311 - Time Bomb Lyrics

Ticking like a time bomb, where did you come from
Nowhere that you can run, that is all gone
Your eyes are getting salty, it's not my fault
He's gonna need assistance, that's the difference

Boom vato loco stepped in the room
Soon all your homies will be singing this tune
Step back pinche culero cause we're gonna explode
We got the place surrounded don't be a hero

Bet you didn't think that we thought of that
Came up with that shit way back
Innovation ruling that nation
The dancehall's back but you know about that

Let me introduce you to the excitable crew
This is just how we do
Tickin like a time bomb
Watch, we go off
Let me introduce you to the excitable crew
This is just how we do
Tickin like a time bomb
Watch, we go off

Ay ay ay yeah you know how we roll
No hay bronca, no hay pedo
You know, you know
We've been down

Well, I'm rocking on the mic saying things that you like so
We won't let you down we are the system of sound
The excitable cew, we do this with you
The innovator came to stay so what you gonna do

This is what we want and I say
This is what we need
Go, go, go back in memory to that tiny baby
Universal heart and pulse never stops beating sing

Let me introduce you to the excitable crew
This is just how we do
Tickin like a time bomb
Watch, we go off
Let me introduce you to the excitable crew
This is just how we do
Tickin like a time bomb
Watch, we go off

I remember back in the day
We would work hard, getting down our parts
There was no crew me and you
Planning out what to do
Work hard play hard getting down our parts
I remember back in the day

Let me introduce you
To the excitable crew
This is just how we do
Ticking like a time bomb
Watch we go off
Let me introduce you
To the excitable crew
This is just how we do
Ticking like a time bomb
Watch we go off

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311 Time Bomb Comments
  1. Tyler Durden

    This song is bitchin... I’m trying to bring that word back

  2. Mountains & Sea

    God damn we are underground fans. 305 likes lol.

  3. Peter Egan

    I love this song and album... Then again, I've yet to find a 311 song I don't like.

  4. Corey Halliwell

    That art is like something you'd see on a CD ROM in the mid 90's.


    Corey Halliwell take it back take it back !

  5. M D

    Stand back pinche culero cuz we're gonna explode

  6. rich hash

    boom vato loco !

  7. Jason X

    The dancehall's back, whatcha know about that?


    "You could lose your mind easier than you would like to think..."

  8. jpa23245

    311 really fell off after Dont Tread on Me

  9. CECRedGhost

    this gives me aids

    nadia //

    you're opinion gives me aids.

  10. Clif Cocke

    Exactly Tsortore1, exactly.

  11. tsortore1

    I'd rather have 8 great songs than 1 great song and 13 terrible one's like most stuff that make it this big.

  12. Clif Cocke

    Cause the 8 songs rock that hard man...

  13. Cesar Perez

    Why only 8 songs in the album?

  14. trancedsailor

    I miss Soundsystem, From Chaos, and Don't Tread On Me...


    you mean grassroots, the blue album and soundsystem

  15. Aly Liljedahl

    I remember listening to this CD when I went on a roadtrip with a few friends.. always brings back great memories. <3

  16. UncleJohn72

    Well, they're older, you can't expect them to get into the songs like they used to, running all over the stage. You know? I love all the albums, all of them unique in their own way.

    Peter Egan

    They can still put on a hell of a show: http://peteregan.net/311-concert-new-orleans-2017/


    Oh they still run all over the stage!


    Easily the worst concert review I’ve ever read in my life.. get over yourself. 10 shows is incredibly minor for any fan of any band ever.. and get you talk like you’re some sort of 311 guru.

  17. cenayoucantseeme

    100% agreed

  18. Norseman

    This song is so rippin.

  19. jdmusic07

    Damn that's a busy album cover

  20. Luke Ekstrom

    I love the harmonies in this song, as I do in every 311 song. Definitely my favorite band, keep doing your thing!

  21. Lost Dogs # 05


    Platform Junkie

    Lost Dogs # 05 I agree but boy it's sure better than Uplifer or Don't Tread on Me

  22. zerocool1ist

    Just found out about this albulm

  23. wesjoe311

    @Eons44 ummmm....yep. let me introduce you....

