311 - Homebrew Lyrics

Now I know fools get their own when they chit chat
Haven't heard yet, but you can bet I'm not with that
With that talk, with the digi walk
I struck a bird, you heard, absurd, word to the fact
I'm a cat, nippin', sippin' on the flask
Passin' it, talkin' shit, but only if you're an ass
In front of me 'cuz you could run from me but
In the end, revenge send ends to the defendant
I can't get caught in the spiral
'Cuz every bit of energy, it goes to my survival
Out my way, I'm a flicka flacka blotter
Ya try to find a weakness, but the shit keeps gettin' harder

Fourth of July
With Lucy in sky
I remember pine trees and the coat of many colors
I was nineteen
I'd do anything
Shit like that now scares me, but I'd like to do it again
It was independence day
I've seen the other side and I say
Oh, I've been insane
And I won't ever be the same

'Cuz we flow we must be fly
First to flow, Nick, oh my brother, so wise
And then I rise (???)
Here's an ill kid pimpin' cuz he is so slick
Steps from darkness, his body electric
A drone buzzes the air, a cracklin' tone
Then boomin' like thunder in a cosmic jungle
Death defyin' like Evil Knievel
Words that will wobble awkward and evil
'Cuz he flow and rock the hardest of the crowds
A marvel pow, how you like me now
I've returned the kiss of death the last Damien
From the abyss, a fresh eternal alien
Now famished from pathless ways, I'ma do damage
To the whack MCs, I know you can't stand this
Right about now, get down, I'm the annihilator
Rockin' with the rhythm of my rhyme detonator

Fourth of July
With Lucy in sky
I remember pine trees and the coat of many colors
I was nineteen
I'd do anything
Shit like that now scares me, but I'd like to do it again
It was independence day
I've seen the other side and I say
Oh, I've been insane
And I won't ever be the same

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311 Homebrew Comments
  1. The Winter Soldier

    How come Doug's flow is censored?!?!?!

  2. springer 90

    1994, not '96.

  3. Gina Boop

    Ranch Bowl. Sokol Auditorium. Westfair Amphitheater. Omaha Nebraska. All. Fucking. Day. Seen them play lots of killer shows since I was a teenager in the mid 1990s. Been a few years, but I used to catch them, about everytime they made it bk to Omaha.

  4. Felicia Prower

    For a long time I thought Nick said "Chocolate chip Cannoli up your ass!" at 0:30

  5. Idiot

    Investigate 311

  6. Hi I'm Kara Rae Ophelia

    1:11...such positive vibes from this. Love 311 forever. Investigate em, you'll be better for it, hahaha!

  7. Taylor C

    This is before 311 turned to a cheesy festival rock band. They'd be so much more respected if they stayed like this.

  8. Rollz 87

    The day when music was worth listening.

  9. JustinCraneMusic

    Anyone notice the edit at 1:29? I always wondered if I heard that line correctly..apparently I did!

  10. Noel Sj

    These guys are severely underrated

  11. Google Lysander Spooner

    Caught you guys at Dane County Coliseum in '95 with Pharcyde and Cypress Hill. It'd be a cherished memory, if I could remember it...


    Same bro. 311 and Pharcyde, drove from college in Nashville up to Indy to see them. Strange city, different vibe than normal, venue seemed bizarre. Perhaps something got into my lungs. 🤣 No matter. Once the music dropped it was EPIC. Almost 25 years ago. Unreal...

    God I miss those times, doing dumb shit like driving 6 hours each way to see a concert...because you could. Cheers man, thanks for the recall. I barely remember Jack Schitt about the show, but I KNOW it was bad ass. They always were...

  12. Jared Beard

    I just had a crazy-ass realization...IF 311 was just now coming out and they had the shit we have now for production, they would have made some fucking even more amazing shit.....

  13. Johnny Migues


  14. Keith Jones

    Still Count SA in 2019 Still Rockin' after 29 years. Thank you 1LOVE

    Be sure, a discouraging word will be heard
    It doesn’t matter what they will say
    The naysayers will do what they do
    But to thine own self be true

  15. Matty313

    Jamming this in traffic after a fawked up day at work...July 16 2019 🤘🏼

  16. Endorphin Factory

    Happy 4th.

  17. Matthew Stansberry

    happy independence day!

  18. Richie 85

    Happy 4th everyone

  19. Marc Amico

    Happy 4th of July in '19!!!

