311 - Lucky Lyrics

I'm taking it to the bridge and there's a different country
I'm bringing with me the people I know
Deep down are funky
Oh yeah, we dap, we got the juice it's on tap
Never take the time to rewind all the weak crap
Here, take it, it's yours, the gift is calling
The sunshine be falling our way first every morning
I'm a magician, you see I'm christened with condition
Held over from a future world, I've come to you so listen
There's a place out in deep space
Where all the brothers chant and dance and rant
And shave their heads like Buddha, I'm a flyguy
You know I'm smoother
Of course no remorse is left for all you loser crews

I do not care what you do, I always screw up
But when I do, it's nothing like you, I wish you grew up
You're saying anything, like promise to get clean
Won't kick, half-dead, you're fucked up in the head
Just get him out of here, get him out of here
Get him out of here, uh, yeah, he's making me sick
We push a sucker out, with much force and much clout
Didn't want to do it, that's not what we're about
But you gotta have a limit, how low can you get it
Seems about time to change the subject and sing about
The wise-eyed girl that makes me feel good
And never do I leave misunderstood

Aw, yeah, can you feel it
I know you feel good too
You got a choice of what you're gonna do
It's like this, that
Herb is where it's at
Mix a melody with some backchat
Tell 'em again, can you feel it
I know you feel good too
You got a choice of what you're gonna do
It's like this, that
Herb is where it's at
Mix a melody with some backchat

I'm rollin' slow, no particular place to go
So nothing's changed, the more things stay the same
The more it doesn't matter to a latter day St. Bernard
Acting hard, but I throw down like a crazy retard
But what could make a man wanna walk around the schoolyard with his tool hard
And what could make the switch to call a girl a bitch
It probably happened when you first started rappin'
And when you know that you were stuck with Beavis
Now leave us on a note of positivity
I'm saying this for levity, but if I leave it brief, I call it brevity
I said I see the people rocking, which means there's no stopping the flow
And you can just tell 'em that you know

Come on, every night, yeah, we turnin' up
And comin' off live like a final 311 battle breaking idols
On the one you never heard before
You know the hard-core rockin' pumpin' the dance floor
Leave ya feet sore looking for your Micatin
You know the mic is deadly in the mood we into
Certified, not fakin', cool like a Jamaican
Every time the enemy hear us, they will be shakin'

I know you feel good too
You got a choice of what you're gonna do
It's like this, that
Herb is where it's at
Mix a melody with some backchat
Tell 'em again, damn
I know you feel good too
You got a choice of what you're gonna do
It's like this, that
Herb is where it's at
Mix a melody with some backchat

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311 Lucky Comments
  1. NoJackLikeKerouac

    They have so much fun. Bless these boys and theirs <3

  2. MB T

    1:12 their on

  3. Job Vilchez

    so cool!!!

  4. 8:16 am

    SA going all the way

  5. Giant Killer

    90's best

  6. Jasen Renna

    John Cabbot, I'm feel'in that!!!

  7. Aron Lewis

    almost a top 10 311 song, there are just too many---top 10 list (not in order): down, misdirected hostility, flowing, beautiful disaster, hostile apostle, jackolantern's weather, come original, random, you get worked, and brodels (imho)

  8. Dims Raew


  9. Matthew Bielomyza

    Just a FYI IMHO this albums and music r there best beats wise they got very electronic on transistor 311-311 is over played amber jump crap

    Dusty Norton

    Matthew Bielomyza transistor is my fav album

  10. Chris Boyer

    I've got a 311 tattoo on left arm!!!

  11. Victor Grove

    Man people can hate on this band all they want, I'll always like this older stuff

  12. Victor Grove

    Love these guys

  13. kacy

    311 Sublime Rebelution Incubus Slightly Stoopid Pepper.
    Care to add any :D ?

    Drew Ha

    +kacy They're not from the same time period but Tribal Seeds are pretty dope.

  14. Aaron Pridemore

    One of a kind forever.

    Joe Willard

    @Aaron Pridemore Can't nobody do it like 3-elev-ahn. Fuckin up competition cuz there really is none!

