311 - What The?! Lyrics

Way past those days at last
These are times I'm not scared at all
Year round and I won't stumble down
That sunshine will rise if I fall

Yesterday went away
You always raised me higher

I keep on saying you got to meet me in the middle
That'll mean we've both got to give a little
I got no doubt that we can just work it out
Do you feel the same way?

There's a reason to be mad
But I want to live like I can
I hope that you understand me

You've got a big cup
Baby let me fill it up
With all of my love
I said with all of my love
Smoking that good weed
Getting high we are stoners
On a highway with all of our friends
And with some loners

The coming of the light, that pure insighter
Covered in the day and the night's divider
To be all alone with no one whatsoever
How in the world did this come together?
You wonder will it stop
Cuz no one can inhabit that mountaintop
Rubbing on my love just to get by
She is the one thing that keeps me high

Well it depends on whether or not it sounds true
It kinda defined the filter its gone through
It is a good time to be in my mind
Where possibilities will never end

There's a reason to be mad
But I want to live like I can
I hope that you understand me

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311 What The?! Comments
  1. LisV :3

    Luke Miller on keyboards

  2. massy johnson

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  3. Briana Florida

    I thoroughly enjoy this lol

  4. CG Angel

    I understand.

  5. Айрина Б

    03.11.19 WW3 will start. Seattle will be bombed first.

  6. Corey Fellows

    when my knees go back and forth and my torso spinsin circles while my has Bobs up and down.....yea...that's 311 Bee!

  7. Scott S

    Handds down best chunck of 311 I've been able to enjoy an a minute
    , Been to many live show's they are something everyone on our planet should witness,. #Love this 311 vlbe what the?.

  8. mattmolenart

    As a bass player the opening riff makes me want to go buy a guitar.

  9. Kenny Valentine

    Great job 311!

  10. Zachery Toone

    how does this not have more views....crazy

  11. stephen guarin

    311 is comeback.what the great music..

  12. Shawn Hampshirehick

    Funkadelic 👍 More like it guy's 👍 I 💛 this song.feelin ol skool ✌️🇱🇷🎱

  13. Edgar Vega

    I remember when i was just starting to smoke the good and 311 would always just take me away.

  14. Rex Gaub

    P-Nuts bass is tight

  15. harry potta

    311 was an inside job

  16. Gavin Verhoeven

    They are AWESOME live

  17. Liam R

    You've got a big cup, baby let me fill it up

  18. 8:16 am

    More Mahoney. More Guitar

  19. Mark Feller

    87 thumbs down? I've lost all faith in humanity.. it's zombified! Thank You 311 from coming out of your hibernation.. we thank you for reexamining the past and making some of us feel Transistor all over again... even some Music in there!

    Carter Pierce

    There are over 7 billion people on the planet ... and just a handful of them spend all their time in a basement somewhere clicking through youtube videos and thumbs downing every single one without even watching them. There are people who literally spend all day long going through comments without reading them and thumbs downing every single one. And then there are the bots.

    Mark Feller

    ​@Carter Pierce , I guess so.. gotdamn what a life these phonies live huh?

  20. Kyle Mihalek

    Stop mentioning weed. It's annoying!!!!

  21. Arik Warren

    Still my fav band since 98

  22. Eric Stratford

    Really enjoying the new album

  23. Eric Stratford

    Can't wait August 17th Portland Oregon seeing these guys live it's going to be an awesome show 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😋😁

  24. Rae ofLyte

    Absolutely loving this <3
    Except I don't smoke weed. _shrugs_

  25. Two Scoops From Hell


  26. Two Scoops From Hell


  27. Rel Exposition

    SA and Hexum getting real about love in the later days.

  28. Michael O'Brien

    After all these years, 311 still keeps putting out good music!

  29. Zero

    Mahoney for the win!!!!!

  30. Seamus Gordon

    This song live is killer! I swear SA and I locked eyes when they debuted this song. This song feels right live with other excitables.

  31. phishman706

    This is basically 311 doing Fire on the Mountain. Tim with the Jerry wah and octave riffs. Sounded great live

  32. Mechanic

    Nick's first verse on this is pretty bad, unfortunately. Great music, but the lyrics fall apart after SA's first verse.

