2Pac - Open Fire Lyrics

"Alright now, here we go"

Tell me, how many real motherfuckers feel me?
I smoke a blunt and freak the funk until these jealous motherfuckers kill me
I'm out the gutter, pick a hero
I'm 165 and stayin' high 'til I die, my competition's zero
Cause I could give a fuck about you, you better duck
Go or I'll be forced to hit yo' ass up, I give a fuck
I'm sick inside my mind, why they sweat me?
It's gonna take an army full of crooked ass cops to come and get me
Niggas know I ain't the one to sleep on, I'm under pressure
Gotta sleep with my piece, an extra clip beside my dresser
Word to God I've been ready to die since I was born
I don't want no shit but niggas trip and, yo, it's on
Open fire on my adversaries, don't even worry
Better have on a vest aim for the chest and then you buried
It's a man's world, niggas get played, another stray
Hope I live to see another day, hey!
I'm gettin' sweated by these undercovers
Who can I trust, got my mama stressin', thinkin' it's a drug bust
Gotta get paid but all the drama that's attached
We livin' a drug life, THUG LIFE, each day could be my last
Will I blast when it's time to shoot? Don't even ask
That's the consequences when ya livin' fast
Six bricks of tricks, for my niggas, I gotta come up
and recoup, you keep the dope just bring me six figures
Is it a bust? I hear the sirens, run for cover
over the fence and open fire

"Alright now, here we go"

These motherfuckers on my ass I'm in traffic, will it be tragic?
I'm comin' round the corner like I'm Magic
Doin' ninety on the freeway, and hittin' switches
In a high speed chase with these punk bitches
Don't turn around I ain't givin' up, cause they don't worry me
Pussy ass bitches better bury me
Runnin' outta gas time to park it, I'm on foot
We in the hood, how the fuck they gon catch a crook? Haha
I got away cause I'm clever
Went to my neighbors for a favor now you know players stick together
I watch the scene from the rooftop, spittin' loogies
At the coppers that pursue me, beotch!
I be a hustler til it's over, motherfucker
Open fire on you bustas

"Alright now, here we go"

Don't try to follow me, I'm headed outta state
I gotta pay my fuckin' bills, so I'm transportin' weight
Change my plates, pick up my nigga, and now we rollin'
Droppin' keys like they stolen, hehe
Tell me who do you fear? I'm outta town until the coast is clear
Enough dope to last a year
They got me runnin' from the police, nowhere to go
With the lights out, rollin' down a dirt road
But I ain't goin' alive, I'd rather die than be a convict
I'd rather fire on my target
I hit the corner doin' ninety, ah shit!
Them bitches right behind me
They take a shot and hit my fuckin' tires
Now, jump out the car then I open fire, sucka!

Hahahaha! Thug Life, bitch! Goin' out like that

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2Pac Open Fire Comments
  1. wxpuma 10

    210 TEXAS 🔫

  2. Don Corleone

    smoke i blund freak the funk untill you jealouse mtf kill me

  3. s cole


  4. Jah Blood

    For life tupac 💯🔥🖤

  5. fmartinez760

    Only the real can relate

  6. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Rip 2pac 🙏🏾👼🏽💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨

  7. SurajGuitarMedium

    Will I blast when it's time to shoot? Don't even ask, that's the consequence when you're living FAST! 😎

  8. mac 10

    I ain't going alive ide rather die then be a convict

  9. mac 10

    2 PAC can never be beaten ever u feel every lyric by him the reason being he isn't just rapping he is telling a story bout real things not just rapping his lyrics are experiences not just made up lines for a song my son is 19 now and tried to tell me about how good these new rappers are so I sat him down and put this song on over and over so he could actually listen to the lyrics he is now a convert and listens to pac every day

  10. JoseG817

    817 Texas 🇲🇽✌

  11. Jeremy Espinoza

    Don't turn around I ain't giving up!

  12. Sazmet Gundogan

    We in the hood who said they gonna catch me on foot lol

  13. Krunoslav Blašković

    1:47 hahahh

  14. My New

    We will never forget 2pac . Ever . 🔥🔥🔥 Open 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Raul Castro

    Bumping this 2019 on the 405


    Yano that bass needs to be turned up

  17. Christina Nomee


  18. Migui Molotovot


  19. Fkfkfn Nnrkk

    This album reminds me of early pac

    alvin san juan

    These are recordings he laid down while recording 2pacalypse now and strictly.

