311 - How Long Has It Been Lyrics

How long has it been
Since you let me in?
I need it yesterday
I've always been that way, oh

I'm excitable to a fault
But that's my fault
All the time grinds to a halt
Seconds assault
Rush the earth on by
Planet, spin!
Tell me just how long's it been?

How long has it been
Since you let me in?
I need it yesterday
I've always been that way,

There are no abstracts
The metaphysics between us
Are showing us patience
Alert and attentive
In the white star, silence
We get out of the harness
The farthest and we
Make it through the darkness

How long has it been
Since you let me in?
I need it yesterday
I've always been that way

But when I get back to the present
Back in the moment
I'm so grateful that you stayed
The order of the day
Bliss no delay, play
See that everything is so much more than okay
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhythm play-ay

How long has it been
Since you let me in?
I need it yesterday
I've always been that way

How long has it been?
How long has it been?

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311 How Long Has It Been Comments
  1. Bat Blood

    For some weird reason the verse in this song reminds me of Octopus’ Garden

  2. Steena 2Tones

    always thinking of you

  3. ParadiXe311

    311 = positivity

  4. Quoth the Raven

    How does this not make the album? There's about 6 songs on Uplifter that I'd easily replace with this.

    Aaron Lechuga

    lol agree..

    Vic Pownall

    +Aaron Lechuga It's all how you look at it though. If this song had been on the album and something else that was on it was not and you heard that you would be saying the same thing. It would have been better if they had released ALL tracks on the original album. 311 is a great fucking band, why should we be denied the chance to hear everything they produce?

  5. Axel's DDO Channel

    2:01 LOVE that bridge! One of the bests of 311's lighter songs.

  6. Sun King

    Nintendo vibe!

  7. anderson

    good vibe

  8. CABoehlke

    Funny that the itunes song is the only studio recording they have never done live...


  9. Jenny Lee Paiva

    I need it yesterday...I've always been that way....LOVE 311!

  10. Jared Brewer


  11. Jubeix uno

    LOVE this one and many other 311 B sides

  12. David Young

    would have been the best song on the album! such a sick summertime feel

  13. Josh King

    It's hard to embark on all that touring without the money though. Especially with the cost of transportation these days.

  14. Jeremy McDonald

    oh that guy...hahaha

  15. p dubs

    311 evokes a full spectrum of emotion from the earliest days in the 90s, how do you sum up everything these guys do to us and the memories attached to each riff and note. 311 girls and guys should be together

  16. Dor Bink

    WHY does this not have 54 MILLION views? i think i put 50k on here by myself.

  17. Joseph Fisher

    @TheHutch42 This was an exclusive iTunes bonus track

  18. Carson Davis

    @bluefukingreene the Final 4 would all be cinderellas. T&P Combo, mindspin, Applied Science, and inner lite spectrum

  19. Mrairsoftdude117

    its been a while

  20. johnnboy77

    what does this song talk about?

  21. bluefukingreene

    my point is, if you had to compile an ultimate album track vs track brackets in order 1 thru whatever add b sides to compete against the extensive transitor set and duke it out for ultimate 311 vs 311 supremacy.ill tell ya you might not like it but daisy cutter,waiting,crack the code,amber,mix it up,india ink,how long has it been,long for the flowers,gettin thru to her,my heart sings,what do you do,sunset in july,trouble,weightless,same mistake twice,too much too soon arent gonna make it.sorry.

    Cosmic Remix

    I love the message behind Weightless, and Daisy Cutter has a lot of personal memories attached to it, so musically, you might be right, but personally I'd disagree with you.

  22. bluefukingreene

    @FireMarshal are your ears clogged with shit..only kidding but 311 wasnt pulling rookie manuevers on nothin for a long time.they have sold out,every venue in every town,but it comes with a price.i know ill take heat for this but.if you had to pick your favorite first track what record and what song and do that 1 thru 22 cuz trans had more tunes add b sides and shit.my example best opener is down best 2nd tune from all albums freak out best third nutsymtom 4th beautiful d.wheres the newer stuff?

  23. TheHutch42

    there needs to be a 311 b-side record....these songs are fantastic!

  24. Ajecks

    @thirdeye88 It was an iTunes exclusive track just like Sun Come Through was and Amazon exclusive. Oh and yeah this is a beast song, should have been on Uplifter.

  25. mashakos

    goddddd sometimes i really hate the other guys' voice.

    Siera Hehner

    mashakos whos

  26. Bill Daum

    @soundsystm311: the song Down on the blue album says it best "we changed a lot and then some some..." they aren't 25 any more and neither are you. Let their music evolve and enjoy the ride!

  27. bassgod533

    soundsystm311 get your negative ass out of here..

  28. Reise Nelli

    @megadeth2thenwo damn that'd be the shit.... beast music

  29. Adventurous Red

    @MrMrrRNELLi I was jammin transistor in high school, immagine that shit lol.