  33. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

    WHAT THE?! ;)

  34. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

    MISSION: To exponentially inspire a new age philosophical renaissance movement by spreading unconditional Honor, Respect, LOVE, LIGHT and peace worldwide, perpetually ending ignorance and poverty through a righteous process of METANOIA by 2020... One country, One neighborhood, and ONE HEART at a TIME!!! (steal this... please) Honor, Respect, LOVE, LIGHT & peace from The SuperHeart . Org Foundation @311 AM or PM?

  35. TheBarnzilla

    “Smoking on that GOOD weed!”

  36. Hec Oxy

    Gonna be interesting set lists for the tour. Hope they play some tracks from Voyager and expand the set lists. SoCal fans 'On the Water' 10/13 with Slightly Stoopid (headlining) and Dirty Heads Huntington Beach!!!

  37. The Yetty

    damn sa sounding smooth, this is the 311 i remember

  38. triumpthat

    Awesome tune can't wait to here more

  39. Bruno Williams

    Joe Biden said I want to smoke Good weed and touch 10 year old girls

  40. SkyNet Observer

    Terrible lyrics lol. Musics alright.

  41. Vinny M

    "Smoking that good weed. Getting high, we are stoners on a highway with all our friends and with some loners."

    Cheesy but man, it's so 311 it's incredible! My boys are still making that same amazing music 30 years in!

  42. Feyraxes

    Damn that was good

  43. David alexander

    Oh sorry that's sa. It's a sunshine day

  44. David alexander

    Is this the Brady bunch on acid the Marsha part sounds like a guy.

  45. I Love Trump

    I wanna do whatever they were doing ;D

  46. RhythmicMessenger

    If you play JG's lead from China Cat Sunflower over this jam it sounds sick. Best release from the album yet! Good work fellas

  47. Jay BuBs

    fuckin luv u guys.....🤘🌳🤘🌳

  48. springer 90

    What The?!

  49. Marcello Furquim

    QUE SONZERA!!!!!!!!
    BRAZIL................TUDO NOSSO!!!!!!!

  50. David alexander

    I feel squishy

  51. Edward Temper

    This sucks ass! I used to dig 311. Not sure what this over produced piece of garbage is supposed to be... Sounds like a summertime McDonald's commercial...

  52. PunkSkaful

    FUCKING LOVIT!!!!!!!

  53. vloger and biker's tv

    This is the first song S.A. starts a song for Voyager!


    This sounds like Barenaked Ladies

  55. vloger and biker's tv

    I love 311

  56. Tim Bryant

    Sexton rips on this one. Instrumental at the end is solid!

  57. Sweat_ YT

    This album is garbage.

  58. Cringe Master

    Can’t wait to see them next month! Only my second concert and I get to see TWO of my favorites! 311 AND Dirty Heads!

  59. Corey Fellows

    Rage Against the Machine (doesn't really count)
    The Offspring
    Radio head

    Are essentially the only bands that have consistently been a part of my "soundtrack" since my early teens (early 90s).

    Many have come and gone, and I still will always love " this section" or "that part" of different bands careers...
    But these are the only bands whose maintained not just my interest but love that long...

    Don't get me wrong...
    I went on my Manson kick.... My Korn kick.... My kmfdm...Slayer...muse.. kick ..non....tool...And so many more... But all those bands lost my interest
    I've just always loved what 311 does... More then all of the others...

  60. Corey Fellows

    Everything i want and expected ... 311 blast off again!

    Shout out to the funk junkie

  61. M4 Media

    Shit like that now scares me but i'm going to do it again this weekend. :3

  62. Josephine Johnson

    Investigate 311

  63. Rok Chik

    Eargasisms for days.

  64. Kyle Chaos Fetish

    Who did the art?

    Francis Amisola

    Link is in the description

  65. Androk Koi

    I love to make this the intro song for the cartoon Gumball. 😀😀

  66. ton horizons

    love you 311Sounds like

  67. Sciatica Solutions

    Reminds me of china cat sunflower from the grateful dead

  68. Wesley Murray

    Not too shabby don’t even get me started on good feeling

  69. JohnnySmith

    Sounds like SA incorporated a little bit of Ghostwolf on this song. Diggin it.