    Fkfkfn Nnrkk

    @alvin san juan lol so it is early pac

    marv knows best

    Definitely reminds me of strictly 4 my niggaz, no doubt about that.

  20. Local Fox

    Who gives a fuck. I love the beat.

  21. J P

    Streets of Rage type beat

  22. brashniss

    This song hits like a force of nature, like if a thunderstorm spoke inglish.

  23. Antywon Daniels

    Pick a hero. Open fire yo. Better have on a vest

  24. catmuffin69 lol

    Rip pac🙏

  25. J R

    6 bricks of trix for my niggas I gotta come up an recoup you keep the dope just bring me six figures 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

  26. Thomas Barreto


  27. Cabeson_El_Rey

    So many of us out there that wanna go out with a blast that can relate to this song

  28. Ich Bins

    This is C.I.A. Music ,i Love it.

    Fkfkfn Nnrkk

    Pac is cia?

  29. Macedonian GangsteR

    Good song

  30. Jasanth !

    thug life baby !

  31. Saul Estrada

    Im in traffic..will it be tragic?
    Comin round the corner
    like im magic

    Ches Jerrett

    When i seen this the line just passed on my shit lol crazy... respect

  32. will orozco

    The realest shit there ever was and will be for eternity.. ..

  33. Toni Butler

    This was one of pacs toughest songs. Not one of the best but definitely the toughest.

  34. Lali Lali

    The beauty of it....

  35. will orozco

    Alright now, here we go!

  36. Kael Keough

    I'm on foot we in the hood how the fuck they gonna catch a crook?

  37. Jozif S

    Been ready 2 die since i was born

    2019 still the
    Greatest to ever touch the microphone


    Like Mike Tyson

    J2s channel

    Facts 💯💪 👊 I'm 42 been a pac fan since he came out with Digital Underground I'll never stop bumpin this dude was a beast he put it out there no matter what 💯 all these crooked ass politicians and police the entire system he exposed he was way way ahead of his time all his music is timeless #2pacfan4life




    @J2s channel I'm 10 days older than PAC!!♊ EVEN I'VE BEEN N AWE THINKING HOW MUCH WE HAVE IN COMMON (upbringing, moving around, Loving yet Militant) ♊
    Been listening since
    2pacalypse Now💯

    J2s channel

    @JOHN LEON you got Facebook add me bro lets chopi it up

  38. Lewis Cousins

    I’m out the gudda pick a hero🖕🏾

  39. Aman Singh

    Open fire on bitch ass niggaz go 2pac go

  40. Worn out Testicles

    A heavyweight DJ Akshun beat from 1994, with Pac on serious flow mode! He always went bananas on East Coast beats!!

  41. Alex Gutierrez

    this song hits on some dub6s

  42. Joker Shakur

    I gotta get dressed to this song , dance in the mirror.. you will forever live long with us PAC

  43. nipple558

    I'm 165 Ill stay high till I die

    Joker Shakur


  44. Ole School

    "Who can I trust I got my mom stressing thinking it's a drug bust"

  45. DragonBeatz

    Putain quel groove respect mon maître a tout jamais

  46. Condlee Summerfield

    Open fire Thug Life bitch

  47. \°^°/


  48. k q

    Rest in peace Tupac Shakur

  49. Edgar Garcia

    This here real rap ...... respect this

    Amanze D Mere aka Nej

    Hell Yeah Bro!

  50. Phil Will

    Da most slept on story by Pac

    Phil Will

    @G4M3R Z3R0 you on 2days music.....back then a police siren loop was rarely thought of.....then Rebel Ins and GFk had their own versions

    Adrian Ruiz

    @Phil Will NAaaaa nigga I'm 15 these fucking good beats so fuck you eat a dick.

    misael basave

    This beat dope af u wack if u dont like this


    @G4M3R Z3R0 I don't know what you're trashing about. I replay this all day and I see I'm not the only one haha

  51. Lee Jones

    🔥 how are there no likes?

    Joseph Andrew Gamez

    A... There's a homeless guy listening to this on a stereo? Dancing to make her happy lol

    Debbie Williams

    Dude no shit I'm like whaaaaat? This is Tupac at his rawest old school form. Everybody knows dear momma and changes but this is raw spitting rymes hostile hood shit!

    D3FT Dazfissh

    If you like this then listen to fire on my target by 7 days he uses this song and makes it sound even better

    Carlos Xavier Lique

    Good song

    Abraham Jalloh

    Don’t stress some people don’t know where to press 🥂