  24. evan258

    I don't know why people are bitching, I love the new vocals! May not be the same as the older albums, but it's still fucking awesome!

  25. Revoltmetal420

    As a muscian I know 311 is just flowing with ideas,its hard to hold em back,I actually miss the 311 style of the transistor album with S.A. on te turntables like on What was I Thinkin,and Nick and Tim playing of each other..anyhoo 311 should Evolve but not away from the style.

  26. christopherjoseph198

    I love 311 but I havent even gotten around to listening to this album because I feel like they are just making music to make it. I know they are all about positivity but some criticism may help them realize they need to take more time and energy into their new stuff.

  27. manuel cortez

    estos de 311 me sorprenden siempre he crecido escuchandolo y al contrario de otras bandas que se venden o cambian el sonido para hacerse mas pop ellos no , 311 lo maximo

  28. TheArtDad

    Dude, the bridge to this song is the exact bass line to Money, Cash, Hoes by Jay-Z...If you don't believe me go listen to it....

  29. Sam Camarca

    Ive been listening to 311 since Music (which will always be my personal fav) some albums have been great, some not so much-however this album is a nice change from their last two albums, hell Universal Pulse almost teters on great in compairison to Evolver. Im just happy to see another band make it over 15yrs

  30. Rollo Inferior

    They need to bring back the funk.

  31. airball2832

    good song but i miss the older 311 shit. soooo much better to light up to all mixed up and down

  32. Ginny York

    there is one person in america that has no taste in music

  33. Brandon Head

    I love this song! I was blown away when I first heard it! It reminds me of more of that older 311 vibe. I have every album and I'm going to be sure to get this one soon!

  34. Heavy Sofa

    Its nice that you have such a terrible opion.. but hey, they seem to be doing alright for such awful music eh?

  35. AardvarkSparkler

    Nick sounds like an idiot at 1:40

  36. thewhofan99

    ok, sure this album has some filler songs but hey what album of their doesn't have any? people who bitch about this album need to chill and just enjoy the music. the songs sink into ur mind after awhile and they sound better every time i listen to the album

  37. Rad0ud0u

    The problem : P-Nuts has an enorm talent, I miss his bass-lines .

  38. cutejoshie

    @homelessjesus WIsh they would get back to Grassroots style music. Holy shit, those were the jams.

  39. Clarity Expounded

    @p002500p Speaking of robotic, Rock On has to have the most unimaginative, coma-inducing guitar solo I've ever heard. It makes me wonder if a computer program wrote it. Sooooo boooored.

  40. Clarity Expounded

    @p002500p Become cheesy? Nick has ALWAYS been cheesy. But we love him anyway.

  41. Trey Warnock

    @jhazlem Dead on. Humans in generally are always more "hip" and edgy at 20 years old than they are at 40. Anybody who doesn't believe that, way until you turn 40 (or get older in general). I honestly believe that the human mind, although with much more wisdom, doesn't have the same imagination and life to it that it does at 20 years old. Just like everything else physically, it becomes less and less vibrant. Same with SA and Nick's voices. They have to bury their notes now because of age

  42. Kingopersia

    @Kingopersia that was the joke

  43. Pro spectus

    @Kingopersia There's only 8 songs, but they are awesome

  44. Kingopersia

    311 is a timebomb of great music if you know what ah mean

  45. Joey v

    all bob rock dud was simplify there music.. pre bob rock if you pay attention they put in a crap ton of effects here and there post bob rock they took out a lot of the "trippy" effect and put a more direct approach to there music.. i cant say that i like him or not no one will really know how much say he actually has during the initial recording but i have no problems with this album or uplifter.. 311 for life!

  46. Kingopersia

    I've only heard 8 songs from the album and so far...I like 8 of them!