  30. Adventurous Red

    oh my god.. this goes well with indica

  31. lhs04

    they didnt sell out they started producing their own stuff! how is that selling out?? cause they did some cover songs? theyve been doing that since the 90s. people just dont know...however, compared to their older stuff you can tell the creativity is starting to fade. but hey, theyre just gettin older, you cant do that lifestyle forever (nick says so himself: "in 1989 i was cocaine and jim bean now it's 95 and im ginseng") and every once in a while a gem will come through on the later albums

  32. Reise Nelli

    i was disappointed with this album my freshman year in highschool... now as a junior i realize how amazing this entire album is.

  33. Angelatopia

    @FramedThief I must agree, people need to understand that people change. They haven't sold out, they evolved the way all people do. Take the hate somewhere else<3

  34. John Katchisin

    @FireMarshal ppl just dont understand that no matter what, 311 always puts out great music!

  35. John Katchisin

    @meade311 you said it dude!

  36. missykim9

    everyone should hush about which uplifter songs should have been cut. anything from 311 is worth listening to

  37. John Katchisin

    @meade311 hell yeah dude

  38. chad blackman

    could listen to 311 everyday the rest of my life and be totally cool with it...unity to uplifter, im down with it all...cant nobody do it like 311, most original and creative tip out right now

  39. Christa Stirling

    no matter what happens 311 reminds me to always stay positive! fuck the naysayers 'cause they dont mean a thing......311 kids always stick together...no matter where you're from

  40. Alexis LePley

    Fuck the naysayers. These b-sides are for the excitable ones! can't nobody do it like 311!

  41. Saint-Sama

    311 for life! WOO! they are the best band of all time hands down! They are so chill and just love life and appreciate it for what it is and they know how to have fun with their music! FUCK THE NEY SAYERS!

  42. HohMahGawd


  43. Sailus54

    I get mad at the world and myself; then 311 reminds me of the good aspects of life and my life

  44. samartinez311

    @hermano666 sweet. long time 311 fan! then you know how good there musick is. sorry to hear bout your friend though. "stay positive; love your life"

  45. samartinez311

    @hermano666 sorry to hear that. not to be a downer, but you should listen to "beyond the gray sky". that's one for the ages. and it too talks about a friend committing suicide. very powerful stuff.

  46. allen dehart

    i wish 311 would do a b side tour that would be fucking awesome

  47. Siera Hehner

    this is a pretty azz song <3

  48. Jared Brewer

    311 is The BEST BAND OF ALL TIME!! no one can say different. livin' n rockin'.

  49. Erik Levitt

    Why wasn't this on the album OR the bonus disc???? Great sound!

  50. DeadOmega

    Diasy Cutter has a good old school 311 hop to it, oh, but no.. it's just Green Day mixed with Nickelback...right. Some people seriously need to get their ears checked.

  51. Briton Limburg

    cant wait to see them on 311 day! i hope they play this one

  52. Justin Madison

    although... the money is a nice plus. :)

  53. pupletariat

    Amen, Bro.

  54. Enki

    great song
    love it

  55. Enki

    @FireMarshal yhea dude
    they cant understand that this album its different than others but it not loses 311 own style
    every album is different and badass
    its a shame that people complains about such a wonderful band 311

  56. pupletariat

    So very true, man. Fuck the money, it's about the unity.

  57. FireMarshal

    unbelievable how many people are saying that 311 sold out, reading comments on various videos. Compare their newest album to their older stuff, it is amazing how many similarities you will find.

  58. Ian Schaefer

    iTunes exclusive. when you buy Uplifter on iTunes, this song comes with it.

  59. Bryan Pendarvis

    What is this from?

  60. John Katchisin

    dude.... you really have no idea what your talkin about haha

  61. drewk339

    Haha forreal. That is the only song on there that I legitimately can not listen to.

    I Like The Way and this both could've replaced a couple songs on Uplifter for sure..

  62. allen dehart

    that's precious maybe you should get a cute layout too

  63. HeLLa SpaM

    i want this for my myspace but cant find it =(

  64. Class6tv

    does anyone else agree that this or Sun Come Through should have replaced Mix It Up?

  65. bob slydell

    Two drops is a great chill song!

  66. Joe Labbate

    Take out My Heart Sings, and just add these two songs

  67. Jacob Royal

    I love Get Down and Sun Come Through, but this song doesn't appeal to me all too much.
    If Uplifter was up to me, I would take out Mix It Up and Two Drops In The Ocean and put in Get Down and Sun Come Through. But that's just me. :P Uplifter's good anyways.

  68. EliKennethTV

    I love the guitar Harmony.

  69. John Katchisin

    ur all idiots cuz the entire album and b-sides are amazing!! each song is unique in its own individual way, thats what makes 311, 311!!!

  70. bob slydell

    How did any of these B-sides not make it on the album over Too Much Too Fast. Its the only song I don't really listen to on that album.

  71. slappntickle

    Nice this whole album's great.

  72. pigeonsmasher

    This song isn't awesome but I don't understand how this song got cut instead of Daisy Cutter

  73. Matthew Baker

    the guitar is really cool but its just another typical 311 reggae funk song that has many sweet parts

  74. Jay K

    Think they gave itunes the worst song.

  75. eclecticderby

    Sa voice is just plain awful on this one. i wish sa would sing less n get more of his old skool rap parts.

  76. Daniel Hopkins

    That opening guitar riff reminds me of the Megaman video games.