311 - Existential Hero Lyrics

Whole world! From the high country to the bottom of the sea
I caught a place that I needed to be
it comes and it goes, the momentary glory
then, quick as they came they’re down the drain
another one coming from a shallow place will not remain
remember when what was possible would never end
now we abide by limits I cannot defend
it fits good and yet the best we reject
you get what you get I guess don’t get upset

Where is that garden of eden
under stars and the trees and
and so far, so far from the heathens
planets follow patterns, we fall into seasons
flowing like a river we broaden and deepen

Hold on, before we are gone
got lots to do but time with you
keeps on sliding
and I keep on blowing a fuse, there you go
unseen, your face in the screen
I feel your attention dividing
but this is worth more than the news

Prepare to bare all
I paint the cave walls
I am the hobbit
with the ring in the forrest
I am the richest I am the poorest
a particle I vibe I just keep dancin’
I move from this world into a mansion
of light and love as below and above
I chart the planets and the whales migration
I’m home everywhere I run the station
the last light of a dying star
in every game I am that wild card
I participate I’m paleolithic
and geology and astrophysics
a true cowboy existential hero
I compiled that deck and named it tarot
I’m in play I want the ball
I’m buddha with amnesia then sudden recall

Somehow I fell into it all again, it all again
somehow I fell into it all again, it all makes sense
somehow I fell into it all again, it all make sense
somehow it was here all along

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311 Existential Hero Comments
  1. Joseph William

    Bullshit. Off Hook. No Way. Shredding...!

  2. Joseph William

    BOOM!ll 311 in thehowssed

  3. springer 90

    That SA put dust in my weed!

  4. Muscle Company

    SA on this track man....


    sooooo sick, agreed

  5. ray Mejia

    My favorite song on STEREOLITHIC. . . .

  6. Tyler Durden

    Best song on the album... #oldschoolstyle

  7. Preston Wilson

    First time listening to 311, and this song came my way. Boy oh boy this music is a MFing cosmic explosion of awesomeness!!

  8. Brian Myers

    Damn. This album got lost between Uplifter and other sub par albums. This is pretty sick. Mosaic is ok though.

  9. allenbird

    dude, Chad on the drums. one of my favorite songs by 311...which is like over 100 songs now.

  10. UnknownGuest

    wow. I'm so obsessed with song

  11. Wendy Daly


  12. Cody Comeaux

    311's most metal song, musically?What does everyone think?

    DäRth NöiRe

    Cody Comeaux what was i thinking


    I'd say "too late" is more metal than this or brodels. You got Hydroponic, nutsymptom, electricity, what was I thinking that kind of have metal aspects..maybe. 311 just isn't really metal. Their harder stuff is just their classic rap rock.

    Can't nobody do it like 311, fuckin up competition cuz there really is none.

    christopher alverson

    I'd have to say firewater slomo on the og ETSD bonus tracks/blue album out takes or the intro riff on Transistor.


    Brodels might always carry that title. Not sure, how bout Omaha Stylee, Applied Science, Hive, Freeze Time, Mindspin, Wake Your Mind Up, Five of Everything, Existential Hero.


    Actually now that I think about it, Rock on is their most metal sounding song for sure.

  13. Shawn Gell

    Here is my assertion portfolio. Now none of us with worth shall no longer go down.

  14. Shawn Gell

    Today's Capitalism and Rip Off Worriors

    Shawn Gell

    Who's down for deals?

  15. steve st. germain

    i'd say that this song is 311 at their best. you het a little something from everybody.

  16. PROcrastiDRIVE SV

    0:11 Don't matter where you are or what you're doing, involuntary head bopping starts here!
    THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Steven Hanenburg

    The Album cover is so mesmerizing

  18. Ragg mufin

    311 for Life..

    Endorphin Factory

    fuck yeah

    Joseph William

    @Endorphin Factory."delete expletive" Governer. Massive respect

  19. nofd1977

    this gansta shit pops

  20. Kenton Smith

    Beautiful. Profoundly true. Sometimes we don't know how good something is until it's gone, even temporarily. But "falling back into it" is one of life's beautifully mysterious treasures. Go 311! Rock on!

  21. Rick Dybel

    Chad is sick!

    PROcrastiDRIVE SV

    +Rick Dybel You're damn right. Guy just makes you knock your head no matter what!

    Cody Comeaux

    "It's easy to do when you're up with Sexton
    The rythmatic genius turning up the next one!"
    -Feels So Good

  22. redminikeith

    Saw this debut live in Reno Nevada AWSOME!!!!

  23. lov311ife

    I love the last bridge at 3:00. So good.


    true that dude, that cruncy guitar is so dope. Plus when they say.."into to in all again," the harmonizing in that sounds so fuckin dope


    My exact thoughts man!

  24. Hauntguy311

    So happy this is on YouTube now! I got a nola copy, iTunes copy and regular cd copy. So I fully support 311