  20. nickowaffles

    It wasn't 4th of July but I also first tried acid at 19, and I also first heard this song around that same time. listening to this song always helps me think back on that pivotal time.

  21. ParadiXe311

    "In the end, revenge sends ends to the defendant"
    (I know that statement's true, I wear it like a pendant)

  22. Rod Garner

    This is the song that got me into 311. I remember first hearing it on those radio shows that showcased cool new music, which usually came on late Sunday Night.

  23. Ryan Stratton

    The guitar on this is my top 3, 311 riffs ever!

  24. tulkas 42o

    I'm biologically old enough to father anyone after 94' when this came out when I was in high school!😜 sorry kids..you could be my bastard👍 songs about tripping by the way!!!!

  25. Bee Mail

    Investigate 311

  26. Jherommy Rolando Gutierrez Meza

    Independence Day

  27. Megumi Kimata

    311 DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Silvana Aparicio

    My due date for my First Bby is



  29. kerry quinn

    i love what the song i about to me, as this came out we were skating in 5th and 6th grade, but we also started experimenting with mary jane more, and rst time i did a gel tab, and felt like i broke through to another side, & yes, it changed my le for the better, we knew , and there was no puttin that back in the box, it kept me from getting hooked on deadly shit, but learning about tachyon energy and all kinds o esoteric knowledge as we saw geometric patterns coming of every thing and the sun was just surrounded by a rainbow, i still do psychedelics when he chances arses and i have had no flashbacks or all the negative bs you here, it eye opening and leads you to realise certain truths, good times, and a great song

  30. Marcelo Felices

    This song is so underrated

  31. You are Wonderful

    311 for life!!!

  32. 311 Jazzy

    Only for the excitable ones

  33. kerry quinn

    wonder how much the orlando show will be, last time they had a festival in northern ish fl where my Cherokee side of family lives , and it was crazy expensive, wanted to go t the cap grounds as it was less than 30 mins from where my cherokee uncles aunts and cousins are. cousin is bit of a green finger as he has some sweet hydroponics , shrooms grown from spore prints that are crazy fun, as well as peyote cacti, would have been a good time, even though he dont sell its all for the tribe, taught me how to use spore prints and brown rice, then take that and put it with vermiculite and tasteless yet a super strong patch grows, and as long as you tap b4 you pick yo dot have to start from scratch, actually more grow with each batch and they seem stronger by the third batch , lol, good times i should start again but need funding especially fo the spores from peru, probably grow the most potent i've ever had, its actually stronger but like really good lucy, yet much stronger experience.

  34. Paul Brosco

    timeless...love love love this shit

  35. Michelle Torez

    One of the best bands ever

  36. Wasteland_Werewolf

    I've listened to this band since the early days. I really miss their old sound.

  37. Lou Berg

    2008 i Took Acid!
    I was 18 i went insane and now im 28 and ive seriously have never been the same!
    I love this Band Nothing but The P.M.A!

  38. Cr1134

    Lucy in the sky

  39. Aaron Wells

    I would say to the current generation, "Listen and learn," but I know I always hated it when people would say something like that to me back in the day. Anyway, First 3 311 albums are unrivaled in this genre.

  40. czarpaul01

    The song for me that started me on the 311 ride. Heard this in the radio waaaay back in the day. Went to the CD store(remember those) right after work and picked it up. My wife was like, what is this? Lol. Now she loves em as much as I do. 50 years old now and still digging them, we have been to about 15 shows, including 311 day 2010. We got to meet them in Atlantic City a while back, they were very cool and fun. I told them how this song was why I started listening to them and they opened the show with it for me lol

  41. ParadiXe311

    Happy belated Independence Day, USA!

    Drake krome

    screw usa! just celebrate the blessing we have that is the band 311


    Drake krome  Amen.

  42. Griffin Sanchez

    Happy 07/04/18

  43. tj manielino

    Legends 311 go hard forever man

  44. Marionettetc

    I remember being 16 and downloading the tabs for this song from my schools library and racing home to learn how to play it.

    I think easily 311's best song. Love Pnut's bass, Nick's vocals, S.A's rap, Tim's thick guitar and of course Chad's flawless drumming. Supremely underrated band!

  45. kaceybellanero

    The end of this song sounds like Level 42! You have to give 311 credit! They carved out a place in the musical landscape, and been standing there for quite sometime.

