2 Chainz - I Do It Lyrics

[Hook: 2 Chainz]
Thank God for the first nigga started drinking
Thank God for the first nigga started rapping
Thank God for the first girl to start stripping
And I'mma have to keep it muhfucking real with 'em
I got a problem with these niggas
I got a problem with these bitches
Trigger finger keep itchin'
I pull it, I do it

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Hang up on a bitch, call it crucified
Time to go to work, no suit and tie
Bumpin' Makaveli, I be trappin' at the telly
My nigga did a dime and he back already
Got that sack already, man we got them racks already
As far as your girl, I hit it from the back already
I tried to get a tan, but I'm black already
Your pockets on a diet, my pockets fat already
Three niggas with me, me myself and I
God don't like ugly, you should testify
My T-shirt come from bergdorf
I make so much from a verse I take a third off
Bird call, swerve off
Bust a nut on her, tell her that's a load off
Shorty ass soft, like a Nerf ball
If you don't like what I'm doing, nigga, fuck y'all


[Verse 2: Drake]
Drank in my cup, hope this shit don't spill
Pull up in the new edition and that's word to Johnny Gill
How I come up with this shit and all these verses that I kill
I have no imagination, everything I do for real
Bitch I'm camouflage down put your camera phone down
If she got an ass and the girl a fan, it's going down
I'mma fuck you like I've been waiting a century for it
Give the pussy up and I'll trade you the memory for it
In the bedroom forever that's what her roommate will tell you
Man I just hear this shit and think about what Tunechi will tell you
He might call up Patricia, she 'bout to call up Melissa

[Lil Wayne]
Tell 'em come to the crib and do them both, double dribble
I'm colder than a hospital, she love the dick that I give her
Hit her from the front, back, side, twist her like cigarillos
I put the gun to the pillow, I don't want blood on my clothes
Gotta keep that Trukfit fresh, shoutout to all of my hoes

That's just how my OG would sum it up
I been working all winter just to fuck the summer up
It's just me and 2 Chainz, but the chain's never tucked though
If you don't like what I'm doing, nigga fuck you


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Well, if you know like I know that pussy pop like pyro
And she know I'm a pothead, that pussy like a pothole
I’m colder than the snot nose, man all these hoes is my hoes
If she bougie fuck her once then leave her hanging, dry clothes
I just built a cemetery, niggas dying to get in
Niggas lying, they pretend
Don’t cross that line its paper thin
High as a star, make a wish
I’m a shark, I ate the fish
I got no heart, I hate that bitch

[2 Chainz]
You hate that bitch, well I hate that bitch
Will jump a nigga like a chessboard
Do a drive by while you’re riding on your skateboard
They ain't even know it
Have Drake sing a song just to get her pussy wet
Then I take her to the crib
Man fuck that bitch right on the step
Put it in and take it back out, then I back out
Hair weave killer known to snatch the fucking track out
Put me in the game coach, I'm the antidote
Pull up, kick, throw and take the money and the dope
True, 2 Chainz, I'm on a plane and a boat
I am so cold I need a cover and a coat
Kick it at the mall, call it football
If you don't like what I'm doing, nigga, fuck y'all

Y'all ready? 1, 2, 3
Right now it's me time
A little time for myself, me time
Oh yeah, right now it's me time
Don't want no one else now, me time
Bitch please don't call my phone, don't call my phone
Said I wanna be left alone, be left alone
Please, please don't stop by my home
No, no cause I feel it's just matter of time
Till you people make me lose my mind
I'm 'bout to leave this world behind
Right now it's me time
You need to go kick rocks now
Me time

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2 Chainz I Do It Comments
  1. Jahmil Blair


  2. Jaidon White

    We taking this right on in to 2020

  3. Jim Bongs

    This was on the sound track of summer 2014 for me

  4. instagram tabizzle 5

    Bring em both to the crib and make em both double dribble

  5. instagram tabizzle 5

    2019 listening

  6. Jon Crawford

    The song at the end tho

  7. Nino Brown

    Should’ve been a video for this song

  8. Zay Rebels

    2019 and this song still fire

  9. Francois Maya

    This really the best collabo..on god

  10. Crisp Percxan

    i'm colder than a hospital she love the dick that i give her hit it from the front back side twist it like cigarillo 🔥 haven't heard this song in 4 years

  11. J J

    *D Rich* 🐐🔥🔥

  12. Jahmir Covington

    Ewww Drake n Weezy, I had this on my iPod, I played this on repeat

    henny hefner

    They legends u tweakin

  13. Fritzy The Foreigner

    Go subscribe to my channel if you still listening to this 🔥 in 2k19?

  14. Stephanie Hammond

    Song slaps..first time I've ever commented on you tube..

  15. Jahmil Blair

    This beat makes it hard

    Jae Paul

    Facts. This beat is crazy

    J J

    D. Rich 🔥🔥🔥

  16. deirdraculpepper

    I just built a cemetery niggas dying to get in


    I used 2 play this all the time

  18. waulpall


  19. Spurr_ovo

    Anyone else here some coughing at 0:20 and like 0:22?

  20. DirtySouthFlorida3

    Found this on my ipod i found crazy how its under 70k views should be at a couple milli atleast wtf..?!!??!?????

  21. Kenny Robinson

    This dumb wayne the goat period point blank ... 🐐

  22. Elliot Ramirez

    2018 and this song so slept on


    Wtf it is just found it on my ipod i found dafuck under 70k views that shit cray should be at couple milli atleast


    Bumpin Makaveli I be trappin out da tellie

    Darius Kelly

    Preach bro

  23. wrightterence680



    Wayne and Drake verses were hard


    drake murdered it


    I just call up Patricia she'll probably call up Mellissa tell em come to the room we'll do em both double dribble

    instagram tabizzle 5


  25. I’m a GOD

    lmao nostalgia asf omg

    I’m a GOD

    everything has changed in only 4 years lol

  26. Tamim Dotarachi

    Lil Wayne 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Adriano Carluschi

    how come there's no music video for this? shame


    because drake the real died before we got a chance to record it..

  28. Starling Stephens

    Wayne is the best rapper Alive

    The Deaner

    Starling Stephens but he's dead 🤔

    Kani Moabi

    What about the undisable Eminem

  29. Starling Stephens

    All of them went hard but Wayne went the hardest

    Tamim Dotarachi

    Starling Stephens fuk yes

    rage 263

    Drake spazzed

  30. Tha Real1

    Dope af !!!! Young money ! and 2 chains !! Wayne goes to hard .