  70. anto arief Yeah

    sick bassline, cruchy, freaky guitar and cek dat solo guitar. awwsome!

  71. Cody Comeaux

    Damn, this song stays fresher than Ziploc ‼️

  72. Dillinger

    What The?! I love this on so many levels!

    Side note: I accidentally listened to this 5 times in a row on 1.5x speed; and it was even awesomer!
    @311 - You should consider releasing this with 150% more BPMs as a bonus track or something. 😎


    Two weeks later, I turned on 1.5x again after listening to it on normal speed for a while. It seriously makes the song 1.5x better! 💙


    Viva 311 un gran saludo desde Chile

  74. Jason Martin

    To all my brodels this is some jammy jamz🤙

  75. Bugzzie75

    This has a Grateful Dead - Feels like a stranger to it. FREAKIN’ LOVE IT!!!!


    Eli P. Oh trust me, I feel the same way. Beautiful disaster, Applied science, all mixed Up are always my go to, “what do you think they’re going to open with” songs. I’ve on many occasions seen multiply shows in a row and the song list has been Relatively the same. But, they’re not a jam band, so Unique set list aren’t there forte. Still my all time favorite band live!!!!


    I thought Fire on the Mountain when I heard it. Tim’s a Dead head and a huge Jerry fan thus the auto wah on lots of songs


    phishman706 phishman706 Yes, I hear that to! Yeah, miT is a giant Dead Head. I’d love to see the band cover a few Dead songs at shows. How cool would it be to see a show where after they finished purpose they went right into a cover of Easy Wind! Shit, that would be a face melt!

    Eli P.

    Bugzzie75 dude, how about the “They Love Each Other” tease before Down on the live stream?!


    Eli P. Wholly F! I had to go back and rewatch, I’m LOVING Tim even more now, if that’s even possible! How cool would it be if he jammed with Dead & Company?

  76. Jason Lusco

    Looks like 49 Nickelback or Creed fans ventured in here for some reason :P

  77. Çÿßęr Šürfęr 3D

    I was just listening to the whole transistor album the other day. Never gets old 🤘🏼🍄🤘🏼🍄🤘🏼🍄


    +1 My Transistor CD was worn thin by the time I was 15 from spinning constantly on repeat so I had to rip it to a copy.

  78. Çÿßęr Šürfęr 3D

    Yup, 311 still got it 😎🌀🌀🌀

  79. marimbalick

    This is funky as fuck

  80. Bruno Williams

    Best single so far but, lol, the lyrics are lame as usual. I love 311 don’t get me wrong. Boo


    It's too bad too, instrumentally they're still killing it but the vocals are so cringe.

  81. Edward Menice

    Shades of China 🐱. Love it.

  82. MikekiM

    This totally has movie intro credentials. Definitely going to pop up in an Adam Sandler movie.

  83. Craig Halihan

    Another great tune, always positive they always seem to pick me up when I'm down, this sounds like it's going to be a great album

  84. Yanger 2020

    Holy shit this is the best 311 song in years!!!!! Coming from a fan since 95

  85. Kaizer SOze

    sounds exactly like ,,Len - Steal My Sunshine'' :)) biutiful disaster was my highschool ost ...thanks!

  86. Fajar Muhammad Riv


  87. T River

    Damn. They need to get some aggression back. More garbage from a once great band.

  88. toni venniro

    best song so far out of the 4 new ones by far love it love 311 !!!!

  89. zupzip zoo

    We get it. You saw one Dan Deacon music video.

  90. M Heis


  91. Funkbass401

    Digging these riffs and miT’s tones!

  92. Jesus Santos

    Daaaamn boys, this track is great. Very feel-good summery vibez. Everything about this track is solid AF, bass line is siiick #bassgodrespect.
    Man, you guys gonna play this live?? that's gonna be so fun. Much love and good vibes.

  93. Dwayne LeBlanc


  94. Dwayne LeBlanc


  95. Dwayne LeBlanc


  96. ronnel cabrera

    So dope man.

  97. gObRoK Music


  98. Skrylla

    Amazing jam!!!! Love my 311!!🤘🤘