2NE1 - Take The World On Lyrics

You know I love you, love you
You know I love you babe
You know I need you need you
I need you everyday

You know I love you, love you
You know I love you babe
You know I need you need you
I need you everyday

When you feel like your falling
I will run to you baby
I will run


We'll take the world


We'll take the world on, on, on, on, on
We'll take the world on, on, on, on, on

I like the way your loving, how it makes me feel
You got me on a high, up in the sky for real
Can't nobody love me, like the way you do
You're one of a kind, I'm so into you

Baby you the one I wanna end up with
Grow old together, go on different trips
Lets take a fly, go for a ride
Yo baby you & I lets go off to fly

You know I love you, love you
You know I love you babe
You know I need you need you
I need you everyday

You know I love you, love you
You know I love you babe
You know I need you need you
I need you everyday

When you feel like your falling
I will run to you baby
I will run


We'll take the world


We'll take the world on, on, on, on, on
We'll take the world on, on, on, on, on

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2NE1 Take The World On Comments
  1. Darryl Doctor

    CL's part is lit. ughh i need more of this type of CL. her recent comeback is good but i miss the baddass CL

  2. Denisse Soan

    I miss 2NE1 :(

  3. Abby Bagongon

    2NE1 the only Kpop girl group who collaborated American singer right guys?

  4. Ma. Divina Canillo

    I love dara, she's so beautiful and have a unique voice

  5. Gigi Panza

    Amo está canción con la vida

  6. Anonymous XX

    I miss 2ne1

  7. Bing Cat

    How come i never heard this song before????? 🙁🤔😮

  8. Amasloth

    This song seems like will I am was supposed to be on it but they cut out his parts so it's like half vocals and half instrumental where he was supposed to rap or something

  9. Hop The Border Productions

    Guess I'll be the only honest one here. 2ne1 is great by themselves, their style, their sound.
    This song is terrible. Lets be honest it's basic pop, techno, weirdo Will.i.am pretentious style.
    He's so up his own a** with his futuristic bull crap sound, it's terrible...It sounds like a robot taking a sh** It's also not unique AT ALL. Will.i. am ruined it.

  10. Michael Lawrence

    I love 2NE1...

  11. Alice Prin

    Bigbang y 2ne1 son lo mejor de YG ... artistas de talla mundial

  12. Jake Castro

    I miss these party times

  13. kaique oliveira

    Eu queria a porra dessa música no álbum do Will.i.am!!

  14. Andrea JustAndrea

    I wish this was released properly. It would have done numbers

  15. Cʜσα ʜчυηαღ

    i love this song :3

  16. LaTya Schexnayder

    Can you believe this was 5 years ago? I can't.

  17. UM R

    2018....anyone -.-

  18. araxina mintpie

    here after kiss and make up by blackpink and dua lipa. 2ne1 is the best

  19. ol1verjr

    this song so much better than dua lipa and bp song

    Adilla Putri

    Bom's voice is really stand out 😢

  20. Eunice Bive

    Love it😍😍😍

  21. Chris Brooks Guitar

    This sucks a huge dick. Will.i'm.not just tryina sell some tunes in Asia.

  22. Pamela Torres


  23. morten quigley


  24. aurora

    y'all saying that you don't like the song because it was made from someone that's not korean...the koreaboo is showing😴😴😴

  25. XeHeun Jikang

    Omg i love it

  26. ultschaeyoung

    If only YG didn't disband them , they would sooo successful !! And YG could have been at bighit entertainment position and produce quality songs 😬

    Rose Janine

    We'll he's afraid of taking risks with GG. He's more invested in boy groups. If BP didn't make any huge result for 2 years I'm sure he'll disband them as well. YG favors boy groups more. He sucks

  27. Its Margielyn

    bom voice

  28. Jessica Cristina

    Não conhecia essa música

  29. Dalila_Dubbasy

    Pinche minzy aún me dueles culera :'(

  30. Khaled Jammal

    i love this

  31. Ivanna Uribe

    amo esta cancion

  32. ann gleeson

    I can see why Will.I. Am wants CL

    Sandrajen30 Jen

    How u know that

  33. ANALY YG-E

    only 2ne1 debuted of new york

  34. Helen S

    Why does this song make me feel sad.. :(
    I miss 2NE1 💔

  35. Rose Torres

    Why did they have to disband😭😭😭 My queens will me missed.

