11:11 - Hit The Floor Lyrics

Sophisticated on that poll
Come here, baby and show some more
Cause I know you're the kind of girl I want
And I love all 'em girls that love to flaunt

She gon' make a nigga famous
Come in here, I'm obligated
To throw all my money at ya
I wonder what we're doin' after
Uh, because...

She gon' make her body hit the floor
She gon' make a nigga always want some more
Yeah, yeah
She gon' make her body hit the floor
She gon' make a nigga always want some more
Yeah, yeah

Sophisticated on that floor
Come here, baby and work this poll
Cause you know you the kind of girl I want
And I love all 'em girls that love to flaunt

She gon' make a nigga famous
Come in here, I'm obligated
To throw all my money at ya
I wonder what we're doin' after
Uh, because...

She gon' make her body hit the floor
She gon' make a nigga always want some more
Yeah, yeah
She gon' make her body hit the floor
She gon' make a nigga always want some more
Yeah, yeah

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11:11 Hit The Floor Comments
  1. Skettale

    Dogs:hau hau
    Cats:miau miau

  2. Amy Geist


  3. Zac

    Memories from high school wrestling practice when we had to wrestle multiple matches and do conditioning with this song blasting on the speaker haha. What a great song!

  4. M. Amin Taheri

    In battlefield bad company 2 sometimes when you kill someone your character will say "ah let those bodies hit the floor!"

  5. Vector9000

    Well, someone's gotta teach neighbor kids what real music sounds like. Public Service Announcement to youth of today; Ya music Sucks!

  6. Paul Allca


  7. Dark Knight Dimitri

    RIP "Stage"

  8. Aaron Arevalo


  9. Benjaflow 450

    No me acordaba el nombre lo busque como leto paty se to fo y me aparecio

  10. Вася Вася

    Hi descendants, I'm from 2030. American President Justin Bieber approved the song as the US anthem.

  11. YouTurnMyLolsIntoXDs

    this is the song that got me into metal :)

  12. svaz2006

    I'm just here to say that listening to this while on a crotch rocket is a super bad idea - "Hmmm, I wonder how long I've been in triple digit territory?"

  13. Jessica Arlett

    Nice song for my ear!

    Jessica Arlett

    Nice comment

    Jessica Arlett

    No it's bad song

  14. Trash Monkey

    Gunning down vermin in Afganastan to this...

  15. LuQa-MT07


  16. Eduardo Mendoza

    Etapari z po

  17. JancaTYPE Beats


  18. 壮良ProShqipeZ

    Why do the camera perspective always has to be like that, and why always on small rooms.

  19. Redesign Rebuild Review

    EC Dub!!!!

  20. Austin Murray

    this was made on 5th birthday wow that is surprising

  21. Coin981

    I saw them live a few years back, I couldn't speak at all after that concert. One of the best nights in my lifd

  22. discombubulate 2

    i can only count to 4

  23. Tasty Potato

    3:14 Sorry pornhub but drowning pool dropped it 9 years ago .

    Maybe next time

  24. Влад Петелин

    Конец 2019 года я врубаю на всю улицу Bodies...

  25. wastears

    conchetumare que hago escuchando esta canción del año de la corneta, me cague.

  26. Someone else

    I heard this song was a cover from the original singer, The Parrot.

  27. Evil Dogger

    Who tf would dislike this

    Mula Imami

    Probably your neighbors...

  28. Ardan Permana


  29. Emre'Bey Z

    2019 Any :)

  30. Bryan D Nicholay

    "Hello guys, today I will teach you on how to download Games in your PSP using a USB cable"

  31. Marc Schroter

    If you turn your sound up and listen very closely at 0:00 you can actually hear the song starting.

  32. The Keyboard warrior

    ECW ONE NIGHT STAND ‘06 anyone

  33. Lucas Biazi

    Best way to wake up my lasy brother

  34. Ian Burks

    Guy Fiero doin some metal aye

  35. Клал Коралы

    заебись ) слушаю в 2019, практически на носу 2020. клип так же ахуенен как и 15 лет назад )

  36. Matt Wallis

    "Let The Bicycle Go" now you can never unhear it. . . . .you're welcome

  37. The Desk

    When step on a clear Lego brick

  38. Buckwild Screening

    2008 Type Videos

    Plays any fucking game or video
    This plays

  39. Trebook 123

    This should be played at abortions :))

  40. gigas81

    Open the Pit: Furious Fretwork

  41. Tony882

    2008 YT Hyhm

  42. Abdul-latiff Shamroukh

    Take a shot every time they let the bodies hit the floor

  43. Alfredo Palacios

    ECW! ECW! ECW!

