2face Idibia - Dance In The Rain Lyrics

Take a seat, enjoy the ride
The unknown I won't be afraid of
I'm just gon' relax and enjoy my life
Try to live it, try to appreciate it

'Cause every breath I take I'll feel the air
I'll take some time to smell the grass and the flowers
There's so much to live for here I swear
I will bask in the sun and dance in the rain

Oh oh oh oh, I'll dance in the rain
I'll dance in the rain

Oh yeah, oh oh oh oh, I'll dance in the rain
I'll dance in the rain

Take a deep breath and then come alive
There might be so many things you're missing out of
Try to know it, try to feel it yeah
It's your life yeah, try to live it yeah

Forget about tomorrow, live in today
Tomorrow will be fine so don't let your worries
Take away the beauty of today
Just bask in the sun and dance in the rain

Oh oh oh oh, I'll dance in the rain
I'll dance in the rain

Oh yeah, oh oh oh oh, I'll dance in the rain
I'll dance in the rain

Take a seat and relax you're my brother man
Love people from other lands and see them as one

If you believe you can fly
Then why don't you try instead of doubting yourself
Living in negative vibes

Get up and say yes you can
And appreciate the simple things
Like the mountains and seas
And the land and the trees
And the flowers and leaves
Air that you breathe
A wonderful world, a wonderful world!

Oh yeah, oh oh oh oh, I'll dance in the rain
I'll dance in the rain

Oh yeah, oh oh oh oh, I'll dance in the rain
I'll dance in the rain

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2face Idibia Dance In The Rain Comments
  1. Thomas Lighe Sr

    Wow!!!! My greatest artist in Nigeria

  2. Jude John

    2 face idibia. Living legend if you love this song and you are still playing it, let me see your like.

  3. Matthew Ogbebor

    Tubaba I luv u man

  4. Emmanuel Edima

    I will dance in the rain for joy commet in the morning

  5. Park Hotel Park Hotel

    This song came my mind this morning. November 16

  6. Peter Abraham

    Why not

  7. Stardeck Sounds


  8. Les plats de Micha

    Octobre 2019❤🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦

  9. Plesu Liviu

    Mothers land as one

  10. 2 BABA

    Life If sweet

  11. SeanVEVO

    2Baba Is the GOAT!

  12. Nabala Jalib

    He will be greater than fela.. Please tubaba tell dem how to sing because all I can hear from there music is breast and yash shake your bumbum.. Hala tubaba forever

  13. kememieghaye Nimi

    Evergreen anytime anyway....

  14. Rostela Grey

    July 2019 anyone still love this song? 🙋‍♀️

  15. Cervia Cervia

    My best artist in nija

  16. Jesh Investment

    Maybe na black face write this one too.
    One love 2baba.You are simply the best!

  17. Chidi Nwankwo

    2baba 4 life. Try arrange with black face n go on with ur life n music u r brodas. Recognize that u are bless n jealousy always reign no matter what. We r human being. Is normal. U r doing good among d group so what u think? If na money him want? Give am small n tell am to go fix me self. Lol

  18. John Aba

    other musicians should go and learn from this guy and know what music is all about.

  19. Martha Cain

    A rain dance of innocent beauty as sweet as children and ancient as Benin masks~

  20. kartel Elibe

    Living legend...Baba Africa

  21. emmanuel urueye

    i Remember this album. i must have bought almost 5 copies. thank you tuface

  22. Ngone Bé

    May 2019..2baba let's get in touch bro....from Chad but in USA..

  23. Anietie Henry

    Great song. Still listening in 2019

  24. imariabe Smart

    Who is filling this song with me just say hi

  25. Unity Iyere

    2 baba your music nor they die true legend.

  26. Agozie Ezeja

    2 baba is a legend one love

  27. Azidah Ismail

    Who is still in love with this song in 2019😍😍 it brings many of my memories ❤️❤️

    Ruth Agbo

    Azidah Ismail me ooooo and I ooooo

    emeka Commando

    I am madly in love with this song

  28. Richard Nwabrije

    Who is still listening in 2019....2baba for the people

  29. steve moses

    Raw talent!!!

  30. dreams pop up

    Odumodu is here 2019

  31. Enato Cyril Cyril

    2019 who's here with me

  32. Unity Ijiekhuamhen

    Beautiful song by 2 baba

  33. Fabiola Engoue

    2019 still so loving this song. 2 face a legend indeed. I love all your songs because there is always a very deep meaning to them

  34. Diho Apochi

    Cos evry better day comes in the year,ur lagacy remains forever 🙏🙏🙏

  35. Ada Neye

    Respect for the legend 25/12/2018

  36. Festus gold

    Who's here in 2018✌✌👑hit me

  37. Enogie Obas

    still 2018 ooh

  38. Chris joe

    Tubaba u too much

  39. Khadim Lô

    Where are you Mister?

  40. Daba Dagogo

    2018 and I still love dis song. Nice one to our legend

  41. Brunomaxwell Okocha

    2018 anyone ??

