2 Chainz - Forgiven Lyrics

And we're introducing the starting line up
We're going to introduce now
The North Clayton Eagles
Coached by James Gwyn
His starters
Number 21, Tauheed Epps

Pray for our sins
I pray for our souls
The tears that we crying
Let 'em all be forgiven
Let it all be forgiven (When your dream)
(Wh-wh-when your dr-dr-dream)
Just let it all be forgiven

When your dreams turn to nightmares
Transactions turn to Nike Airs
When to Greenbriar Mall and bought five pairs
I stayed in the creek, junkies used to preach
In the dope game, trying to reach my peak
And go undefeated
I pleaded with the judge, "This my first offense"
High school B-ball, I'm trying to get a scholarship
No ACC, SEC, Clay Co., APD
On a bumpy road like a ATV
EBT used to give me peace
I smile on the outside
Inside discreet as far as the past
Wish I could press delete
Let my dogs off the leash
Rather buy it then lease it
Gettin' murdered in the streets
(Firing line)

Ohh, ohh, yeah
Pray for the children (I pray)
I pray for our healing (I pray)
I know you feel it ( I know you feel it)
Just let it all be forgiven (Lord, forgive 'em) yeah
Just let it all be forgiven (Lord, forgive 'em) yeah
Those sins let them all be forgiven (Lord, forgive 'em)
That life, that is how we living (Lord, forgive 'em)
Just let it all be forgiven

Got a phone call from Lil Fade
Somebody shot his son, he didn't make it
My head aching, hands start shaking
Foul beyond flagrant
He said, "Bruh, what I'm supposed to do?"
I paused remorseful
We been partners since public school
Kids ain't supposed to die before us
As a parent, it's apparent
Ain't no parrots
Singin' stops once we leave the carriage
Code of the streets, react with the heat
To create balance
One of the biggest revenge is prayer
Me, Shondrae and Chris was there
Guess flesh won't spend Christmas there
But in spirit, know you hearing it, loud and clear
Whole family miss you as we stare off in the atmosphere
No fear

Pray for our sins
I, I pray for our souls
The tears that you're crying
Just let 'em all be forgiven (Lord, forgive 'em)
Let 'em all be forgiven (Lord, forgive 'em)
Just let 'em all be forgiven (Lord, forgive 'em)
Those sins let 'em all be forgiven (Lord, forgive 'em)

I don't know who need to hear this
(That life, that is how we leaving)
But if you're doing something to make
(Just let it all be forgiven)
If you doing something to make your parents
Have to bury you
You may want to slow down

Everything got a consequence whether good or bad
Rest in peace Shayla, Big, I love you, bruh
Know'm sayin', my other partner lost son too
Right before the 18th birthday
We out here bullshittin', for what?

(Pray for my soul)
You don't get another life
This ain't no practice life
(Pray for my sins)
(These tears that I'm crying)
(Let them all be forgiven)
(Let them all be forgiven)
That's it, that's it

In all his majesty and might
His brilliance and his beauty
His black and his blue
"Boy" still slips from their lips when they address him
Still linger in the velvet of his dream
The scene, unseen
The seen/unseen black boy, fighting for manhood
In a world that still sees through Jim Crow lens
Oh, them love him in his place
Separate, away, torn, disconnected
Passive, submissive, and shuffling
Oh, might just turn that shuffling into dancing
'Cause you know them love black boys dancing
And singing and ballin'
You know them love black boy strength
But don't love black boys

(Let me see your hands!)

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2 Chainz Forgiven Comments
  1. Derrick Hill

    2chainz the new Wayne stg

  2. Patrick Farrell

    His flesh won't spend Christmas there. SMH

  3. Reese Minor

    Tommy should’ve played this at the end of his episode

  4. GreaterGood510

    Get robbed in SF or go to the league

  5. alexis hunt

    This aint no practice life
    - 2Chainz

  6. Antoneo Williams

    This aint no practice life 🔥

  7. G 4 R

    Secretly the album of the year.

  8. Tawfik Vargas

    2020 Morocco still rocks with song 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  9. Nathaniel Mitchell

    He need to keep dis flow

  10. Roger Williams

    Shit hurt so bad yall just don't know

  11. Patrick Farrell

    Luke 23 34
    "Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing".