  47. myfreetime123

    This song is fucking sick

  48. Chop Nugs

    @MrJasonmatteson Wikipedia that shit son! lol

  49. Wheat Cobbler

    @Eons44 I dont think Bob Rock has anything to do with their lyrics. I actually like the lyrics, they touch some deeper subjects in this album then they have in the past. But some of the guitar tones/production appears hindered by Bob Rock. Still love this album and love your youtube name, eons is possibly my favorite 311 song of all time

  50. jhazlem

    the reason the lyrics aren't as "good" is because back when they were younger they had more edgy lyrics basically what the hardcore old school 311 fans want to not be able to understand what SA is even saying, and for the songs to either be about weed, or lsd, or cop busts, or fucking someone up if you her their friend (DLMD), or F the BS, or what the fuck was i thinking, or just random meaningless stuff (many many songs). they don't have anything to be edgy about anymore

  51. bluefukingreene

    ive heard the whole album and outside of 2 tracks nothing is bad, dont care for trouble or weightless,on the flat side and wimpy for lack of better words.that being said and a ways to go is one of the best tunes they ever done, rock on is the best rap rock tune theyve done since solar flare.only complaint comes from being a drummer for 26 years, chad is too tame on this one...no tom work, and serving the song is great but i like when he builds the drama with those sweet rolls and offbeats.

  52. MrJasonmatteson

    @homelessjesus who is Bob Rock? Thanks!

  53. Jesse Pearson

    @homelessjesus Absolutely agree. SA's vocals on the last 2 albums have been way overdone. Doesn't sounds like it's him.

  54. Alison Bilak

    @homelessjesus Don't forget Nick,Chad and P-Nut are also producers so I don't think they would let Bob Rock feed them too much BS or they would've just told him to take a walk. They just needed new ideas they've cranked out a lot of shit in a short period of time. Music is not an easy thing to do even when your a professional. But, I would like to see them self produce their own shit next time just to see what happens

  55. bluefukingreene

    @rancid311 word.

  56. epowell727

    @homelessjesus I don't buy that. They're on their own label now and brought Bob Rock back to work with them again. Highly doubt that would happen if they weren't happy with his work.

  57. Austin James

    Musically, this track reminds me of Grassroots era 311, although the vocals lack the same impact for me.

  58. rancid311

    or bring back Scotch Ralston

  59. rancid311

    bring back Saint!

  60. von ryan Valendo

    nice groovy

  61. Samsonite. I was way off.

    @SilkyJohnson316 If that was the case they wouldn't be able to nail all the old material live, but they do. Trust me, it's Bob Rock.

  62. Samsonite. I was way off.

    Bob Rock did his best to try and ruin Metallica and they barely survived. Now he's making Nick Hexum sound like a cyborg.

  63. jhazlem

    mainstreamed another band? really dude? soundsystem is my favorite album and i know everything 311 has ever produced like the back of my hand. and this song is chill as fuck, i just can't believe you think this is anything close to a mainstream song. go turn on the radio, theres not anything remotely close sounding to 311. i've listened to this whole album and like all but 2 songs, 6 of 8 isn't bad at all. wild nights and rock on are dope, and a ways to go is damn chill

  64. bluefukingreene

    this tune is sweet i wish this album had some continuity in terms of the music.some very poppy stuff happening since mr rock came in.i could take dtom,uplifter,and this record and make one great as they ever were album.hurts to say that so dont hate or diss me for my opiumopinion.

  65. ArsenalArsenio

    love the little production in the last few seconds. Sounds like sexton threw it in :)

  66. Duhb

    Look at it this way. Most bands make new albums because they get tired of playing old material and eventually neglect early albums. 311 plays all music old and new so all they're doing is expanding their career long set list with more exciting music for the fans. I say welcome it to their vast amount of spectacular styles with open arms.

  67. SilkyJohnson316

    Im not sure Bob Rock is to blame for the voice changes. These guys arent that young anymore. Time and living the "rockstar" life will have impacts on your voice.

  68. Mort Fantôme

    Dude! I saw you on the 311 forum! :D cause I know you've made a 8-bit version of a song there, wow what a tiny community we are

  69. MyNAME Is NEO

    i love 311, but maybe i have to see this live to feel the flow... not bad tho..

  70. Xim74

    OH HELL YES!! I've waited for this song since March! You have no idea how happy you made me by having this video

  71. Rob McCaffrey

    woo Timebomb!