2 Chainz - Here We Go Again Lyrics

Yeah, let me catch a motherfucking wave
I got a Chanel surfboard let me catch a wave

Woke up this morning
Dick look like a flag pole
Gotta catch me a bad throat
Shit, 200 on the dash board
If you feeling froggy lil nigga gonna jump he still a lil tadpole
Yeah I move a little tad slow cause I'm sipping on the castro

Here we go again
I drink a four again
Not going poor again
Young nigga supposed to win
I asked the Lord to forgive me
I asked the Jiggas for endearments
Diamonds for wife and the children
This is my life I'm a live it

I got Jesus on my pendant
Been hustling since an appendix
When you look up I'm lieutenant
When you look up for attendance
Gucci sun all of my tennis
Make this shit look like a business
Make killers look like a witness
Make shopping look like a fitness
Ran the trap fuck the Olympics
You wasn't there you must missed it
I posted pics on my Insta
Don't you become a statistic
Don't you know I know logistics
Still got Riri on my wishlist
Your lady got me on her hit list
Don't think you gonna forget this

Here we go again
I drink a four again
Not going poor again
Young nigga supposed to win
I asked the Lord to forgive me
I asked the Jiggas for endearments
Diamonds for wife and the children
This is my life I'm a live it

Yeah, I know they like what's he saying
Spondivits, that's some south side shit
Some Atlanta shit, Virginia Avenue
I used to go up in there get me a bucket of crab legs, melted butter
But at the same time I got a jug in the parking lot though, you dig
Here we go again
I drink a four again
Not going poor again
Young nigga supposed to win
I asked the Lord to forgive me
I asked the Jiggas for endearments
Diamonds for wife and the children
This is my life I'm a live it
I tell em', I tell em' meet me over there by the Waffle House
I'm selling bags though no lil shit no poquito

Muy grande, muy muy grande, plug talk
You muy poquito, me muy grande

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2 Chainz Here We Go Again Comments
  1. Charise Adams

    My favorite 🥰

  2. A1 Shaud

    Fav 2 Chainz track..straight heat🔥

  3. RoadFlow HR

    One of my favorite beats/ songs of all time

    RoadFlow HR

    JLMMC all day
    Gulia Quadrifoglio

  4. LILY

    This is my shit!!!

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    Swords what Swordfish!

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    This my shit

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    Know The Father The Son and The Holy Ghost.

  10. Gaitirira Kamenju


  11. Mega Milli

    Still listening 🔥

  12. O. AT

    I need this instrumental

  13. IvanAwakened

    My daughters gonna know the earth is not a ball to this beat.

  14. Josh Alvarez

    Greatest rap album of all time

  15. Federico Burattini

    Lyrics please! I'm fucking italian and i don't understand very well what he says

  16. Leonardo Soprano

    This nigga chainz go stupid. Thats sum Southside shit sum Atlanta shit.

  17. kanqxkhaos

    Need the instrumental

  18. Vince Garcia

    Me, muy grande!

  19. Ron Dillinger


  20. Xzavier VARGAS

    damn chainz u my nigga🔥

  21. Fred Norwood

    this dude is in his own lane

  22. Justin Huff

    mewted buttah

  23. Malique Norris

    need an instrumental asap lol

  24. young yahye


  25. AD Faz1993

    shit sounds lit af!!!!

  26. JONES A


  27. DyQuone Lancaster


  28. Christina Howard

    Wow, he did that.. can't wait to hook up my music

  29. Dahl Deng

    How the fuck is there not a millions views? 🤦🏿‍♂️

  30. Hartson Belance


  31. Hartson Belance

    Make shopping look like a fitness.💯💯💯

  32. Create Your World

    Lets catch a mothafuckin wave

  33. Mario the don

    this man is the new old school rapper for ma :D

  34. isrv

    This beat is muyy GRANDDE

    David Portet

    Muy muy grande !!

