2 Chainz - Lil Baby Lyrics

[Ty Dolla $ign:]
Oh, oh, oh
Drop a hundred of them thangs put a little on my baby
Lil baby, lil baby
I just bought a pair of Rollies, got one for my baby
Lil baby, oh-ohh, lil baby

[2 Chainz:]
Get out my car lonely
Take care the bar cover
Shawty got an ass so fat she got a scarf over it
I got them rocks on me
Used to have blocks on me
Now I'm living for Peta cause I got a fox on me, ah
Now that I told you niggas, I showed you niggas
She come through this bitch with Chanel on her pumps
Apples in back of the trunk
You know I flex if I want
We gon' bust stops on the highway
I got my hands on her thighs
I play with her pussy and listen to Sade
Told her to bring it here shawty
Told her to drop it there shawty
I'm from the belly of the beast
Remember I barely used to eat
Now that my weed is so loud you can hear it down the street
Pull up 10 cars deep, you can't get rich off sleep

[Ty Dolla $ign:]
Oh, oh, oh
Chopper one the things finna let along my baby
Lil baby, lil baby
I just bought a pair of Rollies, got one for my baby
Lil baby, oh-ohh, lil baby

[2 Chainz:]
I call her my lil baby
She act like a lil baby
She spoiled like it was the worst
She trip I buy her the suitcases
We make the screw faces
Had sex in a few places
Bedroom, living room, bathroom, kid's room, and the basement
Straight shot, no chaser
You'll always be my lil baby
Wanna know how your day been
Can't wait to go bare skin
Stretch you out by the bath rug
Give you hugs by the fireplace
Going down like the fire escape
Estate with the iron gates
All the diamonds got a ping on 'em
Living life like a king don't I
Walk around with your dream on
Never front on your team homie
They say sex a weapon
Shit mine got a beam on it
My spinach got cream on it
Ty Dolla go on and sing on it

[Ty Dolla $ign:]
Oh, oh, oh
Chopper one the things finna let along my baby
Lil baby, lil baby
I just bought a pair of Rollies, got one for my baby
Lil baby, oh-ohh, lil baby

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2 Chainz Lil Baby Comments

    Cant get rich off sleep

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    Nov 2019

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    Still my song !! #2019 ❤

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    Still my lil baby.
    I love u Jayla

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    can't get rich off sleep 💯💯💯

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    YFN LUCCI should be on this song!!TY DOLLA $IGN &YFN LUCCI perfect combination!

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    Go to 1:00

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    You can't get rich off sleep

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    who likes 2chainz Raps???

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    but you have good raps

  23. Fiveothree Wexen

    stop saying bad words

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    your ugly

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    i cannot believe today is the first time i have been blessed with this song... not fair

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    awesome song

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    Lil baby‼️😂🤦🏽‍♂️😎❤️

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    Ty Dolla sign brought me here lol I love that man !

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    2chain lit get money don't let nobody fool u

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    Right stroke put Lil Baby in a spiral

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    2 Chainz I always make me happy .I support your music Ryaysia Roberts . so u won't think I'm grown I'm 11And dollar $. I love your music keep doing your thing. I'm a singer and rapper to

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    This song is fire
    Chainz never dissapoints
    DOlla sign on the Hook is a nice touch to the song

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    Chainz is always making fire music
    and Dolllaaaaa sign with the hook is a really good touch to the song

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    Dayshanay Colmon

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