112 - Right Here For U Lyrics

Baby (One Twelve)
I know I’m wrong cause (Be right here for you)
You’ve already got a man (Oooh, one twelve, yah…Be right here for you)
But I see the way he treats you (Oooh one twelve)
And I know I can treat you a lot better (Be here right here for you)
Whenever you need me, I’ll be right here for you (Q, Mike, Slim, Daron)

Baby you don’t have to cry
So won’t you wipe the tears from your eyes
Girl I need for you to see
With me is where you know you need to be
Whatever it is…
Girl don’t hesitate to call me
You don’t have to worry bout a thing
Cause I’ll be right here waiting for you

Whatever he won’t do…
I’ll do
Whatever you need …
I’ll give to you
Whenever you cry…
I’ll cry with you
Baby just call on me
And I will be right there
Right there for you…

Whenever you think of me
Know that I’m thinking of you
And how can I get you to see
That you’re somewhere you aint suppose to be
Just give me one chance
To prove to you I’m a better man
Never break apart
You’ll always be in my heart
Whatever he won’t do
You know I’d do it for you


I’ll do things for you
Like that man won’t do
I’ll prove my love to you
Girl I’ll die for you
I’ll hold you tight
All through the night
To let you know
It’ll be alright
You are my world
Please be my girl
I promise you
My love is true
I’ll make love to you
I’ll take care of you
Girl I’m gonna show you that I’m
Right here for you…

[Chorus X2]

Oh Baby…
Be Right There for You…

Ooooh ooooh
I’ll be right here for you….
I’ll be right here for you…

Right there for you…

I’ll be right here for you…
Ooooh Ooooh
I’ll be right here for you….
Ooooh ooooh
I’ll be right here for you…

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112 Right Here For U Comments
  1. dessy violet

    I dedicate this song to my son whose currently serving time. I love you Marquise💙⚘

  2. Meeko Maison

    This song makes me smile ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Chi Rimbert

    Who the fuck is Young Bleu?!

  4. jennifer nnadi

    If ure jamming to this song in Nov and Dec 2019, hit like! Goosebumps!

  5. Jamillah Veseevete

    Still here❤️❤️❤️

  6. shannon king

    Why am i just hearing this song i swear new haven ct aint shit we never get anything always the b.s

  7. Nideya Fonteno

    If Yung Bleu brought you here shame on you 🙁🙁

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  11. Worachot Muntang

    ใครตามมาจาก " good bye " illslick มั่งอ่ะ

  12. manuela bernard

    My shut 4 life

  13. watch76

    Thx for the right key!

  14. Shayy Williams

    This is how many people came from Tracy’s song by yung bleu 😂

  15. Donald Long

    Best song of the two thousands.

  16. Byron Morris

    2019 still on it.

  17. lowkey_fla

    Classic 😎

  18. shay Baby

    This was me and my first love song still thinking of u Johnathan Smith

  19. Velma Rose

    This song was true

  20. Benjiii Sanders

    2019 and still here

  21. Nick Kap

    Love this song.....reminds me of how I fucked up my life....but it's still a great song

  22. Timothy McPherson

    Dem boys wasn't playn wit dis slim b kill shyt dis sound need 2 come bacc 4real real music

  23. Mya Moore

    To my childs father ill always be there for you😘😘😘

  24. Empress Divine Channel

    Slim always took every song to another level. Unmistakable voice 😍

    bev will

    Empress Divine Channel once they passed slim ass the mic 2nd verse til the end he killed it yasss

  25. Melanin Diosa

    Still my joint! 2k18

  26. Latisha Blount

    I'm always going to be right there for my friend

  27. Latisha Blount

    This my song

  28. Latisha Blount

    I be right here for you

  29. Lynette Harding

    I love 112 and I can’t believe this the first I ever heard this. 💕💕💕💕💕💕😘

  30. Ashley Acklin

    Here in 2018

  31. Naseema Sunshine

    Ooooh my GOODNESS the part when they Broke it down & they were expressing their love to their women on the part when they said "I'll do things for you like no man won't do.. I'll prove my love to you Girl I'll die for you! I'll hold you tight All through the night
    To let you know It'll be alright.. You are my world Please be my girl I promise you my LOVE is TRUE.. I'll make Love to you I'll take care of you Girl I'm gonna show you that I'm right here for you! Man I literally GET SO WET 💦 I SOAK MY DAMN PANTIES💦 NO LIE almost everytime I HEAR THAT PART Ooooooh weeee!!!.. That's the shit right there that'll make a chick lay it low and Buss it Wide open for a brotha Damn ....112 KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.. GOTTA LOVE EM THOUGH....

  32. Ronald Boles

    I would love to write music for this group, they are absolutely unique, and original in quality.R.

  33. Shonte Foster

    Is it weird that I'm in love with Slim because he reminds me of my husband. The eyes and lips....my goodness! Only my babe is so much sexier....because he's MINE!!!

  34. Danielle Spencer

    Yes this is my jam I use to have the whole album on repeat

  35. Lil Joe

    Yung Bleu got the best remix of this song #TracysSong

    Kameren Bennett

    Honestly tho

    Mia Mia

    nana I love my ,kids ....

    Malusi Ntsele

    hell fuckin no

    ruru ruru

    That song was trash....

    Kay b

    @ruru ruru it definitely wasn't

  36. Paul Hermeya

    I am glad this song was underrated and didnt blow up. I can cherish the song that much more! 2018!!!

  37. Joyce Colter

    This will always be my favorite song by them besides Cupid you 😇

  38. saflip969


    Glad this song never got big. I can charish this song that much more!