  44. YugiBrony

    Retsuko should sing this

  45. explorer boi

    1:02 my nan when somebody leaves a light on.

  46. Łøvę ÿøūršęłf

    When you step on a lego 0:11

    Łøvę ÿøūršęłf

    When you forgot to do the dishes and mom goes to get the belt 1:20 (it sounds like he’s screaming NOOOOOOOO)

  47. Patrick Sullivan

    When an intruder breaks into my home lol

  48. Electric Tornado

    The White Boys at my school who claims to hate us all and wants us to die:


    hell ye brother

    Marc Schroter

    @pizza psychedelic brother hell ya

  49. Sashimi

    10 year old me watching some AQW free ac generator 2008 WORKING video

  50. Jesus Christ

    One of the songs of the decade

  51. Pink Beyblade

    No one:


    Tiago Silva



    I'm doing the same right now at the same time xD

    Tiffany Evans

    Gf again he huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh n go huh huh sad see get in pool

  52. Theodore Roosevelt

    Resident evil 4 laser door room.. i regret growing up

  53. Elizabeth Rivera

    *2020* 🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘

  54. Dežo Lakatoš

    That guy looks like Rorschach from Watchmen and Ryan Reynolds mixed.

  55. Try sandtosa


  56. astroyeast

    let the bodies poop on the floor...

  57. 개책

    Yoldo bari ssipfalnom!

  58. Francis Flanders-Whitney Year 8

    such a good song

  59. Xeozon

    Wah, gw doang yang indonesia ya? Wakakak


  60. Goku17yen

    F for the lead singer. RIP

  61. Maggie Jarp

    What to do when you're home alone

  62. mehmet çoban

    Sarkı çok güzel bence

  63. Risa _barata

    Qué chimba, que viva la bareta, el perico y las perras qué chimba de tema

  64. Michael Myers

    Liked like

  65. K Dash

    who let those damn ECW guys have weapons, J.R.!?

  66. di77me

    welp. At least we know what happened to Epstein

  67. Hammi Turtle

    Nothing wrong with me.... yup... keep telling myself that 😈

  68. Arvin Borla

    2019 and still playing this full blast!

    Marcos Pereira

    Conheci essa música jogando Guitar Hero com a minha filha no Playstation 3! Achei sensacional!! Intensa!!! Gostei demais!!!

  69. Collin merp

    Years later it still soothes my soul

  70. Roy Steele

    If the panties don't hit the floor first!

  71. Adan 2988

    Feel like a monster

  72. Ramon Valbuena

    Let the boobies hit the face, let boobies hit the face, let the boobies hit the... Face!

  73. Mathew Pritchard

    Summerslam 2001 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  74. Elliot _

    If bam margera was fat

  75. Scorpion Matero

    Mis papas me quitaron mi Walkman por escuchar esta canción a escondidas. Que recuerdos. 🤣


    Песне уже больше 10 лет, а я всё так же при её прослушивании хочу слэмиться 🔥

  77. Bruce Nicholson

    I play loud and proud

  78. ณัฐพันธุ์ คนึงเพียร

    ชอบมากครับ เด็กสุรินทร์

  79. Bros

    Cabal Online anyone?

  80. Vill Randa

    every tutorial on youtube..

  81. M. Nourishad

    What I thought would be in the music video: a gorefest with raining corpses
    What I got: Some man screaming in a patient's ear

  82. Cliche Guevara

    We used to play this all the time during the Civil War.

  83. Cristian Zappoli

    I f**kin love this music video

  84. Kingy B

    Come on man, he didn't mean his body. Be careful what you wish for.. Still, one of the most EPIC songs ever IMHO.

  85. none none

    I would have got upset if the person who hit me with his car would have played this or said this.

  86. •Team Exo•

    Most brutal song about tripping on your own shoelaces that I've ever heard

  87. Salazar Ex


  88. dark.demon .queen

    My 4yo sings this all the time! It’s so freaking cute🥰🥰🥰

  89. thor ham

    0:09 Trump whispering in the Democrat, Republican and the government system baaaaahahahaha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Rant Radio

    I fell in love with this song because WWF Attitude Era promos.. I think its was for Undertaker vs Kane 🤔

  91. Ahken03

    00:00: asmr?
    00:10: maybe not