10cc - Silly Love Lyrics

Hey toots, you put the life into living
You brought a sigh into sight
Ah hon, you make my legs turn to water
You bring the stars out at night
But they ain't half so bright
As your eyes

Gee whiz, you take the beauty out of beautiful
You play the strings of my heart
Oh babe, you take the wonder out of wonderful
Oh my, oh my, and my, if you were mine
The rain would turn to sweet sweet wine

Well he's been up all night
Breakin' his head in two to write
A little sonnet for his chickadee
But between you and me
I think its sssssssssssilly. Silly

Ooh treas, you got a smile like a Rembrandt
Aha, you got the style of a queen
Oh dear, you are the petal of a rosebud
Next to you all the others could be weeds
You're the only one my garden needs

Ooh, you know the art of conversation
Must be dying
Ooh, when a romance depends on
Cliches and toupees and threepes

We're up to here with moonin' and junin'
If you want to sound sincere -
Don't rely on Crosby's croonin' -
Take a little time
Make up your own rhyme
Don't rely on mine
'Cos it's sssssssssilly - silly - silly - silly

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10cc Silly Love Comments
  1. Gouwe Ouwe Muziek

    You can find this song and many others at www.GouweOuweMuziek.nl !

  2. cdadlpop

    Eric was having a hard time keeping a straight face in the "Oooh you know the art of conversation" bit. I can only imagine them in the studio having to take multiple takes on that part

  3. Ruby Bettes

    Lol’s shine on his hair....he could’ve been in an advert for shampoo! That mouth of his as well! 😍

  4. shandy227 shandy227

    One of the best groups, creative,clever,witty. As they say they DONT make em like that anymore,

  5. Wyatt Podmore

    Musically and lyrically one of the best British bands of all time.

  6. The Ghoul Can't Help It


  7. Baryonyx Fischkralle


  8. David Cole

    I think this single only got to about number 20, a fab song from an awesome albumn.

  9. Peter Leeson

    They were, simply terrific!

  10. A H

    What happened towards end of song ( the best bit) total darkness!

  11. Ron Dunn

    And then, it went dark.

  12. Geritopia

    Fade to black a bit prematurely. 'Hadn't seen this video version before.

  13. PEC2528

    its easy to forget how effing good these guys were

    Mark Rago

    This is on of my favorites along with Clockwork Creep and the later Godley and Creme stuff

    Lauretta Roper

    I forgot about 10cc for 40 years then when David Bowie died and many others started dropping like flies, rediscovered them on a whim. Seeing /hearing this music live is wonderful.

    Tee See1962

    @Lauretta Roper Yeah man they are ace check out Swet and Ian Hunters mob too stuff we forget eh.. credit to the poster tho

    Tee See1962

    @moonage daydream 10cc were a confusing band when I grew up we were used to a song with chorus and in one tempo. Dont get me wrong many bands around that time playing that kicked my mind out of my head. 10cc was on TOTP a;ll of the time and I thought they were wank cos you couldn't grab hold of it and it didnt help that they were played all of the time on Radio One. They became the anthem for Auntie Beeb and its not till later you realise how clever they were, and the influnece certain menbers had before and after. Incredible band.

    moonage daydream

    @Tee See1962 I discovered 10cc in 1994. I was brought up on listening to records, so when i became a certain age, i would buy as much cheap vinyl as possible at car boot sales etc. 10cc sheet music got me started on buying all their albums. Im now 40 and nothing much has changed, except the room for more collecting. Mott the hoople, they were something very special. I love the sweet to. They were incredible. I read about it all the time. 60's,70's,80's Music is my life. Those three decades certainly had something musical to say!!!

  14. Wilko Gypie

    My favorite song.

  15. John Convey

    Great track great lyrics - never seen this before thanks for posting. You don't have the Art for Arts Sake TOTP performance do you ? Been looking for it for years. Eric was on lead vocals as per the single. Every other live performance GG takes the lead except for the Live & Let Live Album - when ToM took the lead.


    That ToTP performance would be well worth seeing, I agree. Are you certain ES does lead vocals on AFAS? There seems to be a difference of opinion.

    ToM's performance of AFAS on L&LL is ignominious - he gets drowned out by the backing vocals :o

  16. gsx-r 750

    A true classic. love it.