10cc - The Film Of My Love Lyrics

Co-starring you
And co-starring me
Starring us both together
The film of my love
Will travel the world
Forever and ever and ever
A back lot romance
A scripted affair
The screenplay a blessing from heaven
We're gone with the wind
On the Orient Express
To join the Magnificent Seven

The film of my love
Will travel the world
And travel the whole world over
The film of my love
Will travel the world
Over and over and over
The film of my love
Will travel the world
Over and over and over
Over and over and over again
Over and over and over

A close-up of yours
A long shot of mine
Superimposed together
I'll zoom in on you
With a love that is true
In cinemascope forever

A clapper board kiss
There's an Oscar in this
A hit or a miss whatever
A box office wedding
A premier for two
We'll be on location forever

When Pathe recall
The thrill of it all
They'll edit us both together
A legend a classic
An epic of love
Captured on film forever
A lasting embrace
That time can't erase
Let them censor the wind
Or the weather
The film of my love
Will conquer the world
Forever and ever and ever

The film of my love
Will travel the world
And travel the whole world over
The film of my love
Will travel the world
Over and over and over
The film of my love
Will travel the world
Over and over and over
Over and over and over again
Over and over and over
Over and over and over

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10cc The Film Of My Love Comments
  1. Director HFerreira

    Whole cast and crew love this song. They couldn't believe it really exists :D

  2. James Freebury

    A spine chilling song (To me anyway!)

  3. Олег Горбунов

    this song creates some easy relaxing feeling of good ole times! when the sun shone brighter and the grass was greener!

  4. Yves Gagnon

    Des chansons comme il ne s,en fait plus.Dommage.

  5. Janice Dzl

    Memories...... way back in time 💕

    Trevor Jones

    yor absolutely rite Janice, absolutely xx

    Janice Dzl

    I could sing this every word back in the day. Coming across it again I still remember all the words .... 💗💗💗

  6. Janice Dzl

    Fabulous ❤️❤️💕

  7. Eoghan Lyng

    One could make the argument that the writers of this song put their film knowledge to better use after this song ;)

  8. Joel 505


  9. john sullivan

    What singing style is this? Like a light Italian opera? I want to hear more songs like this!


    It's just an irresistably cheeky, fun sing-along to me. Makes want to swing a mug of beer aloft and belt it out.

  10. James Chriss

    Holy crap, just found the chords to this song. 21 chords. Some work is needed to cover this.

  11. John Convey

    Please listen to the King Biscuit Concert version - its bloody hilarious. GG is Melvin Sinatra.

  12. AL G

    An all time favorite of mine ....love the whole album ! Thanks for sharing !!

    Susan Greenslade

    One of my favourite albums of all time! EVERY song is so different. Sounds like many groups!

  13. charles simpson

    How many film references in this. Plus a good wee tune. love it

  14. Robert Morgan

    Well done, thank you!

  15. Jeffrey Ventola

    I love it!

  16. Brian Carter

    who's singing the drummer ? this is brilliant and beautiful. so much work was put into their stuff. it's just stupendous. who else was doing stuff like this now or then ? just incredible. it may not be rock 'n roll but it doesn't have to be.


    +PEC2528  did Graham write it?  Its amazingly beautiful!!!


    +Coryday It was written by Kevin and Lol


    +cdadlpop who sang it?

    Eoghan Lyng

    Kevin and Lol wrote it, Graham sang [email protected]

    Eoghan Lyng

    He sang all the bossa nova parts. Those really low "I love to hear those convicts squeal" were Graham's @Mitchell Smith

  17. Tim Octane

    I wonder why youtube insists on pulling my videos down that have music on them (fully credited and linked - as in "I paint to music and this is the music I painted this to") because of copyright violation, but not this stuff? - which is totally a violation if not posted by the copyright owner (apparently).???

  18. James Alexander

    Some friends of mine got married year's ago, both of them did production work, i had wished i could of played this song at their wedding.

  19. ハイビスカス

    コンセプトが面白い。安キャバレーのバンド演奏風というウリの曲。なんか好きだな、I'm not in loveの次に。

  20. Alan Holland

    Great memories of Manchester in the 70's. I had this album from new and it's just as good today as it was then. Une Nuit a Paris is a masterpiece.

  21. Stephen Taylor

    Even moreso than the previous Life Is A Minestone video, THIS is a comic masterpiece.  Love it!

  22. lafontainekookoo


  23. Geritopia

    "...a close up of yours, a long-shot of mine, superimposed together".  "clapper board kiss"  --bwrha-ha-haa!

