10cc - Ready To Go Home Lyrics

On the street below these walls
Where I used to walk
Now I can barely crawl
All this darkness rising tall
Lord shine a light for me
I'm waiting to be called

I'm ready to go home
I'm ready to receive
Forgiveness for my sins
I'm ready to begin

Take this river to the sea
Where the Delta flows
The tide is washing over me
Guide this soul to Heaven's door
Show me where tomorrow lies
I'm waiting to be born

I'm ready to lay down
I'm ready now to sleep
A promise I must keep
I'm ready to go home

So tired I lay down
With these memories
Breathe shallow deep inside of me
If time has run its course with me

I'm ready to go home
I'm ready to receive
Forgiveness for my sins
I'm ready to begin

When the evening shadows fall
When the time has come
I'll let defences fall
To surrender's to survive
I will give up everything
To those I leave behind

I'm ready to go home
I'm ready to receive
Forgiveness for my sins
I'm ready to begin

I'm ready to lay down
I'm ready now to sleep
A promise I must keep
I'm ready to go home

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10cc Ready To Go Home Comments
  1. banthony

    Beautiful video!

  2. banthony

    lead vocal by Andrew Gold

  3. Lani Valente

    Alguém assistindo em 10/2019?

  4. Doca Randjelovic

    Yes, I waiting for Him. Please come to me sweet Lord. 😇🙏❤️, take us home. Marran atha

  5. manny cort

    I'm ready to go home jesus take me home


    I love this song. A masterpiece in vocal harmonies.

  7. Johannes Pronk

    The number 10 symbolizes perfection, reflected by this wonderful, meaningful 10CC song. God bless them!

  8. Yaamar Malikah

    Such awesome slide show congrats!

  9. BR Nelson BR FL

    Linda, linda.

  10. cecilia marcello primo

    essa música é lembrar daquele lindo especial que eu conheço há 22 anos que eu estou morrendo de saudades

  11. Joice Sousa Santos


  12. Michelle Henderson

    Beautiful. God Bless

  13. Jason del Maitre

    Best version of this track from? >>>>>>>10cc<<<<<<<🎸❤️

  14. Seth Gold

    Very realistic , honest and beautiful song! Morten Harket from the great band A- HA made a very nice version of this peace of art.

  15. Vitor Colares


    Seth Gold

    Nao sabia disso. Muito bom gosto! Xx

  16. Juliana Mendes

    Na voz do morten harket ficou 10 tb

  17. Natanael Ridolfi

    Não tem nem explicação

  18. cecilia marcello primo

    quando eu ouço essa música me lembro de uma pessoa que eu conheço há 20 anos ele tem um jeito tão especial que me deixa sem palavras com.o seu jeito carinhoso

  19. Rich Harker

    if you like this lovely song, you will like the album, "Ring of changes" by Barclay James Harvest. I can definitely hear Eric Stewart's voice on this track, even though it's changed with the passage of time.

  20. lleifior2

    Heard it for the first time in Graham Gouldman's gig in Colwyn Bay (of all places) a couple of months ago and its haunted me since. Great song.

  21. Adrian Brown

    Beautiful. My wife knows this is the song for my funeral

  22. Allan James

    Such a beautiful song....lyrics and harmonies are some of the best EVER

  23. Clair D lune

    excelente versao e trabalho parabens

  24. Edward Knox

    Such a brilliant song by a fantastic group.

  25. Alessandro Aparecido

    Tenho essa trilha sonora história de amor internacional em fita cassete não desfaço por nada nesse mundo.

    Debora Ferraz

    Por muitos anos procurei essa música. Ouvindo trilhas de novela reencontrei essa maravilhosa melodia. Mais de 10 anos procurando, mas valeu .



  27. John Lozano

    That was very excellent, the music and the video! Thank you for uploading this. I knew of 10cc but I haven't heard this song before!

  28. Mr.Borrany

    Thank you 10cc for this wonderful song ❤️❤️❤️

  29. thematrixman

    yes true its just for 10cc, someone told me it was wax, and on websites it appeared so, but not anymore, although graham and gold were in fact were a band called wax in the uk with 3 albums which were a flop( not to be confused with the punk band from california, ) ,, it has been a cover for some artists during some time now. from the album ,10cc mirror mirror. and, no, my mistake they didnt write this as wax. the only listed author of the song is Grahan Gouldman, in memory of his father. I came upon it through Sissel who versioned in the Northern Lights special.

  30. MoiNoisette

    Let's hope he's home in heaven now. :(

  31. Romy Judith Spoor

    I'm ready ,..a great video !!

  32. Melinda Goodbeau

    I'm ready to begin I am me

  33. Meep

    what a great song. iv never heard this one before, is it a latter 10cc song? >> bravo clapssssssssssssss

    Bob Lmusic

    1995 Mirror Mirror - Their last CD( although Goldman put together a band and made a 10cc tour and live album on his own. Eric Stewart & Graham Goldman solo efforts, a couple of collaborations. It is an outstanding cd, lush sound, great songs, maybe the best tone quality of any cd.


    cool stuff Bob ty :)

    Larry Wilson

    Given the state of things with 10cc around that time, it was a very well made album.