  15. theivory1

    So many years have gone by and I still know most of the words and licks. That's Incredible! I forgot they managed a way separate heavy rhythms from anger.

  16. shook one

    Their music just never gets old. So original

  17. Nolan Waltman

    they are going to be playing this album in its entirety this year for 20 year anniversary.

  18. John Cabbot

    its like this, that. earth is where its at...

    Joe Willard

    Perhaps we should then mix some melody with some back-chat?!

    PROcrastiDRIVE SV

    +Joe Willard Tell 'em again

  19. kyle corts

    1 of my top 5 bands...great range from these guys...a little metal, a little hip hop, a little reggae...a great drummer

    Edward Herrera1

    Definitely a great drummer

    Eric Elsbree

    kyle corts chad Sexton. Best drummer of his time no doubt

  20. steven ditty


  21. Kren

    I listened to all this good stuff.
    311, incubus, Alice in chains, aerosmith.

    Joe Willard

    You say "listened" in the past tense, as if you don't listen to them anymore?!


    @Joe Willard oh Nooo, I still listen to them. :]

    Danny Standridge


  22. Hayden Albert

    Happy 311 dayyy

  23. Hanzo Hattori

    always been listening, ever since

  24. Eric Hinkley

    The juice is on tap

  25. Robert Simpkins

    You forgot to put "Homebrew" on the Grassroots album. You got to have that song man.

  26. beaver662187

    Joe if you have a chance to see them live do it!!! They put on a great show and the fans are so cool and chill. My favorite Band of all time.

  27. Joe Willard

    Damn, they just don't make 'em like this anymore! Well done, Nasty! I also must say I like the vibe from 311 fans. I listen to alot of heavier stuff, and let me say, so much unnecessary anger and hatred. . You won't find that shit here!

    Aaron Pridemore

    I know you feel good too...

  28. Dallas Mead

    They are free for the flow in g.

  29. 4everdamndbyunclesam

    I just bought that exact shirt at a resale shop. Same colors and everything...Could have been yours.

  30. Luna Sablan

    Try some Ballyhoo, The Expendables, Dirty Heads, and SOJA

  31. Sublime6193

    steez at its finest

  32. BFinFlavin

    OMG I JUST LOOKED AT THE CLOCK AT ITS 3:10. 3 10 3 3 10

  33. missykim9

    Actually if you go to 311's website right now, in the store part, they're selling them now! Go get one!

  34. John P

    2:04 - 2:11 my fav SA line ever

  35. Erick Martinez

    Same thing happened to me.....listen to some pepper, expendables and slightly stoopid...slowly they will grow on ya

  36. Zeike

    Today 311 day !!

  37. Grant Prentice

    @ben2trill Sublime**

  38. Grant Prentice

    @ben2tril im a freshaman in highschool, and this is all me and my best friend listen to. his dad actually turned us on to it, and lately we've been getting into ragae stuff like sumblime and bob marley and stuff. it's great music.

  39. Numonkei

    @ben2trill I really miss that shirt. I very rarely smoke cannabinoids anymore, but I always get a comment when someone saw the front. They you can turn around and make a smart-ass comment, like 'Save the trees! No more orphan roots! Stop the mowers!". I got mine between the Chaos and Evolver tours or during the Evolver tours, I got my Chaos shirt, sex, and mollies at the Chaos tour and subsequent summer show. RIP, the shirt, now rags, the sex, now memory, and the mollie, metabolized.

  40. Slammjammusic

    Got a 311 hoodie at the show w/ Slightly Stoopid , my girlfriend wears it cuz i was 16 at the time. Wish it still fit me be damn that was an amazzzzing show!

  41. ben2trill

    @Numonkei yo i got that same shirt, I bought it at there concert in austin like years ago,
    my lil bro wears it now and listens to 311 too hes a freshman in highschool
    grassroots is timeless

  42. Numonkei

    I miss my grassroots shirt...it was green and said 'Grass' in yellow on the front, and 'Roots 311' on the back...if you've seen it please call asd-fdsa

  43. TheNastyTable

    @thzar1 haha no problem buddy

  44. thzar1

    I could never find this on youtube to download.