  39. Joyce Colter

    My favorite

  40. Pretty BlackLee

    This should have way more views!!!!! My fav from them ♥️ #team112

  41. Tom Matheson Coles

    i was looking for the goldeneye speed run and got this, this is outside of the realm of what i was looking for.

  42. Leopole Garbutt


  43. Central Texan

    I remember jamming this shit in '04..... over and over and over lol

  44. Jamarcus Davis

    I love this song and I’m a 1990’s baby people think I’m crazy lol

  45. Welshy King

    Should be an extended version made with this and Jodeci's Feenin'

  46. jermata23

    September 2017 and this song still takes my breath away......

  47. Justin Thong

    That 90s sample of jodeci though

  48. jerrold fredericks

    this is my favorite song of there I miss these kind of good music!!!!! this song was so good and a sleeper that a lot of folks prod went under the rug and didn't know how good it was

  49. Self Made King

    Yung bleu "Tracy's song" brought me here

    Sevin Miles North

    Jody Gambino me too lol

    Takeithia Roberts

    Same lol

    Kay b

    lol same.

    Laura Parfait

    Sure did

  50. Amber Ritchie

    I'm right here waiting

  51. King-Bo Calhoun

    I love this song man it make me cry every time I hear it

  52. David Leonard

    Stevie J produced this...Dalvin was one of the co-writers...incase anyone is wondering about the jodeci sample and this sounding EXACTLY like a jodeci song...Stevie J used to work with devante a lot back in the day and obviously, Dalvin was in the group and a fantastic song writer

    Lovely Joy

    David Leonard wow thanks for that info. I never knew that

    Joy Claborn

    and those are the exact reasons I fell in love with this song INSTANTLY!!!😍😍😍

  53. Billy Larkin

    Right herre for you...

  54. E B

    such a pretty song

  55. Samantha Williams

    i loves this song & 112💓💓💓💓

  56. Shunmon Timley

    my jam..love it!!!

  57. Freda Ayers

    Daddy Red im always here for u baby. 😍😍😘😘

  58. Antonio Bryant

    i love you jasmine 4ever🌷🌷😘😘😘

  59. Antonio Bryant

    1 of my fav song

  60. Antonio Bryant

    for my ex aww 😰😰😰

  61. william whitaker

    One of my favs by Atl very own 112....

  62. Gator boy ENT.

    Just call on me

  63. Kanita J

    I wanna dedicate this song to my number 1 from day one #jamie ❤️❤️❤️

  64. Nee M

    This song brings back memories. Lawd.

  65. Hoss El Monte

    my man dedicated this song to me ND it's so real Noone will come between our love.

  66. Luv4Lux

    I have so many favorite 112 songs from ballads to uptempo. I have my go to groups, but 112 is in a class of their own. Their ability to diversify themselves and still be authentic is amazing! I had (and still do have) this song and in fact this cd on heavy rotation.

    Samora Rolle

    Luv4Lux LadyT Couldn't have said it any better myself... They can do so much more harmonically than a lot of other groups!!!

  67. Joy Claborn

    Yeees!!! Dis was one of my favs by 112!!! 😊

  68. Nikki' Nicole

    Ooweee! Thiss will 4EVER bee thee SHYT! ♡♡♡ Right Here 4Yuuuuu*

  69. velisha frazier _

    they played around with this song it woulda been a big hit...

  70. Amiya Semple

    I love it

  71. Larry Holman

    Echo Buxton ive always been and will forever be right here for you

  72. Larry Holman

    Maan i should've sung this to my wife the day i asked her for her number 10 years ago


    classic songs

  74. quaqua ellington

    Love this song omg I been looking for this song.... I miss the 90s good times very good times

    thaDon 21

    it came out in 2003 but I guess tha early 2000s is consider almost like tha 90s

    quaqua ellington

    Yes it is 90s/2006 after that r&b just died off

    Chi Rimbert

    @quaqua ellington as well as rap

  75. Adrienne Thompson

    one of the greatest songs!!!!!

  76. Shay Campbell

    I love this song

  77. Shanisha Manigo

    Will forever love this jam noone can compare these dudes with no other male group.. They bring out the slow smooth groove music. .

  78. Kienesha Ebron

    This song was so underrated!

  79. Kiara Dockery

    I love this song

  80. Paul Parker

    Love this song

    Iyanna Green

    Paul Parker

  81. illlmatic 4 life

    Ahh, another Jodeci sample.

  82. BabyBoyE84

    All I can say is this is still the s#!t someone redo the end of this song like slim does.

  83. tiffany skinner

    This song brings  back  so many  memories  I was wit my ex when this came out he uses to sing this to me every time it came on 

  84. Tche-lin

    I accidently hit "dislike" :( I thought it meant "dis-i-like" . My bad

  85. julie vic

    OMFGGG ! Idk how long i been lookin 4 dhs & only foun di monica 1 smh THXXXXX

  86. El'Ja Bowens

    @GittemDatGurl It's on the Part III album

  87. Gina Holmes

    wat album is this on???


    Gina Holmes Hot and Wet I believe

    Andree Dowell

    Gina Holmes Hot & Wet album

  88. bobbyt226

    Imma play this when I get married!!

  89. Marshay Red

    I wish a guy would tell me this

    Jewellz Whyte

    Marshay Red i would

  90. Mace Mordecai


  91. TL Carman

    Super Slept on,

  92. Angel Foster

    This song shoulda had a video



  94. Shelley


  95. jermata23

    Its so messed up how the RIGHT person for you is always in the WRONG relationship with someone else!!! ugh!