  34. melody khaw

    I really want to know the lyrics, Any one has it, please post it, thanks

  35. Judith Birch

    im having this for my funeral

    Bob Lmusic

    and my Mom's, she died 12 hours ago

    Steve Drakes

    Snap, me too.

    Yaamar Malikah

    me too i am willing this one for sure.

  36. Laura C

    what a stunning video. just gorgeous. Gods creations always fills me with awe. and a beautiful song to go with it. i am so happy and greatful we have artists who put these things together for us to experience. they are truly gifted and generous to share.

  37. Judith Birch

    I never knew 10cc sang this I saw them in the 70s going in strawberry studios thanks lol from stockport uk

    Bob Lmusic

    recorded 1995

    Larry Wilson

    This was from their last album, which didn't get released in a lot of places.

  38. Kathy zrinyi

    I'm so ready to go home. It can't come soon enough

  39. Glenn Hall

    Just watched this again. That slide show is amazing... and the song is great! Well done.

  40. Maria Aparecida

    todas as vezes que ouço choro

  41. Pamela Smotherman

    Beautiful video!

  42. Maurice Thompson

    What can I say? Wonderful. I am 52 year old and this was my first band that I listened too. So good.

  43. Alexandre D'ARPA

    Morten harket 's version is as beautiful. Maybe more....

    Gabika Mrvova

    +D'arpa Alexandre without maybe :) Harket's is more :)

    Marjorie McBride

    Have you heard Sissel Kyrkjebo sing it? A heavenly version is how I would describe it. Morten Harket’s is also wonderful. It’s just a really moving song.

    Jason del Maitre

    Gabika Mrvova
    In my opinion 10cc version is much better!

  44. Mary .Hefestay

    classy on every level

  45. Luciano Lopes

    A música original é essa com o 10CC, composta por Graham Gouldman, vocalista do 10CC que a fez em homenagem a seu pai que faleceu. Fez sucesso em 1995.  Asia re gravou  em 2000 . E pra mim nenhuma versão supera essa original que é magnífica. Pena que na novela História de amor só tocou no encerramento .

    Alessandra C.

    *Salão* *Soares* foi o vocalista do A-ha que gravou em sua carreira solo...o Morten Harket

    Vanessa Alves

    Verdade Luciano iria citar isso agora. Musica tão bonita poderia ter tocado mais na novela. Mas quando escuto essa música lembro mt da novela. Gosto mt dessa música.

    Vitor Colares

    Verdade tocou pouco na novela , talvez pq tivesse tanta musica linda na trilha sonora , uma pena .

    Yaamar Malikah

    De fato amo essa versao

  46. inquiring mind

    ~ beautiful...made me cry a little ~

  47. Glenn Hall

    Great, great song.  Excellent slide show.  Are you ready to go home?  See zedek dot us

  48. Marianne Broad nee McCombie

    my mother went home last week, she chose this song to walk her path... 

  49. thematrixman

    , this is not 10cc i believe its  WAX a band from the 80´s ..graham gouldman was from 10cc but this one im pretty sure its not when he was there, in fact if you look for the credits both graham gouldman and andrew gold appear as authors, (who were the members of WAX) gouldman wrote the lyrics and i suppose Andrew wrote the song.

    Jon Hirshman

    +thematrixman It's from the 10cc album Mirror Mirror (their last). Sung by Andrew Gold who had worked with 10cc previously.

    Larry Wilson

    Nope. It's 10cc. This particular album, "Mirror Mirror," was never released in the US. It was released on Avex, a label that has much wider distribution outside the US. They'd just gotten bounced from a multi-album deal with Polydor after their so-called reunion album "...Meanwhile" bombed, and things were so bad between Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman that they didn't even record the album in the same studios with each other.


    Here's what I know: This is an arrangement by Andrew Gold, with Andrew singing. I understand that Graham Gouldman wrote the song for his father when his father was dying. Whatever the reasons, it originally was put out by 10cc, but you'll also find this actual track on Andrew's "Since 1951" album, and a version by Graham on one of his own albums. I was never a fan of 10cc, or of Graham, or of WAX: I found this because I was a fan of Andrew Gold. There was even a bunch of monks who recorded this song in Gregorian Chant style! Great song. Of course, I consider Andrew's version--this one--my favorite.

    Bill Heineman

    The song was penned in 1991 by Gouldman to honor his Father.

    Bill Heineman

    NO, post Wax...
    "Ready to Go Home" was penned by Graham Gouldman with music co-written with Andrew Gold. The song appeared
    on the 1995 final album by 10cc, 'Mirror Mirror' with lead vocal for this song provided by Andrew Gold. This album
    marked the end of a decades-long partnership between Gouldman and Stewart and brought, after a 9 year hiatus,
    their 3 year "reunion" as 10cc to a close.
    "Ready to Go Home", was written in 1991 by Gouldman in memory of his father, poet and playwright
    Hymie Gouldman, who had died that same year..

  50. Lucy M

    Great music, very appropriate/great images of slide show!!!

  51. thorsten witt

    so erschöpft lege mich mit diesen erinnerungen hin atme tief ein und diezeit rennt schnell mit mir ich bin bereit nach hause zu gehen .
    wenn die zeit gekommen ist wehre ich mich nicht mehr aufzugeben zu überleben
    ich überlasse alles denen die ich hinterlasse

  52. meninamanga

    amen my friend