10cc - Rock 'n' Roll Lullaby Lyrics

Listen while I sing you to sleep
With a rock 'n' roll lullaby
Close your eyes and don't you peep
This is a rock 'n' roll lullaby
Sandman's gonna get you

Snuggle down your sleepy head
It's gettin' late the Sandman said
Your dreams are waiting
It's daybreak in the land of nod
So get to sleep you little sod
Your dreams are waiting

And if you get a nightmare
Would you go and shake your Ma
Cause your Daddy's been a workin' all day
And if you go and get a glass of water by yourself
You can show us that you're older than you are
Show us that you're older

The Sandman's gonna get you

Well you're too small to understand
You're living in a wonderland
Your dreams are waitin'

If only we could be there too
And dream a dream along with you
Your dreams are waitin'

Careful that you don't get out the wrong side of the cot
Are you gonna be an angel or a devil
You're too small to reason what is right and what is wrong
Childhood dreams are gone too fast
There's no way we can make them last

We'll always love you anyway
Any way you are
Any way you are

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10cc Rock 'n' Roll Lullaby Comments
  1. rzbrzotrzBGD

    I was introduced to 10cc music in my teenage years with "How Dare You!" Still my favorite 10cc album. And one of my favorite bands. Thank you, Djuro!

  2. Jeff Dawson

    Gosh, they were so good.

  3. Meep

    clap clap clap clap.. again and again and again,,10cc livessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Dave Moishe

    Just trying to put our 2 week old to bed. We are in hysterics at the lyrics here.

  5. Lennart Jonsson

    Lelle from stockholm 10cc respect

  6. Terry Redfern

    My 3 year old Stan loves this being sung to him when we've finished reading - and he is a little sod!


    aww, wonderful Terry

  7. Antonio Dias

    very good!! Congratulations Eric Stewart!!!!

  8. Autumn Blue

    Got this song stuck in my head, so here I am.

  9. Alexander Bakhuta

    Удивительно добрая песня.

  10. R Rhodes

    Funny and affecting at the same time, Frank Zappa was often able to manage that too. But the best part, and what I always anticipate, is the gorgeous chorus at the end. It's entirely too brief. Where's my time machine..I want to go back...back.. (sigh)

  11. Javier Castell Melero

    Este temita no lo tenía yo escuchado...

  12. Richard Ozimek

    Lovely. 6/8 time. Makes me want to go on the nod. Thanks
    Diamond Dogs