112 - Come See Me Lyrics

Baby you can come see me,
Cuz I need you here with me,
And I'll show you what love is made of...
Later on if you are free,
Baby you can come see me,
And I'll show you what love is made of...

It's been a while,
And I'm sitting here thinking of
How it felt when we first made love,
Oh I need that feeling again,
Nobody can compare, so...

Come with me,
And I'll go with you,
To this place that lovers dream of,
We can do anything,
Sexy things,
And I'm here to let you know...


It's been awhile,
Thinking about the last time I held you,
And the smell of your sweet perfume, babe
The way I felt when you left my room,
Oh I wanna feel that way tonight

Come with me,
And I'll go with you,
To this place that lovers dream of,
We can do anything,
Sexy things,
And I'm here to let you know...

[Chorus 2x]

[Mr. Cheeks]
Now that bodysuit that your wearing girl,
It fits you like paint,
You think I'm gonna sit here,
And pass this chance when I ain't,
I got some thoughts set on you,
How many things we can do,
How many women in my life
But yet I only love you,
You're number one on my list,
And I,
I reminisce over our first kiss,
And girlfriend,
Yo picture this,
Let's relight the candle,
Give this one more shot,
I never meant to mistreat ya girl,
I need you right now...


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112 Come See Me Comments
  1. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    I had a lot of sexual intimate moment's with the women folk to this track.😏

  2. Shawnsta 777

    That baby making music just hits different. Especially at night 🔥

  3. Capricia Barbour

    On repeat

  4. Bee Diggler


  5. Davy golieth



    Still a hit in 2019/2020

  7. Brickcityjerzy Jerzy

    That body suit that u wearn girl it fit u like paint

  8. Brandie Echols

    I love this song throw back real music

  9. Kristin Tate

    Matt brooks 8004190333 do u still have that same address i have written down cuz im really really coming too u. With chloe nikole and mine and chloes things yes yes yes for real and its so so true my hott love matt brooks do u still have ur same address i have written down cuz im really coming too u with chloenikole and my things and yes yes its so real my hott love matt brooks yep love u forever and ever its kristintate ur sexy fiance 8004190333 im really gonna kiss u so so good all over ur tattoos too my hott love matt brooks yep

  10. Nike23 Air23

    I played this out in 90s..played to get up in them pantys 4 few honeys..

  11. gdvsevil09

    This my jam! Thought of them cause my motel room is 112!! Lmao😎❤

    Makeeda Ford

    It angel number too

  12. lefty206

    Mr. Cheeks verse tho 🔥🔥

  13. Calvin Guy

    I'm still playing this yup my era

  14. Tarantulisimo

    Psssssh I literally wore out THREE cassettes AND two CDs of this album back in the day

  15. VeronicaDarisha Mcfadden

    This Song dope for real tho

  16. Er Roman

    Bring back this music please 2019 !!!!!

  17. Irep Jersey908

    I still blast this in my car lol

  18. dippedinhoney

    DOPE! 90s R&B/HIP HOP was the BEST!

    Makeeda Ford

    Hell yeah

  19. Raymond Navarrette

    L;) ;P ;l haaa

  20. Shawn Knox

    Who listening in 2019?! #Timeless

  21. ygrnflacko

    And I show u what love is made oooofffooof🎶

  22. 83prettyblack

    Loved them Slims voice ❤

    Iron Mike

    I sing like him..let me show you😍

  23. Proud to be me

    Love this album!! High school love 😂 good times 😊

  24. Della Johnson

    Love Mac Town blessed by tha best Rodrico🙏☝God Deep 🙏☝Blessed forever and another forever🙏

  25. Kimberly Anderson

    baby u come see me later when are free in I show u what love is make of this song is one of my favorite 🎤💋❤️🔥💯😍

  26. Aliza Willaims

    My Jam all day baby

  27. renee vaughan

    this CD by them was there best!!

  28. Luke Bowman

    Classic classic no music these can compare with the 90s R&B 🤦‍♂️

  29. Dusk Golden Diamond Child


  30. Yassah G


  31. new balance

    Slims voice is amazing! Love this song & Mr. cheeks part that starts around the 3:00 mark 🖐 🤚 just steals the song for me, that is the best part in the entire song for me. Love it!


    2019 🎉🎊🎇🎆👌👍👏💯✔🎵🎼🎤🎧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤

  33. Demetria Calvin

    Can't go wrong playing any song by 112. 😸

  34. Ronald Johnson

    That real ish..

  35. Jason Emile

    Just happy to have experienced buying this cd when it first came out from Sam Goodie.

    Chillhous Music

    I purchased it several times because my friends and family had sticky fingers. SMH!

  36. Carlos Marquez

    Played this song for the girl that broke my heart for the first time in my life 30 times.....when I was 16 in 1998..the memories

  37. Bam Bam

    It grows with you!

