311 - Nutsymptom Lyrics

The coda funk has you sunk, feel the mids pump
Blessed are those who erupt when we turn up
Right now we corrupt cons the shades
We don in the neon night
We're gonna feed on the mic and blast through a pipe
I got a cool capability to toast and ill
Yo my daddy told me, "Hey son you must act chill"
Alien rough my galaxy is tough here comes the bang
Of a hip-hop thang that we brang and swang
Men from Mars ain't ever gonna hang
With dope Buddhas we come to the stage, we are attackin'
Space assassin naked live and never slackin'
Come a day on the way enter one S.A.
Amplified from another world far away
I got the pang of a gang and I come from the Southside
Here's the thang that I brang and I promise to come live

While the masses passes upon their fucking asses
And if you don't see, get glasses
That is a shout out to the words of Curt Grubb
The motherfucker is no scrub, I said the man is the kind
With the one that I call Brine Shrimp
We never ever do skimp, I limp on stage in a huff
Like magic dragon on puff, on the stuff of a Humbot cone
Then I'm stoned, watch out
Smoke the weed that come from Northern California
Not do no cocaine that come from Colombia
That the thing that mash up your nature
Mash up your body and mash up your culture
Take a tip from the flipped script of Daddy Freddy
I give complete props to the one that rocks steady
With dexterity that goes on and on and on
And turn out the dope shit like the one they call
Pawn Shop Press yes, it's on, what's up
P-Nut change it up, one time from your mind, watch out

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311 Nutsymptom Comments
  1. Andrew Nelson

    This song’s so fucking fun to play on guitar and bass. The lyrics are sick. I love these guys

  2. Aidan G


  3. Wira Arts

    Pawn Shop Press yes it's on what's up
    P-Nut change it up
    what ccauuu (using vocal delay)

  4. Brian Myers

    How great is this album? Exactly.

  5. MysticHydra

    The song's ok, but that is one of the most retarded song names I've heard in quite a while

  6. Penny Lane

    The bass in this is gorgeous

  7. Quoth the Raven

    I gotta cool capability to toast and ill
    Yo my daddy told me, "Hey son you must act chill"

  8. Brian Kamppi

    ""And then I'm stoned watch out"

  9. Rokusan Sangen

    311 = 420

    No mathematician can say otherwise. This band is batshit crazy.

  10. Danny Standridge

    we never ever skimp peace/love

  11. mrfish4lyfe

    the guitar solo is still so good all these years later

    Nick Phillips

    I was JUST saying this

  12. lov311ife

    Such a jammin' song.

  13. Erick Vieira


  14. Sublime6193

    i wish i had the isolated bass track to this

    Joshua Gaffney

    for REAL dudeman!!!

  15. thomaschavers

    Do you think you coule upload the studio version of "wake your mind up" from "From Chaos." I can't find it on youtube.

  16. fausto

    pnut solo + Nutsymptom enjoy: /watch?v=eRN8IklizKI&feature=youtu.be

  17. slammo10

    311 commin correct

  18. Christopher Gentry

    happy birthday p nut!

  19. keviniv8

    idk if it's just me, but it looks like Nick's face on the upper right corner of the album cover.

  20. brandonstewart1105

    mahoney goes off 2 now lets not 4 get him

  21. TheTorturekilla

    this song live truly rocks

  22. yourock69100

    P-Nut in your face!!!!!!

  23. magda whitney

    yes sir!

  24. TheNastyTable

    @bassgod533 no problem

  25. bassgod533

    Oh man, thank you for putting a studio version of this on here. 311 for life.