311 - Right Now Lyrics

(And I) I notice the tapestries on the wall as well
(And I) I stand up and hit my head on the mobile
(And you) And you look around too
(And we) Time passes easily

I've opened up my mind
So you can step inside
You could expect to find
A scenic ride

Pointyhead pizzeria perfect penetration
Mezcal cuts off my brain communication
Belligerence, lost my intellegence
Talk a mess like shut up and listen to me
Because cuttin' through the crap is my specialty
Like a bomb I'm droppin' yes, a ton of lead
You're tryin' to figure out the last thing I said
I'm a Redwood, I love to be a tree, yes I'm a Druid
My words they're flowin' out like a fluid
Never give in, never conform
I'll be bustin' out rhymes in a triplet form
Right now, right now, right now

(In another room) I sit and contemplate
(That winter night) My words were filled with hate
(In second sight) I should have known my fate
(But it's alright) Now we're in a different state

I've opened up my mind
So you can step inside
You can expect to find
A scenic ride

Expiate, to make amends for hostilities
It's easy to see that for me, in reality
I'm not one of those fools
With an ecclesiastical whitewash
To set my ethical standards
You'll never catch me lookin' to Ann Landers
Or Moses or the law or even Buddha
If there's one thing I know
It's always be true to myself
And learn from experience
Educated by nights of violence, trips to jail,
Broken knuckles and friendships
But that gives me the power to write a groove that rips
Right now, right now, right now
I am, I am supposed to be, I am, damn

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311 Right Now Comments
  1. Buck Futtler

    this song always sounded like it should have been a cover of a hit 60s song. so good!

  2. 8:16 am

    Drums. Rhythamatic Genius

  3. Chris t

    Most favorite and all Time best Song!!!

  4. Kenton Smith

    Can't wait for their new album summer 2019!!! MOSAIC is crazy good, and so is this oldie butta goodie! Thx for sharing! Peace

  5. Royce Jose

    Why is this not on any of ther album?

    Kenny Smith

    It is. It was before they got signed to capricorn, though. They had Music and Grassroots before the blue (self titled) album that made them famous after signing. They had 3 before that. Dammit, Hydroponic and Unity.

  6. Soldado de Juan José Torres

    Love that beautiful 90's sounding guitar

  7. Bonnie Bowman

    Damn, wish this track was on Spotify :( Oldie but goodie, need it for my playlist!

  8. Dustin Dunbar

    Is this the 1989 or 1991 version. From 1989 downstairs OR 1991 unity album?

    C H

    Dustin Dunbar Unity version.. SA wasn't in the band in that early anyways.

  9. Hagen pz

    amazing 311 , come todo México again.

  10. PROcrastiDRIVE SV

    This song is amazing. I can only imagine where they got the inspiration. It's got a bit of everything. Shit, you can say that about every 311 song. Brilliant band - I love them. Thank you 311. Thank you timo311 for uploading.
    I will say this though - who else thinks this song shoulda ended with that real chilled out acoustic riff and background vocals?

    Lance K

    dude I totally agree with that comment!

  11. Sean Springer

    311 1991, oldschool!

  12. Scott Rollins

    This track is as chill as shit. Never heard it before today and I thought I knew my 311.

    Ray Lanza

    I didn't know shit was chill. how can a song be chill? chill means to hang out....

    PROcrastiDRIVE SV

    +Ray Lanza I didn't know hang out was chill. How can a hang out be chill? Hang out is how clothes dry...

    PROcrastiDRIVE SV

    +Ray Lanza You probably got 3 notifications of my comment - that's because Youtube in it's wisdom didn't let me edit my comment (had to delete and re-post).

    Vishuddha Beatbox

    Scotty doesn't know

  13. thomaschavers

    The mp3 download of omaha sessions is only 10 bucks at the311storedotcom. If you would like, you can shoot me a private message with your mailing address and I could burn you a copy of the whole cd and mail it to you. I also know of a website where you can upload 16 bucks and download songs at 16 cents a piece. ( I think that's right) It has 311's unity, hyrdoponic,and dammit albums on it as well. iomoiodotcom

  14. John Dutz

    That sucks i gotta buy the whole album though.They're trying to make some serious money before they retire.When i was really into them from 95-01 there concerts were 20 bucks.Now everythings mad expensive even alot of there songs are 1.29 on ituns,.That's a sign of disbandment.

  15. thomaschavers

    You can download this album from 311's website. Just click on the link for their online store.

  16. John Dutz

    wHEN r they gonna put this on itunes..Yea metal shows rock.Ahh to be in my 20s again tho.

  17. thomaschavers

    I've been to a bunch of metal shows myself.

  18. John Dutz

    Them and the chili peppers are the only ones in the genre that will never get old.Linkin park is hangin in there but limp bizkit and those other are irrelevant.And it says alot cause this genre dies hard.

  19. John Dutz

    I been to slayer,slipknot and manson concerts.But when i was a senior in high school 10-22-99 at the electric factory in philly they played visit and the whole place was a pit !! That was the sickest pit i;ve ever seen.Even nick said it.He did'nt even tell us to bounce..I guess just everyone loved the song..And nick was like holy shit what up philly giving us made looovvve !! We gave it up for them and they gave us a half hour encore.Those were the daze !! 311 head for life !!

  20. thomaschavers

    Hey, you can download omaha sessions from 311's website. I'm sure you could find it on amazon as well. I know of a website where you can legally download the albums 311 released themselves before they got signed. If you want to know the name of it, then be sure to send me a private message on here.

  21. thomaschavers

    I am so glad I got to here this song at 3/11 day 04 and 08. I can't remember if they played it at 3/11 day 2012. I actually found a website where you can LEGALLY download Unity, Hydroponic, Downstairs, and Dammit. If any one you would like to know the link, then send me a PM. I also really love down south, summer of love, and today my love from the omaha sessions cd.

  22. EMC113

    this is the shit!

  23. David Dougherty

    so old , yet the best 311 shit

  24. TheChadls

    WOW! I've never heard this song! LOVE IT!

  25. ApieceofWoods

    Am I the only one that noticed the length is 420?


    Whats 420?


    It's 4:19

  26. BackOff414

    @RHCP067 Nope. MUSIChannel91 is right. It's from Unity officially. Downstairs EP is a shit CD, so it doesn't matter anyway.

  27. Luke Palladino

    @CECRedGhost YES IM A DRUID !!!

  28. CECRedGhost


  29. Scott Clark

    Salio en 91, no 98.

  30. Marco Mares

    que poca madre del vampiro
    aunke tambien se parece a paranoid de black sabbath

  31. msherwin3

    the 311 day in New O is better

  32. riptorn311

    my favorite 311 song....Omaha Sessions is the sheeet!!!!! any fan out there who hasnt heard this whole cd yet needs to do so....it will change how you look at 311...if you think there is no possible way to like 311 any more than you already do, your in for a pleasant surprise. this album and the live album was the first 311 i was exposed to and they changed my life.

  33. John Doughnut

    nice add me on msn and share this song with me lol.i cant find it on limewire or anywhere else

  34. badphish911

    I like this song