  38. Lukia Ross

    COME SEE ME 2018 STILL🔥🔥🔥

  39. rocio sosa

    Mr.Cheekz ripped it

  40. Danny Lamar

    90s music was a different wave that feeling is incredible

  41. Anthony H

    My favorite r&b group! Lots of slow jams

  42. msthugger✦

    112 had some smooth ass tracks🔥

    Angel Johnson

    msthugger✦ amen

    Nhasharra Allen

    Peaches And Cream.


    112 had it ALL. Only Next came close on the club-bangers, & Jagged Edge had some smooth-ass ballads, but 112 was the total package

  43. Alonzo Carlos

    2018 crew

  44. Booker Wiggins

    I know the background of this song. It didn't work out...

  45. Hugo Perez

    90s R&b will live on forever!

  46. adrianne_og

    Damn it 112.....anytime I want to hear some incomparable harmonizing!!!

  47. Shayla Washington

    Back when groups were worth listening to and this is still the song in 2018.

  48. Kendall Smith

    I play this on repeat fa like 3 hours

    Mike Melody

    And rightfully so.


    ‘96 was a great year🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jhamel Wade

    .... and almost forgot about Dr Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg and *PAC* fa'SHO!!

    Eastcoast Grandison

    @Jhamel Wade the braxtons came out that year also with: so many ways

    Jhamel Wade

    @Eastcoast Grandison yeah and songs TOO, from Maxwell, H Town, Tevin Campbell, Keith Sweat, 702, Aaliyah, Mint Condition, Tony Toni Toné, Ginuwine and etc.

    Eastcoast Grandison

    @Jhamel Wade yessir maxwell and ginuwine, i wore those tapes out had to two copies of them from other people stealing them from me. Yeah and that 702

    Jhamel Wade

    @Eastcoast Grandison yep

  50. jamel eason

    96 was that Year classic memories

  51. Camissa Shelton

    Me and my sister jams to this all time memories

  52. ME Free

    Autjentic R&B

  53. Lani Greene

    I used to love this song as a kid. They have a new Album out Oct2017. Im so excited!! Old enough now to get my own damn ticket!

  54. Anonx82

    Its Mr. Cheeks from the lost boyz.

    Toniellen perry


  55. Sahar Daves

    i can play this 30 times in a row and still not get tired of it

    Miyah Unique

    Sahar Daves stg

    Eastcoast Grandison

    Sahar Daves i have before

    UN!CORNY _gamez

    This is real R & B

    Makeeda Ford

    Same here this is the shit

    Jhamel Wade

    Never have I stopped at all!!!!

  56. Lance Norfleet

    Dope Song! Mr.Cheeks Killed His Verse Ya Dig This Was A Low-Key Banger On This Album!!!

    Marcus Ross

    Lance Norfleet low key...Naw fam..this whole album was a banger..think it's this album that caused my 1st born child...😂..lbvfs


    Lance Norfleet I say this was a hi-key banga!!! This was on hot97 and kiss.fm heavy back then💯✌🏾

  57. jahcease barnwell

    man i wish i could go back to this era

    Brion butler

    jahcease barnwell yess the best! Its sad these kids not gonna know what it felt like

  58. Frank Jay

    Classic in 2017

  59. Patience Curtis

    FOREVER 112. Such talented brothers. I love u guys

    Charles Lee

    Patience Curtis junior high days right in NY. Great memories in ‘96. Btw, you are absolutely gorgeous.

  60. steelman jj

    the good old days

  61. Icequeentt

    i love 112. that is all

  62. Nate Jackson

    I love this song. I heard it before. 😊😊

  63. Lea Mo

    Love this song...

  64. G Kay

    Mr. Cheeks Kill'd it. ##Superhotfire

  65. Makaveli Thadon

    112,Boyz 2 men,All 4 one,Color me badd,and Soul for real are the best male groups of all time...


    Love Jodeci to

  66. kdubb86gmail mr.w

    miss these days.

    Nhasharra Allen

    Me too.

    Makeeda Ford

    Me too the 90s

  67. Shaun M

    I love it... A classic from the 90's!

  68. ObsidianSugar112

    they had the dude from the lost boys on this one....

    Pun Midas

    Opal Anderson mr cheeks

    Pun Midas

    Opal Anderson remember when it came out though. was the ish still is

  69. valerie martin

    love this song

  70. TTmusikk _

    was tht nas

    Keya Wells

    Nope, Mr. Cheeks!!!!

    Camissa Shelton

    Mr cheeks


    Nah, Drake.

    Toniellen perry

    no nas sorry

  71. suavehinrg

    It is hard to believe it has been twenty years since this song became a hit. Contemporary R&B during the 1990's was truly awesome when paired with charismatic singers.

  72. MrKravonGill

    epic roller skate music


    MrKravonGill RIIIIIIGGHHTT!!!!! perfect description fam💯💯💯💯🔥🔥

  73. Svonne Hill

    I. Been. In. Love. With. This. Song. Omg

  74. Williezzkeiua Mann

    Ommmmggg luv dis song bihh 112 you da shit 😁😆👌

  75. Tara Murphy

    90's r&b love 112

  76. Marisa Burgos

    Love this song