11:11 - Wanna Do Lyrics

Tell me that you love him
But you don't really trust him
You only make assumptions
'bout who this nigga fuckin

So what you wanna do? ooh yeah
So what you wanna do? ooh yeah
So what you wanna do? ooh yeah

You don't gotta worry (about a thing, yeah)
You don't gotta worry (about a thing, yeah)
You don't gotta worry (about a thing, yeah)
So whatchu wanna do

Say you know you don't deserve that
Wish you could take it all back
I ain't even trynna hurt you
But I knew it wasn't gon' last

I ain't even trynna hurt you
But I knew he would hurt you
And I knew it would get like this
So don't take this personal

You wanna relationship
You just want something special
You don't wanna take it quick
'cos me and you got potential
And girl I don't know what you going through

So what you wanna do? ooh yeah
So what you wanna do? ooh yeah
So what you wanna do? ooh yeah

You don't gotta worry (about a thing, yeah)
You don't gotta worry (about a thing, yeah)
You don't gotta worry (about a thing, yeah)
So whatchu wanna do

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11:11 Wanna Do Comments
  1. the kubsta

    bringing the heat!!!

  2. Alison F

    Weeknds twin brother.

  3. Remie Taza

    toronto artists is the best

  4. Xch4r3nd4X

    "I know whatcha thinking girl. You've been thinking bout my love" yassss

  5. Abdullah Alkreisi

    من اجمل الاغاني

  6. James Poss

    NO I haven't listened to this song in 1 year and its still not at a million views WTF ppl. Lets goo🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  7. Mebo CTO

    Perfect blend of T-PAIN and Weeknd...this brother needs a GRAMMY just because...his production is AMAZING (T-PAIN ...) his vocals are smooth (Weeknd)

  8. Diana Garcia

    No one knows what gose on behind closed doors ... I don't love him ... I love u can't keep lying to myself. Trying to work on a unhealthy relationship.. When my belongs to you... Its always been you ... I don't want to make a mistake cuz he got me tripping thinking if these men I'm talking to ... One of them could be u ... I don't want to lose u again ... I want to show u my love is real ... Nothing in this world compares to u.. Your one of a kind ...I just wish u were mine ..I can't explain why I'm acting like a fool ... All I know that it has a lot to do with u I feel it in my heart ...I got to find out is it u and me ... I don't know where to start. Show me the way to your heart don't leave me in the dark ... Bring me to the light ... Plz Don't leave my side ... Stay with me


    So underrated an he snapped on this track🔥🔥🔥

  10. Vanilla Cream 6lack

    killing Vibes# Just do it❤🎶🎧🔥

  11. Dorian Sessoms

    He low-key reminds me of The Dream

  12. Fai Alghani

    Mixed of pnd and the weekend😍😍😍

  13. jbradley0201

    He does look like the weeknd lol, but I love him I been hooked since last year !

  14. Marlet Ruiz


  15. zioneamonie

    I love this song

  16. Akkie Babak

    Whatchuuuu wannnaa doo Manishaa? Yea . . . . . .

  17. Eda A.

    kylie jenner and the weeknd

  18. cath thy

    Love your music💗 all the way from amsterdam

  19. Leah Renee


    Leah Renee

    She’s probably not even white, LOL 😂 I’m stupid 🤔🙄😅

  20. Jazury Paredes

    Pensé que era THE WEEKND V:

  21. Jessica Hensley

    I swear I see Abel’s face almost everywhere 🙃👽‼️

  22. Leah Renee


    Leah Renee

    Actually, I don’t know if she’s white.... could be mixed.......

  23. Leah Renee

    11:11 LIKES WHITE WOMEN 😍😮👏

  24. TeddyBear03

    On Repeat Tho 🔥🔥🔥🚘💨🌌

  25. Dezzy C

    Just saying I was here before he made it big 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙇🏼

  26. Tabark Al Khafaji

    he looks like the weeknd ommmmmg

  27. Racheal Reed

    He is fye

  28. Nv. Shh

    He looks like The Weeknd

  29. Emily Evellyn

    The weeknd 2.0

  30. kenneth wright

    If 11:11 keep bringing it like dis, then the muzik industry is done! *That break at 2:22 was super sick!!! Notice 2:22=11:11:11 Amazing Talent right here!!!!!..................

  31. Tayla

    Here before a 1M. YOOOOOOO!

  32. Sigel Sigel

    He reminds me of The Weeknd or The-Dream

  33. bittu das

    His voice! omfg!!!

  34. bittu das

    Is he Abel's brother?

  35. Jacob Miranda


  36. Jacob Miranda


  37. Goddess Trendz

    Idk how i came across this artist, but im glad... Wonder why he chose the name 11:11.... I know what it means spiritually but i wonder what it means to him.

  38. Telinho Muzuana

    damn! nigga

  39. Sonya Méndez

    Whyy does he looks like the lost brother of my boy The Weeknd???

