11:11 - Don't Worry Lyrics

This bottle and these drugs
Are the only thing I need and want to love
Your pain keeps me sane
I know it's hurting, but

Don't worry
(I still fuck you, doesn't want to)
Don't worry
(I still love you, I don't want you)
(Ooh yeah)
(Ooh yeah)

1 time for the liquor in my blood
2 time for the baddies in the club
I'm sippin' on whatever's in my cup
Pour whatever to get my mind off this shit

Don't worry
(I still fuck you, doesn't want to)
Don't worry
(I still love you, I don't want you)
(Ooh yeah)
(Ooh yeah)

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11:11 Don't Worry Comments
  1. 11terrexx

    These lyrics thou.

  2. Tracy Knowles

    neast .-1sad keypass ..meew wit beast cry free meyep write book

  3. Rusdi Ba'arram


  4. ShaQ THE MAQ Gould

    11:11 is till popping in 2019

  5. Barbara Fagin

    I 💘 this song. It's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  6. Teaya Rich

    yesssssssssssss 2019

  7. Kindling Poetry

    I love this 11:11 album. 🌹💜

  8. SPVCS

    Is this dude apart of OVO ?

  9. Brandon Schuster

    This bottle and these drugsss

  10. Asem Amg

    Shit I’m late

  11. Kelly Inestroza

    The fact my dad has the same alarm clock 🤔

  12. Curtizz Kingofluv Williamzz

    Don't sleep on 11:11 💥

  13. Katrina Sluder

    Love 11:11

  14. Simone Vargas

    This man dope af

  15. S0f47R

    11:11 B∆47∆NC£

  16. Nailah Mo


  17. Ashley Warren

    OMG found my new favorite underrated artist.. in love

  18. Abdel Ouedraogo

    This guy's so underrated. Still, a very talented Rnb singer. Keep up the good work bruh.

  19. sylvia fields

    Love this

  20. Jesusdaughter Dynamic 1


  21. tokyo hipster

    U when u going to pop like i main POP mainstream overdue

  22. Yung Luvv

    Most definitely a master piece, and well combination of pieces.

  23. grace brinsfie

    7k like

  24. blah blah blah

    im just listening to this music and I love it! surprise they didn't get big.

  25. Kim Misfit

    I still love this song. ♡

  26. Shade Room Adults!


  27. Kristan Damons

    So deep in my feels, I started off by listening to Drake and now I'm here 😬💖

  28. in y

    why he so underrated he should be more recognizing..

  29. Yeet Dab

    Im glad to be here before they blow up :)

  30. Kelli Davis

    it's straight bounce ,kinda is got something on my mind (fresh)

  31. Katie Tom

    1_17_2018 11:49pm

  32. Aphroditē


  33. bayteare alejandra

    Cómo se llama este tipo de música?

  34. Cheyenna DC

    I’m actually loving this 😍

  35. Maddie Campos


  36. dorky defsoul

    dam im 2 years late

  37. Denise Thomas

    Here Before The Bandwagoners Jump On🖤😋😍

  38. Thomas Lakey Sr'


  39. Andrea MM




  41. Jasmine Magwood

    Why isn’t he Big yet ?🙄😍😭

  42. Christina Cadora

    yes yes yes!

  43. Walkingdeadmen

    That beat tho

  44. Nicole Corrigeux

    Dope af

  45. Shes Juno

    I'm here ♡

  46. Tayla

    This singer is my little secret till he becomes known.

  47. AK Smiley

    one time for the bud n' mah blood

    two times for my THC freak

    ❤️Mary J❤️

  48. Grimnpholl #ContenteTV

    11:11 PM °-°

  49. Infires Is Life

    Man!!!! He is like a good mix of The Weeknd and Jhené Aiko..... damn Boi!!!!!

  50. Tyler, The Annihilator


  51. Destry Aston

    loving this music so much

  52. Manpriya Sodhi

    proof I'm here

  53. Issa Jaa

    Literally Love It 🤗❤

  54. MomasitaDaBestest

    is this 1 guy or a group? Either way luv it!!!

  55. tric sy

    This guy will make it big 😍😍

  56. Rebeca Campos

    This song's so fucking good I need jesus

  57. crown catrice

    I love this

  58. Lui5

    the name of this album?? please

  59. Belle Ouellette-Comier

    found them awhile ago first song I heard was YOU. That's when I listened to the whole album

  60. Saba Nawaz

    I started with one song and ending up listening to the whole album! A proof that I was here before they get big! I LOVE THIS SO KICH like where have 11:11 been all my life

  61. Shalin J

    Ahhhhhhhh ♡ I love this song

  62. joy v. c.

    waiting for that one album that will make em big; grateful i get to be here first

  63. Sigrid Manoufar


  64. _sapnag

    don't worry

  65. Cynthia Roque

    Wow I liked ❤

  66. Kaia Gepalaga

    leaving my mark here so ppl know i listened to him before he got/gets famous

  67. Chris Major

    Here before they blow up

  68. Kid Kanji

    Pretty good music to vibe too!

  69. Jellyy


  70. Mariah Camarillo

    This whole album just gives you feels in every way! 😩🔥

  71. Jonathan peraza

    Why am I so late to his music?!? 🔥🔥

  72. Dakalo Makatu

    also leaving a comment to prove i was here before they made it big

  73. EleGe


  74. Anriah Shaileen

    randomly ended up listening to YOU and now I'm listening to every song. damn this shit is good why did I not know about this????? gosh

    Uke Lad

    Anriah Shaileen same lol

  75. t d

    heart eyes, i cant stop listening to him. he's great!!!!!

  76. Jazzmere Holmes

    this song is good asf!!

  77. Ashley Saetern

    Just wanted to let people know that I found this before they hit it big

  78. Jae Spriggs

    hey guys ! I'm here too !!😊😌🙏🍀

  79. avain H

    I staying in your voice

  80. avain H

    Life is so good

  81. favy huerta

    You gon get big one day🙌🏾

  82. Hey there!!

    His music is so good. I love it 😍

  83. Shabnam nz

    Omg his music is so good holy shit

  84. 2much2handle1210

    Listened to YOU and ended listening to the whole album 💕😩

  85. Marisol Mendoza

    Thank you recommendation for recommending the song 11:11- You, Now I'm here and I'm highly upset they haven't made it huge, but I'm also glad cause I was here through it all

  86. RainbowKawaiiKatlyn Gamer

    Leaving a comment so they know,I was here before they went big👍💦👅

  87. Keely-Shaye Giel

    Why hasn't he gotten the recognition that he deserves yet

  88. Keely-Shaye Giel

    Love your music!😍

  89. bebe_ari_mel

    someday he'll get big, and I will be here the whole time.