  36. Melina Vask

    Everyone is complaining about some part of the song or another. Simply, i love it.

  37. Park_ 757

    Me encanta🙈

  38. miron kmui

    Good song

  39. Dong Sung

    only dara and cl in the club ?

  40. 오마이걸「Hyojung」

    ♬°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥♥ ♔♔♔ ♥
    \(„❛ ֊ ❛„\)
    (っ>ω<)っ •.★*

  41. Norhanisa Sacar

    oh.. let's go multiply? this is really will.I.am arrangements. no doubt.

  42. Xasaka Farfan


  43. 2ne1 Qυεεη'ѕ



    ♬°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥ʚ°❥♥ ♔♔♔ ♥
    \(„❛ ֊ ❛„\)
    (っ>ω<)っ •.★*

  44. Jose

    omg I remember this :'(

  45. Chihiro Ogino

    I want minzy back, I miss 2ne1

    Helen S

    Chihiro Ogino Me too.. 😔 I feel you.. 😔💔

  46. Eegii .T

    they wasted so much time for shitty William and song

  47. UltimateSafireSun

    maybe it wasn't a good Idea to work with William lol :/


    It's good..


    @Park Bom Lover lol I'm just being bias I don't really like him XD

    ARM v7-M

    one of the most successful producers in the American music industry right now..


    UltimateSafireSun yeah he sucks. Look what happen when he did Britney's album...it tanked...


    @HarrLable I think he should stay with north American music 


    Will I am featuring 2ne1 so this is will I am song not from 2ne1 so if you hate this song go hate will I am not 2ne1 , but from my POV it's like hey will I am this is a nice song but on the other side hey 2ne1 this song is not matched to you :-)

  49. Nekomi Son [OFFICIAL] art design / composer

    Guys the reason why they sound like this is because they usually speak and sing in Korean so when they sing in English they have an accent! I don't think it's autotuned because their voices always sound like this without the accent


    it is autotuned you fool, but that's just for the effect of the song because it's electronic. it's not because they can't sing.

    lady mj

    +sehun is my dad u need to watch their other music videos and then judged if it is or not


    I HAVE watched their other music videos, they're my favourite group. How about learn about music effects then clap back to me.

  50. Lea Oliveira

    OT3 ❤❤❤

  51. Hoang Toan Nguyen

    i like you park bom i love you too

  52. bangmarkotop

    more like will.i.am ft. CL, Dara, Bom

    ian moses

    bangmarkotop its because minzy not good at english

  53. Civitae Cahya

    just wondering, after all this time. does minzy only have that "oo oo ooo" part???? no line?

    Civitae Cahya

    +xxSojung xx that's still cruel ._. this is pretty much just CL and Bom

    Civitae Cahya

    +xxSojung xx i'm so sad she left!!!

    Civitae Cahya

    +xxSojung xx please don't say that... T.T that's nightmare......... 2ne1 is the only kpop girlband that i like. if they disband what am I supposed to doooo T.T

    Civitae Cahya

    +xxSojung xx yeah... exactly... they are the first female group for me. but i'm still can't believe it's OT3 now. yeah. i hope they really do have a comeback this summer. but it's pretty much summer already!!! right? i'm don't live in 4 season country but based on the month, isn't summer now???

    Civitae Cahya

    +xxSojung xx ok well. let's wait then!

  54. 2NE1 deserved better & I'm pisces like CL


  55. Damian Mertes

    minzy for life

  56. Denise Lim

    The girl singing the love Ya part has a really nice and unique voice

    Moon UFO

    +Denise Lim Her name is Park Bom, in case you wanna check out more of her songs. She definitely has a unique voice :-).

    XXX Light

    +Denise Lim Yes, one of the most rare voices I hear :) Our Bommie

    Eu Concepcion

    +Denise Lim She really possesses a unique voice. <3


    Bom is life

  57. can't wait for CL's american debut soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mateo Rubio

    Soon?? Lmaoo

    Mike Jaguar

    Hahahaha.... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    let's commit oxygen deny pls

    Well, at least it isn't her fault.