  40. Nina Hopkins

    Omfg yes

  41. the litt master

    Is it me or does the girl look a bit like kehlani

  42. Jeron Huyler

    This guy reminds me of The Weeknd

  43. King Legit

    "& niggas tryna sound like all my old shit." Get a XO vibe from 11:11. I fuck with it.

  44. __h.g.o.d__

    Why is he so underrated?
    Its how Bryson Tiller came up too!

  45. Mark McCohn

    Most underrated artist

  46. Issa Jaa

    He's officially my new favorite. Can't wait til he blows up for the world !! 💖💖

  47. Latoya Ballerd

    11:11 and The Weekend both from Canada 👀👀 and look like twins...its his Toronto clone😂👀

  48. kathysivann

    been loving all your songs

  49. ash bag

    how is he not really famous or get played on the radio?!?!

  50. L3G4CY

    Thank you Youtube for recommending this for me. WE IN THIS 🔥

  51. Aubrey Espanto

    I want him to be recognized as much as I want to keep his music all to myself !! WHAT TO DO RN

  52. vee cx

    omg his voice is so orgasmic 😫😍😍😍😍😍

  53. RBTT Dziedricki

    What's the music that plays in 2:25?

    Jacob Miranda

    a qui esta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nFHdbazPiU

  54. joffre55

    I swear 11:11 looks like, the Weeknd and Arsonal had a baby

  55. Vina Lopez

    waitin for dis hunny to get big, i'll be bumpin dis shit in the long run

  56. Rawan Saeed

    he looks just like the weekend !!!

  57. Priscilla Gutierrez

    He gives me The Weeknd vibes, yaasss

  58. Angelina Acosta

    Part of me wants him to make it big because he is such an amazing artist, but then the other part of me wants to keep him as a little secret.

  59. Enos Maposa

    Why this dude look like The Weeknd though ?

  60. Gavin Munoff

    I wanna go on fuc#$ tour

  61. sasii

    he doesnt even look like The Weeknd, what are you talking bout


    song @ 2:29 ??🤔

  63. Amanda Alencar


  64. Rachid Khamlichi

    Why he trying to look like the weeknd lol gtfo here

  65. Bagas Rizki

    here before everyone else say "here before"

  66. jermaine dawkins

    since I heard Joe budden player your songs on his podcast i became a fan

  67. Lonnie Leach

    If PND and The weeknd had a kid.

  68. a_n_g_e_l Arrogance jaangélina97

    OMG !!! her voice is so sexy !!!

  69. a_n_g_e_l Arrogance jaangélina97

    why he look like The weekend from the side.

  70. Blue 1967

    He cute asf though

  71. Blue 1967

    Naw he looks just like the weekend!

  72. maxterwel

    lol looks and sounds like the weeknd

  73. Leron Hill

    We all can agree he looks like the Weekend, but is it me or does the young lady kind of look like Camilla from that girl group

  74. small POTATOE

    the weeknd?

  75. PhiloGent

    Am I the only one who can't see the 11:11- 1AM?

  76. Malcolm Castillo

    Resembles the weekend but i click the video cause the woman was pretty

  77. Nada Sam

    Pressed on the video, because on the thumbnail it looked like The Weeknd.

  78. V i r t u a l b o y

    Perfection to my ears

  79. Benjamin Peredo

    If Jidenna and The Weeknd  had a love child together this would be him .

  80. Luke Aumentado

    WHO's the model in the beginning yo!?!?! He looks like the Weeknd!



  82. Ketlem Vitoria

    Nice girl yes

  83. Tierra Triplett

    I love ❤️ this my new jam!!!😜😜


    video too bomb 😩😍

  85. vxrina.

    holy fuck i just had an eargasm

  86. ɐɓıd

    i think he's the weeknd, lol

  87. Angelatpeace3000

    what the fuck is this magic

  88. Dolx

    Are you related to the weeknd

  89. Playlister

    mix between the weeknd's face and zayn's voice

  90. Clorox Bleach

    Damn that girl beautiful asf.

  91. GO DOY

    Damn Abel, bájale a la fast-food xdd

  92. Blank Man

    Guess whos here before 1 mill???.....This F*ckn Guy! #BlankMan

  93. Alex Maria

    I'm pretty sure half the people that clicked on this video thought they saw The Weeknd 😂

  94. Nasser Alhashmi

    I really liked the tone on it but where can I find it with lyrics 😊

  95. Josue Nieto

    Crei que era the weeknd hahaha

  96. GPRO5

    That girl eyes tho. wow

  97. The Danger

    So basically he is a double chinned The Weeknd

  98. ChilledStereoEntertainment

    this dude looks just like The Weeknd....

    just a little fatter lol

  99. SpeakerMuzik SpeakerMuzik

    The dream+the weeknd

  100. Dillyn Lakey

    Yo trane > 11:11 > Chris Brown