311 - C.U.T.M. Lyrics

I got the funk on two
I got the funk on two
Pick it up

Hexum, Sexton, Mahoney and Wills
We groove so fuckin' hard it gives you the chills
Well I've been stricken
The bass is kickin'
When suckers step to me, boy, I give them a lickin', go

Cosmic Utopian Thrivin' Mission, my baby
Cosmic Utopian Thrivin' Mission, my baby

I feel good
Yo bad self

Well though I am the Hexum, call me Nick
And I live by the code of cosmic
I've come to say, we're here to stay
Utopian way we'll play today, yeah
We've got the drive, we are so live
Won't take a dive, we're gonna thrive
We got a condition called ambition
To the cosmic utopian thrivin' mission


Witness this, yo the pissed lyricist
In your face celebratin' a brand new race
We know colors are just brothers and some others
Drive on the ginger but they failed to mention
The consequence of no conscience
You can't fool, I'm schoolin' you with the new school now
Speakin' on a round, step back mother fucker, I'm goin' to town


I feel good
Break it down

I got one more rhyme
Yes, the verbs I got
They hit that spot
The crowd is freakin'
And bro, I'm peakin'
When I'm on stage, you're havin' a fit
But without my brothers, baby, I ain't shit, let's go


Make it, make it like this
Gimme one

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311 C.U.T.M. Comments
  1. LisV :3

    Ugh, that bass 😩

  2. mrjoshheil

    Finally heard it live at 311 Day! So awesome!

  3. Cameron Breeding

    Hexum, Sexton, Mahoney and Wills we groove so fucking hard it gives you the chills

  4. Michael Symms

    the Funk!!!


    love this song!!

  6. Cody Comeaux


    Ben Johnson

    Cody Comeaux now I'm requesting this for 311 day 2018 in Vegas! Please


    Ben Johnson you got your wish

    Ben Johnson

    thiefswiller I literally can't believe it! So sick

  7. Chris Bryant

    I've been listening to this album since 1995 and I just realized that cutm means cosmic utopian thriven mission. I smoke too much. Hehe

  8. Johnny Damian

    This is fkn dope

  9. thomaschavers

    I love this song. 311 really brings the funk in this tasty jam.