  58. Meli Kibum

    Park Bom is life❤

  59. Vanessa Cubides

    😍😍 😍 2ne1 forever

  60. 정국 아내호얌

    nice cl always fithing

  61. chaossnipe

    4 goddess

  62. francine fausto

    minzy is my maknae

  63. imam syafe'i

    baddest cl go on


    Minzy wasn't in the club because she was underage at the time, for anyone wondering

    Catherine Huang

    Cl and Minzy are three years apart. 1991 and 1994.


    Catherine Huang Minzy was 16 at the time, CL was 19. You can enter the club legally at the age of 18 you just can’t drink.

    Slurpie Games

    It's always so funny when minzy is like "oh frick I need to obey the law" *example: dara and cl were taking shots while minzy was just waiting outside in the rain*

  65. ann gleeson

    Nice dance track I can't wait for k pops leading divas return.

  66. MAILEE514

    CL sounds a lot like Britney Spears here. At first I was shocked to hear Britney here but as I listened closely it was CL.

  67. eeel01

    귀요미들!!! 스릉흥드

  68. Consilia Conrad

    Lets go multiply

  69. VIP 2NEXO

    Awesome! 2NE1 is the best girl group! I love Gettin' Dumb better but this <3


    @Blackjack my name Slaying my game ikr.... :(

  70. Mediha Özturk

    işte şarkı budur

  71. Charmaine Biron

    Sorry Will. Teddy's songs are better. I am still hoping for an english album for 2ne1. I mean, their greatest hits, in English. Im sure that will be a bomb internationally :) I like 2ne1 songs even if I can't understand it, more so if it's in english where more people around the world can understand.

  72. Callista Tovinova

    eww to the song and the waste of 2ne1's talent!

    Callista Tovinova

    @Nora Sheffield i just call 'em like i see 'em. 2ne1 are world stars, just like a lot of kpop groups i love. i personally hate most american/western music which is why i'm into kpop. i take it you're not a kpopper?

    Nora Sheffield

    @Callista Tovinova Yes, I am a Kpopper, and a Kdrama freak........but I am also a realist. I love 2NE1, don't get me wrong. I just felt the comparison was poorly orchestrated, and even more poorly thought out. Blackeyed Peas, Will.I.Am, and Fergie are known WORLDWIDE, but unless you are a Kpopper, most of the western world has no idea who 2NE1 is. THAT was my point. No disparagement to Kpop intended.

    Callista Tovinova

    @Nora Sheffield well idk i dont think that they are as famous as you think in other areas of the non-western world but it doesn't matter. i'm glad to have another kpopper around :) i'm mostly an EXO-L and am also a fan of 2NE1, some Beast, F(x) and Lee Hi. You?

    Nora Sheffield

    I love EXO-K, Beast, 2PM, CL, 2NE1, BigBang, MBlaq, Junsu, JYP, TVXQ, Henry, Girls Day, JJ Lin, T.O.P., GDragon, and Taeyang............plus more. I freaking LOVE KPop!!

    Nora Sheffield

    What I find funny? I am a lesbian, and I would marry T.O.P., Junsu, or Yoonchun, or Rain. SEXY ASS ASIANS!!!

  73. Naomi Martinez

    hermosa canción pero sus voces están muy modificadas y no es que canten feo  

  74. Tamara Mijatovic

    I love the distribution of the lines here. <3 Will.i.am respected girls,for example Park Bom is the main vocal therefore she gets to sing more <3 Cl is the rapper and she got her part,Dara got her lines,and about Minzy you can see she is a good singer but because she didn't know english she got her Oh part,but even through that she sounds amazing :)
    I love listening Bom's voice if she could get one more solo song on their next album it would be awesome,or she can do a song but with Minzy ^_^
    And in 2ne1 songs lines are...uhmmm,well Cl does everything and gets to debut in America.
    I wish that she rocks with her debut in America and when 2ne1 album comes,she gives other members a chance to shine :)

  75. Lucifer Llan

    i dont here minzy voice????!!!! why???????!!!!!