  46. Wira Arts

    obsessed on ending song same eeeeeeeeeee

  47. willy565

    120 Minutes on MTV.......Teenager....90's baby........The LAST time for good music, and good times.

  48. Ziggy

    Sucks ass

    Drake krome

    go listen to country and jerk off about how a guy lost his dog

  49. Wira Arts

    im obsesed on ending vocal eeeeeeeee..........

  50. Hero.hiphop

    These Guys!!!

  51. Eric Vélez Justiniano

    uncle sam pullin some bitches

  52. matt h

    Who still rocking this in 2017? This guy is!!!

    p dubs


    Mark Anthony

    you spelled 2019 wrong


    I'm rockin this today!

    Gina Boop

    2020!!! Seen them SEVERAL times since I first saw them Live, as a teen in the mid 90s. And I'm from Omaha Nebraska.

  53. missmellymac

    This is my favorite 311 sound. Nick and SA's rap = magic.

  54. York Tom

    Puro vato loco......

  55. KamenRiderAnt

    Shit like this brings me back to when I used to watch Mtv as a kid and they still played music. Good music at that.

  56. missmellymac

    I would put this in my top 5 311 songs of all time.


    missmellymac top 1 for me, easily

    Sabrina Bina

    One of their best live too 🙌

    W S

    One of the top songs of the 90’s for sure

    M P

    It was also arguably their best album. Subjective—probably between this and Music.

  57. lucho azulgrana

    homebrew rules

  58. Johnny Spirals

    Lucy on the 4th of july

  59. James Mcbrain

    happy 4 th 311hive!!!!

  60. Brian Lomas

    this is my theme for the 4th of july

    quickrundown 555

    I can't believe this song is over 20 years old.

  61. Paul Laczo

    this grassroots album was so fucking amazing

    Paul Nelson

    That entire album was perfect; it was my first introduction to 311.

  62. ObieOne

    I wish they would have shot music videos for Lucky, 8:16 A.M., Omaha Stylee, Taiyed and 1, 2, 3

  63. Stefanie Gigowski

    I can't like...that would make me 312.

  64. zach nai

    When the second verse kicked in, that dude never really looked so fly until that vid.
    He looked fly for 1994 man.
    Keep flying

  65. zach nai

    This song is about a fucked up trip with a happy ending

  66. Banibouya

    felt this shit

  67. Nikki Lee

    Happy 4/20 y'all lol

    R McC

    happy 420 2u2

  68. Radnock

    HOW ABOUT T-11

  69. pyro

    still my favorite song

  70. Mike Nolan Moments

    I just wanted to homebrew my 3DS...

  71. heese

    Why was this taken down then reuploaded?

  72. paul gavian

    lsd is heka of a drug

  73. chief eloy

    The only song I play more than the rest on this album 😀😀😀

  74. RicoChile

    Why was this song removed in the first place??

  75. GuerillaLPU9

    A música deles é mó brisa. Foda pra caralhuuuu

  76. Justin Atwood

    Who needs Independence Day on July 4th, when we have Canada Day on July 1st?

    Justin Atwood

    I usually suck moose cock, and in Canada, their sperm also contains maple syrup. Two birds, one stone!

    Matt H.

    Because we landed on the moon, and your country didn't!


    Song's about dropping lsd, it's not really about a holiday

  77. Spitcher 0809

    311 💪💪

  78. Jesse Soto

    311 Rocks!

  79. Number 1 311 fan

    11 years old and love you guys

    the ultimate maymay

    Number 1 311 fan s p e c i a l s n o w f l a k e

    Brodie Hunsaker

    37 years young, over 52 shows, love them too! So does my 9 year old.

    311 Jazzy

    Your username rocks kid!

    kerry quinn

    so did i, albeit they got radio play, butt only band i liked that got that much play, you're a dope af kid, dont take shit

  80. Nick S


  81. UniqueSquared

    Oh how I wish I could have seen them at the Masquerade when they taped this. Now, the Masquerade will be torn down soon. Saw many incredible shows there.

    Ben Team

    Was there. One of the highlights of my young life. I'm right *there* to the right of the pit.

  82. PeluchinPower

    Homebrewed boner

  83. The Hardly Boys

    I have such a raging clue right now! Anbody wanna follow my clue?

    Benny Stanley

    The Hardly Boys lmfao

    Steve Leblanc

    Are you about to shoot your clue goo

    Drake krome

    no one cares just smoke a joint and stop over thinking it.

  84. Rob Deth

    Oldie but a goodie!

    Nick Phillips

    Rob Deth brings be back to 96

  85. NoVa

    Chad Sexton is the best!