  24. Strugglebuggie TV

    nope, not even close...

  25. Jerry Mariano

    Graham on lead vocals. He needed to have niore leads. An amazing track from an amazing album. Their masterpiece? That's debatable. A great album? Undeniable!

  26. TheKitkatgold

    Thank you for sharing with us. This Band could do any type of music. I fell in love with them when I went into this workingman's bar called The Boathouse Pub in Yardville NJ back in 1974. The drinking age was lowered to 18 back then basically because of Vietnam (whether anyone wants to admit it.) I found Rubber Bullets on the jukebox and played it over and over again. We had fun that night. Thanks again ! Kathy

  27. Otto Lund

    abeldanger net

  28. katie Cliffe

    many thanks for posting this beautiful song.x

  29. Andy Fee

    don't say it, don't say it :-)

  30. themominator22

    My brother had this album, he played I'm not in Love, over and over, LOL...he has been married to that certain someone for over 30years, I would sneak in his room and listen to this song, love it so much

  31. Peter Hoyles

    Sung by Graham Gouldman and the single that should have been released but never was...whos great idea was that!!?

    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    The song is done in an ironic way though and the general public would have no way of understanding that and it would give people wild misconceptions about the band. Like REMs massive hit Shiny Happy People. The band hate it and refused to play it live. If the irony is not detected then it goes against the grain of their entire catalogue.

  32. ghren23

    been looking forever for a copy of this. i remember listening to this song back in the day and just the first few notes took me back. too cool.

  33. kiki du

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  34. kbear1955

    I hope someone plays this at my funeral/memorial, um in ( I hope ) another 40 years....and I agree with PEC2528...over and over again!! Cheers

  35. clach1958

    Reminds me of the mid 70's and the great times we had growing up.....pretending to be an old time film star singing this at the discos and parties...great crack!!

  36. Darrell Musick

    Love cheesy charm.

  37. EnRICoPictures1968

    Great songs! Love it! EnRICoPictures

  38. Marian Settle


  39. Jeff Ferguson

    I was into Zeppelin, Floyd, Genesis, Yes, ELP back in the day. But also loved this album and this song had such cheesy charm.

  40. paul Honeywood

    I had forgotten how good this album was but hearing this song has just reminded. Iam now off to dig it out and play the fuck out of it.

  41. Frank Curwood

    This one of thoes type of songs that grows on you.If you listen to the words it,s a very sexual song just by hintting

    Patrick Reidy

    Fantastic song from a great album I thought it was Kevin Godley on lead vocals but apparently it is Graham Gouldman?? ?

  42. FlyingJunk

    Godley & Creme -- Rogers and Hammerstein of our time!

  43. Walt Fechter

    The Life and Many Loves of Peter Sellers. I love this tune.

  44. Margie Trovato

    This entire album is amazing!! I still have my old vinyl, as well as this in CD.

  45. Know Your Rights!

    If there's something called "Spaghetti Music", well, then this would be it!

    Олег Горбунов

    yes it is! but very tasty spaghetti!

  46. Dirk Diggler

    Hmmmmm... "Film".

  47. Adominae


  48. Adominae

    Right up there with "and I'm glad I'm a man and so is Lola".

  49. 100buchardt

    Incitating and somewhat glamorous

  50. P.A. Challoner

    From the album notes " Madolins at 10 paces as Vince Hill locks horns with the Girl from Ipanema"
    Damn people knock the 70's but there was far more creative people working then than there are today and 10cc where without doubt the most creative.

  51. Jhensy2012

    "A close-up of yours, a long shot of mine..." HA!

  52. cess b

    i love this! thank you :D

  53. roninfox27

    I didn't appreciate this song back in the day. Now it makes me long for times past.
    What a great song. 10CC still surprises me 35 years later...Amazing.

  54. PEC2528

    I could listen to this
    Over and over and over
    Over and over and over again
    Over and over and over
    Over and over and over

  55. 52381a

    Great LP on so many levels

  56. clach1958

    Thanks...I have been looking for this song for ages....reminds me of the mid 70's...oh my god thats a long time ago!!

  57. tennforever

    I loved this album but forgot it's title until now...thanks, pardner.

  58. Rubjerg

    Thanks to Cream (lol...) for putting this up, however cheesy some people might find it. The cheesy-ness is, of course, intended by 10cc. I understand this song as a love/satire relationship to Hollywood imagery. It's WONDERFUL!