pow Wow fest.... Talk about a change of direction in your life.

  31. bluefukingreene

    @420element not that big of a deal little guy.if i miss understood you oh well not a big deal.i meant that they are a successful band but that doesnt beniefit you or me so why care.its the music that matters.you would never call me a moron to my face,especially if you knew what i do for living.my comment didnt warrant childish name calling.opinions are what they are people miss the heavy funk and rap and it echoes in the record sales.internet and you tube probably hurts but WHO CARES.

  32. Joey v

    you know i sometimes wonder where i would be without the wild nights

  33. bluefukingreene

    @420element get use to it buddy,alot of old school fans dont like the fact they abandoned the heavy funk groove and rap elements,replaced by beach ballads and pop rock.i like 4 tunes on the new one,thats only half the album.it is what it is.furthermore why would you care about comparing careers.its not about fame.you do know sales have declined since the blue album.they have no platinum records since transistor.its wierd that your so happy about their success,your not in the band or on payroll.

  34. jhazlem

    yeah i've loved 311 ever since blue album but i liked uplifter a lot minus the ballads and a few other songs. india ink and jackpot were bad ass, golden sunlight was chill as hell, hey you, never ending summer, sun come through and get down were way good too. universal pulse is fuckin good minus "trouble"

  35. Jp Prater

    @faristhesoccerchick No.. I mean that I don't listen to all the way through... Skimming, like skipping songs and whatnot...

  36. NeoKokoro20

    Probably my favorite song off of Universal Pulse. Great song.

  37. Seshat Easu

    I've been with 311 since like 97 or so, and this song right here, "Wild Nights", is actually really good in my assessment. It totally keeps the vibe of 311 alive, and the guitar bass and drums are just so smooth and rhythmic. Although I have strange feelings about several of the tunes on this album still (its really new), and I have had strange thoughts about their last few albums, this is still a winner and this song here "Wild Nights" has epic quality. Keep it up 311.

  38. eabof311

    Listen to the whole album 6 times through, as any 311 album it takes absorption to sink in before you fully "hear it".

  39. Adam Ferguson

    Awesome tune!

  40. von ryan Valendo

    chillax sounds good vibes

  41. Ethan Skelton

    I know! Loved that sound, so fun and so 311. Chad still holds it down though, maybe just more rim shots? : P

  42. Alvaro Clouds

    This songs is amazin'!! Where would we be without the wild nights, without the lows and highs, failing to get it right!!!! one of my favs of U.P.

  43. Niloc Sivad

    Best band ever! Been a fan since I was 12... now 27

  44. katiebug04

    For REAL! 311.ARE.AMAZING!!!

  45. Jared Brewer

    i agree i miss the old sound but i love these guys no matter what they put out, been a fan since '98

  46. Neon Shark


    I know exactly what you're saying and I agree completely.

  47. Neon Shark

    Chuck Norris fucks his hot wife while listening to 311.

  48. ArsenalArsenio

    Evolver doesn't get enough credit

  49. Jp Prater

    @gjl92711 DTOM was garbage...

  50. jhazlem

    my favorite 311 cd is soundsystem, then grassroots, then blue album/transistor/music. but this song is so fucking dope, i've played it about 8 times in row now, shit i can't wait to blast this in my car with the studio quality version

  51. 311CosmicAllstars

    If you listen you can hear the greatness!

  52. bassgod533

    Transistor is my favorite album thus far. Just my personal opinion, I respect everyones elses. It was just so obscure and different than anything prior.

  53. John Harris

    @lackadaniel Large in the margin, too lazy to write it all out. There are some good songs on Transistor, there are just a lot that I'm not as fond off, too.

  54. DFLonDrums

    @pazappyearl i def love soundsystem.. whats litm? I love transistor cause it has classics like no control, borders, galaxy, etc..

  55. John Harris

    @lackadaniel I think Soundsystem is the most complete 311 album. Transistor doesn't really have any direction...it's just like a plethora of studio tracks 311 made after the Blue album...These 3 songs I've heard take me back to the Soundsystem days...This song especially reminds me of the guitars in LitM, except for the tempo obviously.

  56. DFLonDrums

    @pazappyearl hahahah thats funny. so what do u think was their best album, dont tread on me hahaha?

  57. John Harris

    @lackadaniel I'd argue Transistor was the weakest album...

  58. DFLonDrums

    @angelkay311 i mean, obviously u cant compare any of their albums, theyre all different. in my personal opinion, this isnt as good. thats all. ive been listening to 311 since i was 12. ive seen em like around 20x. im a seasoned 311 fan. just so u dont think im some noob. it feels like theyre trying too hard here. but once again, thats just me. i hope u enjoy it.

  59. Angelkay311

    @lackadaniel I do disagree with you on your thoughts. They are growing as musicians. Compare their sound when Music and Grassroots came out to this album and Uplifter. Different sounds yet still the same. I personally feel as this song is very close to their older sound while still growing as artists

  60. af3ll

    I like it. Looks like Bob Rock remembered SA was part of the band.

  61. DFLonDrums

    @lxleightlxl thats good u have ur own opinion. atleast ur respectful about it.

  62. DFLonDrums

    @lifeisnotarace311 gtfo? what, im not allowed to watch videos of a band ive been listening to for 10 years? i cant come up with my own opinion? its not like I said "fuck 311." all i said was, this doesnt stack up to their classics, like transistor. gtfo if u cant take people with different opinions than ur own. how old are u, 12?

  63. DFLonDrums

    its not bad, but i dont think u guys will disagree with me when i say this doesnt measure up to some of their classic songs/albums.

  64. TheRoyalFlush

    Def my favorite out of the 3 universal pulse

  65. Michael B.

    @CosmicAllstars1 i was just gonna say how classic SA's part is! SICK TIGHT!

  66. 311CosmicAllstars

    Classic Sa tears it up and the music is sick!!

  67. Ajecks

    Soooo Badsass!!!