  12. Mark Hughes


  13. StrangeClouds

    Colder the streets react with the heat to create balance... Tough

  14. KP-48

    This sounds much better with speed 1.25


    Foul beyond flagrant 🎯✊🏾💪🏾👌🏾

  16. Andre Collins

    New phone

  17. Inner Space

    Titty boi 🔥🙌🏾

  18. Paris Scott

    Aleta people talk about 2 but I think he a ghetto genius an all his songs most of the time r good along wit his albums

  19. bobby cole

    that lil fate testimony made my stomach drop...im not a parent, but i do have step kids that i love dearly and would be highly pissed if something where to happen to them

  20. tamar perrilliat

    Underrated because he on hella features

  21. z_walk_ jr

    Somebody kill my son he was just a baby he was only 9 months ..GOD forgiven me so i have too forgive..the person that did that too my child..

  22. GG Lil Hutch Life

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥 🔥

  23. Andrew Roper


  24. Reginald Phillips

    Rip to lil fate son

  25. microtechmachineshop

    terrible album

  26. Christopher Evans

    Video plz 🙏🏾 TRU

  27. Shinylore

    This ain't no practice life

  28. Innocent

    This hits HARD.


    I feel this. i love the people that are unafraid to remind the world that music is a holy sacrament.

  30. Tryphon tournesol

    Super son, from France

  31. Mao Law

    Shit is clean !

  32. Cdb Driino


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    Dam this shit deep

  34. Mack Billionz

    I keep this mf on repeat when I'm bumping in my spaceship

  35. John Bentley

    Chainz went to another level with this one.

  36. - yopierre

    can somebody make a high school basketball mixtape of a player with this song. PLEASE.

  37. Evann Jefferson

    Wish I could press delete.....
    2 chainz...,,,,

  38. G W. III

    Damn..... this track hit different if you recently been through some shit.

  39. g3l

    this the most slept on song fr

  40. Jessie White

    This go sooooo hard

  41. kenneth rey

    442 dislikes Forgiven

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    That the 2chainz I know !!!!! It been a while


    snares <3

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    Need the visual asap!

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    Underrated af!

  46. Legacy Jones

    "Kids ain't supposed to die before us as a parent " lord forgive em.. 😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Dayton Dane

    I feel like this song was underrated it should have really bought Marsha ambrosia back to the Forefront and show the talent of 2 Chainz and his music making but everybody want to hear bulshit so okay 1.2m🤔🤔🤔

  48. gillian brenda Adroa

    2chains with the upgrade.this is legendary music.my children will listen to this like 2pac.

  49. Trevant McCloud

    Laugh and Love MR. PIGGY likes to arrest and give black man felonies for weed but now White man can own dispenseries and make millions

  50. The life of Shyree

    R.i.p mooh mooh and akin 🙏

  51. Cory Britton

    “Kids not supposed to die before us a parent”

    Real rap.

    R.I.P - Trayvon Martin 🏁

  52. Deon Hill

    Buried one of lil -ones.. mar23-2018..nothing prepares you for this..wanted to hunt dude til his body drop..walk up and stand over..but god..rest in peace tre..

  53. larry janmes


  54. Brian Dalton Jr

    Crying like hell. I lost my sis nov 2018 to a drunk driver. She was checking her mailbox. I had pain in my life before that but im at a crazy place in life. This song is sooo real. Love you chainz. And Marsha. Black unicorn shit💜

  55. Jaman Washington

    Kayne west makes classic production. This is for the new generation who dont know kayne west production influence on the rap game. Two chainz mentor is lil wayne. Who could relate what I'm talking about

  56. Jucari1211

    Im just upset this is not played on the Airwaves, this should of been the single.....

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    Classic ✊🏾

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    Marsha Ambrosius gros bisou from France !!Cette femme sais chanter.

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    Marsha Destroys Her Features

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    My DJ u done it again big tune

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    Heartfelt and simply amazing

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    #StreetMoneyMarathon 🙏🏽💙

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    Such a great intro to the album. Love this song.

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    Future and two chains was neck and neck but I never heard future make anything like this shout out hair weave Killa best song he ever made

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    2 chainz is very diverse. Stripper songs, pimp shit and make you think shit. One of the realest rapper🏁🔥

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    Esta e foda

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    Yea #2Chainz #MarshaAmbrosius
    This Song Right Here 🔥 MY NEW FAVORITE SONG

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    Catching goosebumps scrolling through the comments as the beat bangs through the speakers ( YOUR SINS LET ALL BE FORGIVEN)

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    This song gets me deep in my soul 😢 damn

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    Read Brandon Wilson
    's comment down the list. DEFIANTLY know the feeling. literally in tears. Going through a lot. Knowing that you ain't alone makes you rethink things

    One of the Dopest features of the year so far.

  82. OFFICIAL ListenGreatMuzik

    Chainz has some lyrics!!

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    I'm from Bessemer, Alabama.whole lotta good talent here, why u don't come this way?

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    One of 2chainz best tracks

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