  35. SituationGanng 300

    This nigga flow an hook sound like bankroll like a muhfucka 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  36. snakei01

    this whole shit is 🔥 damn

  37. Taliban Figueroa


  38. John Ford

    that's some g shit...#real tool

  39. Lanh Chau

    sick beat

  40. Stephon Hicks

    .... melted butterrrrr

  41. King Zolew

    this is Titi Boy not 2chainz

  42. Dimitris Method

    2 chainz keepin it real...DΔPE

  43. flower.boy101


  44. King Zolew

    don't you know I know logistics, still got rhi rhi on my wishlist


  45. Alexandriá K

    2 Chainz ✨Baby 😍

  46. Alessandro Perlangeli

    kingggg #LIT

  47. Ronnie Neal

    dis shit snap

  48. Miguel Medina

    where is the instrumental ive been searching far and wide lol

    Hakeem Sd70M

    Miguel Medina That's what I'm tryna figure out too dude, we need it lol

  49. Trap Familia

    Sounds like Kali muscle in the beginning hahaha

  50. Firesite

    Favorite line: Woke up this morning, dick look like a flag pole. Gotta catch me a bath robe!

    Taliban Figueroa

    Firesite TRU!

    Alonzo Miller

    gotta cashmere bath robe ✌✌


    *Cashmere damn didnt catch that thanks!

  51. Joshua Shaw

    I use to go up in there and get me a bucket of crab legs know what Im sayin'..... Melted butter... Sametime I got a jugg in the parking lot ya dig! #chainz 🔥🔥🔥👌

  52. ian smith

    needs a insturmental

  53. Erxc

    Why all y'all in these comments sound like you're fucked up drugs? Jesus Christ...

  54. FrozenButter

    one more time

  55. Dumiso Nkomo

    Here before 1 million views.

  56. CozmikFusion

    need that intrumental

  57. Danny Santos

    Mikewill A FUCKIN GOD!!

  58. vinny vlone

    deff reminds me off the old 2 chanz

  59. GT Extra

    Can't go no harder 2CZ & mike will killed this beat 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Pala Otis

    Make shopping look like a fitness!

  61. Elizabeth cordova

    he killed this.💣💉🔫

  62. Elizabeth cordova

    he killed this.💣💉🔫

  63. Max

    some gotta drop the insturmental for this asap where u at mike will


    mike will

    Hakeem Sd70M

    Max For real man, we need this instrumental so bad!

  64. kodak mcburrows

    tity boi ? That's you!?!

  65. joshua williams

    the s7 way better I got it fuck apple

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    lol melted butter 😂

  67. ultralight meme

    mike-will kills it again 🔥

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    DAMN! Here we go again! 2 chainz

  69. Phyllis Helm

    baby deez nuts

  70. Jay Nieto

    best track on tape for rap head

  71. marquis walton

    2 Chainz NEVER disappoint me!

  72. Ayush Faivre

    DOPE 💯💯👌🏽👌🏽

  73. Berkay Oğuz

    beat sikti tahtımı

  74. Isaac Creux

    " still got Rih-Rih on my wishlist " 😎

  75. DBdG574

    Need a video to this and "Big Amount"

  76. •Marky Kurosaki•


  77. damac10spitta1

    This shit hard af. King of the South! Hate it or love it!

  78. Mickey BREEZE

    2CHAINZ did it againg with this NEW BANGER🎵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔊

  79. Sloan Physique

    2 Chainz always goes hard as fuck

  80. Howardo Brown

    better than dc4

    young yahye

    not really man come on, imma big fan of both

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  82. Johnny savage Juicy J

    here we go again!!I got heyzeus on my pendant 🎧🎶🎶🎶🔫🔫🔫

    Howardo Brown

    lol dummy

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    here before this goes big

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  86. j.p.

    good shit

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    DAMNIT ..now i gotta cop me a new phone cuz this one just caught on fire smh


    gucci mane don't get an IPhone 7 I feel it's a downgrade, you can't have the aux and charger at the same time.


    LG V20 all day for music


    Cjrm3gtr Bluetooth headphones bruh

    Charday Colston

    gucci mane 😂😂💯

  88. Tohndre Adams

    🔥🔥🔥this beat hard and 2 chainz stsy with the heat

  89. Juicedup J

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    2 Chainz Truuuuuuuu

  91. Thomas Mixon


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    This nigga need to chill😂I can't keep up but he dropping heat fr

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    here we go again should've gotten more likes than the song 2chainz did with future on this album

    young yahye

    that one is harder tho tbh