2face Idibia - The Best I Can Be Lyrics

Ooooooh oh
Do my thing, do my best
Keep it real and keep it strong

[Chorus - 2face Idibia:]
I try to be the best that I can be
No need to force it
I try to understand the best I can
No need to force it.

[2face Idibia:]
In the beginning there was fire on the mountain
Fire caught the chair and the fire start something
Start to feeling about the way some people feeling
Why some people feel about the way someone is stealing yeah
In the middle of the, something something
Pictures on my mind about the industry is growing
How some people fasting and how some people is slowing
How some people flowing
Like one day
I been dey chop some panla before the nigga come
He come dey start to halla
Make una see me see wahala
I say na wettin I go do to stop this palaver
If I slap am now them go say I dey Kolo too
But if I leave am now, them go say I dey fear hey
So I start to search for the answer
Whether I get the power to face this kasala chai
Because of the repercussion
Make I no do something wey go make me end up for station
You know this we nation
Na so them kpai dele giwa and we still dey get inflation
O watta man see situaltion
I had to *** for me to get this inspiration
With some dogo to suppress my depression
Tile by my side to ease off my tension
Back to the bone of contention
I had to put the nagging down
To respect my position I say I say


[Iceberg Slim:]
My old friends said I never get to kick it with
Claim since the money came, vie been acting different
Its not like I'm dissing them
Its just that where you ain't talking about money
Its kinda hard to keep listening
Be in the club throwing money like paper planes
So much money you will drown if I make it rain
I went from drinking pure water now ace of spades
So how the hell will they expect me to stay the same
Since the paper came I made in and out the stores a lot
I'm getting cocky with it too
I like to floss a lot
The white diamond in my hair more in my watch
When the money talks all focus stops
I'm just doing me, like masturbation
So I cant be bothered by these farce they are saying
The attitude is just the way that I act
I guess I'm everything they say that I am


[2face Idibia:]
Like to Walkie talkie like the radio
See my life is like a video
Rough and tough like a rodeo
Don't let nobody tell you different story oo

See See
Because you see me pon your television
Or because you hear me for your radio station
No mean say make I start to malfunction oh oh oh
I keep doing my thing, doing my best
Keeping it real and keeping it strong
For my people and my dawgs
Keeping it right
Making it real like real black sound
RockSteady yeah is a bad man sing
You know how we do it
When we come inna the dance floor
Its a real rude boy
Seleta singing on the scene heh
Keeping doing my thing yea
Keeping keeping it on oh
Keep on keeping it strong yea
Oh oh oh oh
Keeping keeping it strong oh
Keeping on keeping it on yea
Keep on rocking this sing
Oh ooh oh ooh


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2face Idibia The Best I Can Be Comments
  1. Smith Aballa

    Clsssic shit

  2. Osas Michael

    I love 2baba

  3. Wayne Bruce

    Omg..dis track is d best in my side