2AM Club - Faster Babe Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You wanna feel that high
You wanna break that glass
You wanna push that gas
grab that wheel yes roll that die

You wanna feel that push
You wanna cross that side
You wanna hit that clutch
touch that nerve yes break that line

Ain't no looking back my baby
They're on their track to take me
If they wanna fight
Well I'll be warring them
But I'm not the one to defend

You don't got to lie
Just keep going faster babe faster babe why
I'm on your side
Just keep going faster babe faster bye bye

[Verse 2]
You wanna feel that rush
You wanna break that law
Highlight that flaw
Pull that stick shift then take off

You wanna make them gasp
You gotta feel what's wrong
Put your gum on the dash
Rear view glance both eyes to the past

Ain't no turning back my baby
They're on their track to take me
they wanna fight
Well I'll be warring them
But, I'm not the one to defend

[Chorus 2]
You don't got to lie
Just keep going faster babe faster babe why
I'm on your side
Just keep going faster babe faster bye bye

Put your tears away
Ain't no fear today
You can drive off toward that summertime sunset
Its what you ain't done yet
Take the keys
Leave the regrets
Write your letters place your bets
I'll be the one who accepts ya

[Chorus 3]
You don't got to lie
Just keep going faster babe faster babe why
I'm on your side
Just keep going faster babe faster bye bye

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2AM Club Faster Babe Comments
  1. JSealz

    This sounds like it came out yesterday. Still love it.

    nba_strictly _0

    mlb2k13 was the days

  2. NBAPineappleboi

    I still play this 7 years after it was made I think 2k13

  3. Josean Thompson

    I play this game everytime i visit my dad.

  4. Chirsten

    Pretty Little Liars brought me here 😍🙌

  5. Pure Dominance

    2019 nostalgia man, good days playing 2k13

  6. Payton Christy

    Still play MLB 2k13, and a good reason to continue is this soundtrack

    nba_strictly _0

    ayeee man i thought i was the inly one who still plays mkb 2k13 on the regular😃

  7. Joey Futrell

    Baseball songs are just too lit

  8. Chubbs W

    Rip mlb2k

  9. TheEmeraldBucket TEB

    2k13 ftw best game

  10. danixx1

    2018 and this album is still my jam

  11. GoldenRock

    In the game it sounds like it has a lot more song I didn’t know there was ten

  12. GoldenRock

    The last MLB game for Xbox

  13. Adolphus Evans

    MLB2k13 brought me

  14. ItzMyPizza

    MLB 2k13 those were the days

    the helpful Canadian

    IcyBlizzard one of my downsides of getting a Xbox 1

  15. rd rd

    Reminds me of pretty-little-liars

  16. Nick perez

    my mlb2k13 disc broke it's so sad


    Go to a GameStop

  17. Ivan A. Ledezma


  18. Isaiah F-D

    just add 1 more person from 2K13

  19. Mar Danisha Leroux

    ¿Alguien que hable español¿No?...Claro, es que los latinos sólo escuchan reggaetón >:v

    Pamela Airy Parra Arce

    Mar Danisha Leroux Mentira 😣

    Ferdinand Harker

    Jajajaja hay más peces rondando en esta Laguna de lo que esperaba xD

  20. Nolan P

    mlb 2k13 greatest song ever on a video game❤❤

  21. Cheyenne Marie

    My boyfriend heard this for the first time the other day and now he's trying to remember it so he can sing to me, he picked it cause I love driving fast down the road. Too freaking cute

  22. Poem FC

    Ever since I played MLB2k13 I fell in love with this song

  23. The Ficchi

    Miss my xbox 360...


    The Ficchi yoo same imma buy one again even though I'm a pc player now

    maki roll

    My brother made me obsessed with this song, He has a xbox then plays that song at idk


    why you talking about xbox

    nba_strictly _0


  24. Cyle Crabtree #3

    My new favorite song of all time for the rest of my life

  25. Matthew Nebz

    still play mlb2k13!!!

    Nekoseom ROBLOX

    me as well, well, sometimes I do. I play MyCareer the most! so fun.


    Matthew Nebz I do too and I made a dream team

    Gfuel SoccerMom

    Especially since it’s the last good baseball game on Xbox

  26. Jesus Peraza

    Mlb 2k13. Btw I play Mlb 16 the show

  27. GummyDummy

    too bad I am watching this at 1 am!

    Jalani Mitchell

    GummyDummy me too

  28. The Engie That Cried Nope

    MLB 2K13 FTW!!!!

  29. TXC_ Kobe

    Would so buy this on iTunes

  30. charlie dimas

    Still play 2k13, basically in my head everyday.


    Deff a good band and song but try something harder like the band pulse ultra, the album headspace. One of the best little known bands ever

  31. AGamingVortex

    This song reminds me of breaking bad. One of the singers sounds familiar to Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman). The song even referenced crystal meth in the beginning.

