112 - In Love With You Lyrics

Every day I think about
All the love you've given me
All the ways you show your love and
Girl it drives me crazy
Every day our love grows stronger
Everytime I see you
Thinking about this love you give me
Girl I can't get over you

[1] - Just how I feel for you
Tell me your love will always be here for me
I need your love don't ever take it away
Tell me with me is where you'll always stay

[2] - You are so special to me
I need you here with me
Someone to love me always
I'm in love with you

You are so special to me
Why don't you stay with me
So we can be together
I'm in love with you

Never was a love before me
No one else compares to you
No one does the things you do
To make me feel the way I do
Every time I see your pretty face
It makes me love you more
All this time I looked for love
And now it is knocking at my door.

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 2]

You mean the world to me
And you're more special
Than you think
Baby you must believe
That I love you so

[Repeat 2 until fade]

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112 In Love With You Comments
  1. Chance St.Thomas

    Album faves:

    "In Love With You"

    "Pleasure & Pain"

    "Only You" (Original Version)

    Angel Johnson

    Chance St.Thomas yes

  2. Chance St.Thomas

    Album fave!

  3. Roshanna Baker

    Baby Slim 😊 vocals bring me joy!

  4. Princess Thompson

    How many babies were made to this album!😂👍❤

  5. Fantasy Guru

    Can you ever go wrong sampling Blind Alley?

  6. Tarantulisimo

    Psssssh I literally wore out THREE cassettes AND two CDs of this album back in the day -- Straight fire, track after track

    Eastcoast Grandison


  7. frostysnow w

    Real music better than the music they play today 😃🎧🎤🎶🎵💗💖💕💓💜💜💜

    Angel Johnson

    frostysnowman n amen

  8. Morgan Weazy

    this song got me in my feelings *wipes tears (tears of joy)

    Angel Johnson

    Morgan Weazy yeah 1997 good old days

    jamel eason

    @Angel Johnson 96

    Angel Johnson

    jamel eason oh ok thank you

  9. Kyri Kelly

    In love with u 112

    Angel Johnson

    Kyri Kelly yeah 1996/1997 good old days

  10. B. Wynn

    Stevie J production!

    Angel Johnson

    B. Wynn oh ok

    Chris S

    B. Wynn he did the best production in the 90s super talented

  11. Sea Mist Earth Angel

    So good

  12. djalcide1


  13. Sahar Daves

    fAITH EVANS in background vocals


    Sahar Daves Kelly price

    Makavelli Butter

    Sahar Daves That Kelly Price

    Samora Rolle

    Sahar Daves That's Kelly Price

    Lateshia Childs

    No its Kelly Price

    Angel Johnson

    Good old days

  14. AnonPerson2005

    This is the best cd...I can listen to the whole thing without skipping a single song!

    Jbear Harrington

    AnonPerson2005 Heeelllll yeah!

    Marcus Ross

    AnonPerson2005 And that is the truth my friend...

    Angel Johnson

    Good old days

  15. kdubb waves

    your love so special to me

  16. Tiffanie Lawson

    For so long I have skipped over this song, listened to the words and now I can not stop playing it!!!!! I'm a true 112 fan...

    Angel Johnson

    Tiffanie Lawson yeah good old days right


    Psssssh I literally wore out THREE cassettes AND two CDs of this album back in the day

  17. Svonne Hill

    I'm. In. Love. With. You

    Angel Johnson

    Svonne Hill good old days