2face Idibia - Only Me Lyrics

If to say na just me
I'll be living like I don't care
Live my life until nobody dey here
If na just me, I'll be doing anyhow
Because nobody go dey here to challenge me
Nobody is supernatural, diverse is the spirit of the carnival
Your personality e no matter at all
Individuality cannot make us tall
I sing,I sing for all of yall
Don't let anybody push you to the wall
Na community na hin make us all
Secret society na hin break us all
I don't want to be talking like a preacher at all
I don't want to dey like say I sabi pass all
I know say no be everybody sabi play ball
But arise O' compatriots
If Nigeria call
So make you just dey do your thing
Make I do my thing
If I like living instead of to be feeling like a king on top nothing
Stop the bragging
And stop the posing
Because you know say all na vanity vanishing

Ma lo ro pe omo pe iwo ni kan lo ma lowo (…if to say na just me)
Ma lo ro pe no be gbogbo wa wey go make this money (if to say na just me)

Who get ear make dem hear
No go tell anybody say you see me for here
If na only me you know say I no go dey care
Just like everybody I wish life is fair
Only me..there would be no one here for we to dare
Nobody to follow me scatter money in the air
No one to lean on in times of despair
Too much of everything but no one to share it with
It will be only me going to cinema
No girl friend to tell once in a while to say free me ma
But know I gat
Funke, Elenu and Chidera
Plus am not the only superman in the area
So make you just do your thing
Make I do my thing
If like living instead of to be feeling like a king,on top nothing
Stop the bragging
And stop the posing
Because you know say all na vanity vanishing

Ma lo ro pe omo pe iwo ni kan lo ma lowo (…if to say na just me)
Ma lo ro pe no be gbogbo wa wey go make this money (if to say na just me)

If to say na just me [x4]
Nobody go hear my story
Nobody complaining
Unto,not just me
Thats why we need love and unity
So I sing say say

Ma lo ro pe omo pe iwo ni kan lo ma lowo (…if to say na just me)
Ma lo ro pe no be gbogbo wa wey go make this money (if to say na just me)

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2face Idibia Only Me Comments
  1. Adekunle victor

    2019 anyone?

  2. Thomas Damilare

    here in December 2019

  3. Dr Yakubu Yusuf

    A music god.
    Eyum Nyame

    My hats off sir.

  4. Fun Time

    2baba do a track with burna and patoraking in 2020

  5. Bola Adebola

    2019 and I'm still feeling dis song....... Definitely my favorite song.

  6. AddieFresh

    I can't believe this video was produced in 2011..trying to reflect.. this song grew on me,probably 2013 :)) Omo Tubaba na legend 4 lyfe... 3 Gbosa 4 U Baba

  7. Oliver Da Goldwater

    20 yrs a king

  8. Aust TO Reign

    2baba dey vex oo😂

  9. Great Zulu

    almost a decade...still jamming.

  10. Chizzy kings

    October 1st 2019?

    Independence day!!!!🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  11. Alexander Oghadeva

    Respect from Israel Telaviv

  12. younglion Don D

    Still listen, join me

  13. Bisi Temmy

    2019 💯💯❤️😍

  14. Crazy Videos

    2019 still the hit

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    The secret to a good song is not the artist, but the producers of the the song. I would give kudos to the producer. Lucky enough, they found an artist who knows what he wants

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    2019 still feeling this song like maaad!!!

  19. Cynthia Olabisi

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  21. Prudent Fabian

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  23. Musa olamide

    Na song be this no be am I Yahoo boy... Nigeria is getting worst daily


    Song of forever.

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    29May 2019 am from 🇿🇦 S. A still have a big love for 2baba

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