  42. Confidence Pikin

    Much love 2 baba, 2018???

  43. Sarah Schärer

    I will tell you for a million times that you are a hero

  44. Jeremiah Omada


  45. Alexander Okeke

    This jam is a classic from 2Baba himself and my brother I'm really enjoying the ride in 2018 and this is a poetic piece, classic that is what i call it.

  46. David

    September 2018 anybody? ??

  47. Masblink J

    2baba the Legend

  48. Emmanuel Ovabor

    How am I just getting to know this song... Beautiful!

  49. Maxwell Emmanuell

    2018 and still ▶ing

  50. Yelsgnik BuyM0re

    Dance In The Rain by 2face Also Known As 2baba

  51. Moses Elija

    Who still here 2018?

  52. Purity Bea Christina

    Tu baba 🔥🔥
    Is your life ,try to live it

  53. Yahaya Suleman

    am still here 2018 for my best 2baba 💃💃💃💃

  54. Mercy Ene

    good song interesting I love it God bless u more my brother

  55. Eugene Azubuike

    My all time best!
    2Baba, you be my baba all my life.

  56. Ken Ogie

    One of my favourite musician 2 baba

  57. Yelsgnik Yessab Ouqusa

    Dance In The Rain and feel free

  58. Toronto Morato

    From glory to glory 2baba

  59. Essono Omeme Essono

    Surement sa plus belle balade, wooooaw!!!

  60. Peter Awoh

    I am here in 2018 listening to music 🎶 that never faded away from

  61. Emmanuel Enomayo

    2face is part of my life, I can't do with out his music because he gives inspirations.

  62. Kompas Gank

    parfect .


    2baba u ar always the best in Nigeria music industry

  64. F Gun

    Am still in love with this song

  65. Ayobami Orimoloye


  66. Afeez Idera

    Wonderful World

  67. Oumie Faye

    TᕼE ᔕOᑎG ᒍᑌᔕT TᗩKEᔕ YOᑌ TO ᗩ ᑭᒪᗩᑕE TᕼᗩT Iᔕ ᒍᑌᔕT ᔕO ᗷEᗩᑌTIᖴᑌᒪ

  68. Princekings Josh

    Who is still listening to dis song in 2017.......?

  69. Samuel Galiot

    2face is the best of music when I listen to is music he make me back up my life again because when you hurt and you just listen to any of is album that's make you fill you got to do something

  70. jayson Louis

    This song surposed to have had more than 1million views....if it was davido o wizkid sing this same song the view will break youtube and internet. Can somebody tell me the reason???


    how wish I can sing like ths guy.

  72. Asenoguan Valentine


  73. Amarion Omoregie

    This track is still disturbing my head..i just cant do witout this oo

  74. Amarion Omoregie

    to really understand is just a sens but nor be anybody fault if the thin nor common that's why we have some people who is very dull..if you 're not appreciating it simply mean you're very dull cuz his weds are too big for your dull head.may you leave long the only gud leader we have Nigeria,i really respect you alots my legend.d only one who can advise everybody in just 4 minute and the advise never expire till then end of time.......your rain drop still they boost my head

  75. Uship Professionalpetsshippers

    it 2017 and this song is still my best of all time it,s shall live as long as the wold excist.
    2baba you be BABA now

  76. Nnadiebere Ayogu

    Wake Up Call...All Day, Everyday!!!!!

  77. Peter Awoh

    I just can't stop listening to this song

  78. Saturn Kaycee

    who's watching this May 23 2017

    William Evans Gortney

    Watching this Nov 8 2018. Love love

  79. Honey Aisha

    Nice voice keep it up dear

  80. Elijah Moses

    who still watching this in 2017?

  81. Faith Ogochukwu .S

    the unknown I won't be afraid of....... there is so much to live here in swear.

  82. Cyrus Zeylee Kariuki


    Charles Welding

    Good music

  83. De Dons

    Fucking talented.

  84. JUANKA Bunny

    saludos desde chile

  85. hammed nasirudeen

    Its specially made, up 2baba

  86. Jago outfits

    2017 still rooking,bless baba


    My soul mate asked me to listen to this, this is really beautiful 😍

    Appreciate the simple things and worry not about the future..

    Gracias mi amour😋

  88. Blessing Ajogwu

    GREAT AND awsome song 2BABA

  89. Gift Onyinyechi Patrick

    waw just can't stop listening to this music,what an incredible talent

  90. Micheal onyekachi

    King of lyrics of all time

  91. sherif coolchi

    Great Song... Awesome Lyrics... My personal best 2face song of all time...

  92. Bolu Dada

    this is a damn good song.

  93. Onikoyi Abdulhakim

    Love this!!!

  94. Suzy Bebi

    I really like the song title dance in rain and rainbow

  95. Janice McGrory

    still love this track I dedicate it to my daughter with special needs 💖

    John Abah

    So much love