    We'll take the world

    Grace Tee

    @치영성 that's bom.

    Jewel January

    @Grace Tee no, the "oh ohh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh ohh we'll take the world" is by Minzy, and the "on on on on on" is by Bom

    Azim Syahimi

    +Jewel January no, Minzy only sing the oh oh oh part. We'll take the world is Bom's. It's pretty easy actually to know who's singing which part.

    Nekomi Son [OFFICIAL] art design / composer

    She was under aged at the time and she didn't know English well enough!

  76. Sadako-chan

    Holy shit, my best liked rapper from before I used to know k-pop and one of my best liked k-pop girlbands! :3333333 It would be great if whole Black Eyed Peas had song with 2NE1! <3 <3 <3 <3

    Sydney Mackay

    They will ;3

  77. Jewel January

    i sincerely love this song.
    i really love this kind of music.

  78. Nur Insyierah

    Teddy where are you? T,T
    But I kinda like this song it just their voices...

  79. Nur Insyierah

    Teddy where are you? T,T
    But I kinda like this song it just their voices...

  80. Angel Hada

    ****** head shot ****** x.x

  81. Vickneshar Balaprakash

    Park Bom's VOICE !!!

  82. DJKAV007

    This song is weak

  83. Zoë Harmar

    I sometimes wonder how exactly they write their lyrics. I wouldn't be surprised if several of their songs were written in English first and then translated into Korean. CL's first verse in Falling In Love was first performed in English as their intro to the I Love You comeback stage.


    @Zoë Harmar teddy did say in 2ne1 tv that he writes 2ne1 songs in english first and then translate it in korean

    Clarice Patricia

    +Zoë Harmar what do you mean ?

    CL's first verse in Falling In Love was first performed in English as their intro to the I Love You comeback stage. [ ???? ]

    Reply · 6

  84. Jannin Sarmiento

    Its actually pretty good

  85. KimYoung Jo

    how the f*ck is it will.i.am ft 2ne1 ?!! it's 2NE1 FT will.i.am !


    Will.i.am's creation, 2ne1 is just singing in repeatedly. If you are familiar with David Guetta, ZEDD, Calvin Harris, and Diplo you would understand.


    No, it's not. He created the song, he produced the beats. Anyone could've sung it and he ended up featuring 2NE1.

  86. Ren N.

    Are they going to be doing anymore colloborations?

  87. Tina Fi

    People should stop hating and just be happy they finally have an all English song, though I do hope an all English song comes out that's more of their style

    Jewel January

    they already have all english songs, can't nobody english ver.
    and getting dumb and this one both with will.i.am

  88. CINDAY Vu

    I want teddy to make an english song for them

  89. Charline Coussy

    Their voices are so modified in here ... It's not because will I am can't sing without autotune that he has to put autotune on 2NE1's voices ! They CAN sing but This song sucks ...

    Abing Abing

    @MmeLyneCarter the song is fucking epic

    Teddy Payal

    This is Will.i.am's style- don't question it!!

  90. MistterMazzo

    Bom's voice <3

  91. ok맨

    Good ye~

  92. Juwal Pepito

    woooooh lets party this music video is good 
    not like the other hate williams and hate this
    music videos this means you not like this its 2ne1 music video and william
    haters gonna hate

  93. Logann81

    To autotuned they sound like robots like in clap your hands don't like 2ne1 autotuned

  94. Arina Ayub

    in love!! i can imagine jumpin in a club to this song!! dope shit...

  95. Brian Campos

    Y que paso con el vídeo? 

  96. Pau Pao

    Soy yo o la que mas canta es Bom?

    Jewel January

    en realidad,me parece que esta es una de las pocas canciones de 2ne1 en la que todas tienen numero de lineas bastante igualadas

  97. Pamela Torres

    i don't get why everyone is complaining about, the song is amazing, and ma girls (2NE1) did an amazing job, I'm not a big fan of will i am either but with them it sounds amazing so quit complaining, if you are a true ♥♠Blackjack♦♣ just support...sheesh!

  98. Angela ER Boice Love

    las amo me fascina esta music !!!!