    Casie Silverman

    +AGamingVortex lol the dude even looks like aaron paul a bit

  32. book5times

    Mlb2k13 introduced me to this song as well., I want this forever the same way I enjoy this song..put ur tears away I'm on ur side u just gotta speed a little faster when u drive.. ...5 times..!

    I Made your Cat Cum


    Same man I would listen to this song then get pumped for my career


    This song and City In Silhouettes were my favorites from MLB2K13.

  33. Ethan McConnell

    Thank you 2k13 for showing me this song

  34. isaih vega

    MLB 13 The Show Gameplay > 2K13 gameplay
    2K13 Sountrack >>>>> MLB13 the show soundtrack

  35. Mr97wade97

    Its about driving

  36. TheGamingProject2001

    Mlb 2k13 this song is about...........xd i dont know

  37. Serena


  38. Funny fails lol

    MLB 2k13

  39. 2HBProductions

    I made this song the outro of my videos its soo awesome

  40. Joseph Helsley

    MLB 2k13 biatches

  41. Quan Ngo

    MLB 2k13!

  42. iddkf duejenf

    MLB 2k13

  43. vickchanel

    Best band ever, they need to get more famous!

  44. iddkf duejenf

    My favorite part is the middle

  45. iisnotatypicalblonde

    Okay, I guess I'm not the only one who got it from MLB 2k13! Favorite song from it so far!

  46. Owen Scott

    MLB 2k13! I thought it was gross at first then I said, I don't care!

  47. ZMoore44

    MLB 2k13! Best song on the game!

  48. Chris Skrotzki

    MLB 2K13!!

  49. Luther Norman


  50. Malloy cimorelliboy

    Im here because I like 2AM Club

  51. Brysen

    im here cuz of MLB 2k13. best sound track EVER..!!!

  52. Schroeder Limz

    2k13 too

  53. Landon Ringhand

    MLB 2k13

  54. T. Cross

    MLB 2K13.

  55. Salty Cameron

    thumbs up from 2k13

  56. Christopher Brown

    Mlb 2k13 has the best soundtracks.

  57. Jeremy Goston

    Hell yeah I love the 2k soundtracks

  58. Jeremy Goston

    Hell yeah I love the 2k soundtracks

  59. Zack

    Gotta love the 2k13 soundtrack

  60. Jeremy Goston


  61. ishipthatfishycouple

    Yes. They're a perfect blend of Maroon 5 and Gym Class Heroes.

  62. Bri Bey

    who else likes top comments JUST because they're a top comment?

  63. forder84

    I love this tune, awesome!! When you coming to the uk guys!

  64. QuietRiot123

    why isn't this song more popular after 3 years????

  65. Dan Fair

    If you disliked this video, then you are going to burn in hell.

  66. Xochitl Arriaga

    Why isn't this song way more popular ? Shit this is a great song !

  67. Dan Fair

    I think that it's about sex, but then again, why would the GUY be telling the GIRL to be "going faster"?

  68. Jamie Carrick

    This should be top comment.

  69. KrizMiniz

    But with a lead vocalist that sounds a little more pleasant (:

  70. KrizMiniz

    No... Just no.

  71. BlaiseRashelHarman10

    It's been two years and i still don't know if this song is about driving, sex, or both 0.0

  72. Crimson Cruz

    2AM Club to me is the best band that I have heard so far. The songs and the beats are great. There songs have actual meanings to them and there mostly centered around romance.

  73. Hiroku007

    I hate it when I want to like the top comments, but I don't like the top comments.

  74. Joshua Carnell


  75. enas saideddine

    adore this song plus the band

  76. enas saideddine

    omg I ducking adore this

  77. MsBabygirl106

    8 ppl can't drive XD

  78. Sherubii

    Same here.
    Because I am K-POP fan too. But chu get confused with 2AM, and 2PM.
    Gosh gonna love boy bands.
    I prefer Big Bang really tho.
    But 2AM Club is good, I seen them in concert. :D

  79. xVolimxTex

    ♬You don't got to lie
    Just keep going faster babe faster babe why
    I'm on your side
    Just keep going faster babe faster bye bye♬

  80. iBeFloe

    Omg ! That's how I found them ! I was looking for 2PM them saw 2AM in the title & thought it was the sub-group of 2PM & failed to see the Club at the end of 2AM !

  81. betterwings22

    same here!

  82. Elfrin

    love this song

  83. Brian Burke

    @Mandymoo2254 I thought I was capitalized...

  84. Kiana Sun

    MASTURBATE. MASTURBATE. that's all i really hear. but then again it's like 3AM on a school night...

  85. legolihkan


  86. Eric Toribio

    Over a year and this song still feels like new!

  87. Hayde Esmailzadeh

    I heard this song a while ago, I don't know where, but I fell in love with it, but could never find it. I started listening to 2amClub a few months ago, and then found out this was by them..I fell in love with them instantly.

  88. amiabumbum

    @marmitesandwhich go to video2mp3 download it for free

  89. Montanda Joe

    im on yo sideeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :) just keep goin faster babee faster da fly byyyyyyyyy!!! :)

  90. e7tyea66

    this song never gets old!!!!!!