10cc - Don't Hang Up Lyrics

Hello there
How have you been
I've called a million times
But to me you're never in
I know I never had the style
or dash of Errol Flynn
But I loved you

I'm doing really well
I'm as happy as a lark
I got a new apartment
It's as safe as Central Park
And if they ever mug me
When I'm walking in the dark
Will you know

Don't hang up
Don't hang up

Rolled up in my camera
With the big cheese up above
I stumbled from my stag night
To a never ending limousine

The band went la di da di da
And I got loady do di dodied
Lousy violins began to play
I went no no no
And as the vol-au-vents exploded
I was walking down the aisle the other way

Don't hang up
Don't hang up
Don't say, Oooh
Nobody's safe in our house

Leave me alone
But a but a please
Leave me alone
Just a mo, a minute
I'm so alone

We had
Some honeymoon on itchy bedding
Scum buzzing round your busy body
Dumb waiters waiting sweating straining
All mass-debating my woman

We got a
Bum Guatemala pensione
Crumbling about our ears, Ole
Even the trash man he say

You got a dustbin romance
It's going down the drain
You got a low impedence
She's got a rocky terrain

Oo, you got a lot to learn
Oo, you got a lot to learn
You got a lot to learn about women
A lot to learn about women women
What's to learn about women
We've both got a lot to learn

Surprise surprise
There's a hell of a well in your eyes
Have we won the no Nobel Prize
Has the colour run out of our dies

Surprise surprise
There's a hell of a well in your eyes
When the barman said "What're you drinking?"
I said marriage on the rocks

I know I never had the style
or dash of Errol Flynn
But I loved you

Don't hang up
Don't hang up
Don't say ....

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10cc Don't Hang Up Comments
  1. Susan Stocks

    I wish this song was re'released. Its a classic of its era. Which can still be enjoyed today.

  2. Treviscoe

    Used to have this album and forgot how good this was.

  3. sproutyDP

    70s  music - Gaye, EW&F , Zep, Floyd , The Dan , The Carpenters & the wonderful 10cc to name a few.
    God I was so lucky


    "What are you drinking? - Marriage on the Rocks"!!! I love this line! As one of life's cynics especially about marriage and relationships I shall store this line in my memory banks to be unleashed at future junctures... People you have been warned...

  5. Ronald Ballard

    Yes indeed. The story of my first love lost. The harder I tried to get her back, the harder she pushed me away. Time took the edge off the pain of all that.

  6. Ronald Ballard

    Yeah a really great band. I miss 10cc. Wow it's been so long.

  7. Louis Baxter

    The whole "Art for Artsake" album is a wonderful journey of sounds and emotions, with colourful, enlightening and inspiring lyrics, if some times borderline 'cheesey'.

    It is my all time favourite rock album alongside Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".

    Brits should never fear Brexit...we just have the most amazing talents on this small but significant part of the world.

  8. Melro

    Is this song used in a movie? Sounds so familiar to me.

  9. David Cole

    From backing Niel Sedaka to producing astonishing, memorable music. Its pretty ageless really.

  10. TerryTreg

    The music is genius, the lyrics are genius, the whole song is fucking genius.

  11. Mike Johansson

    "Get it while you can" isn't on the original vinyl?

  12. MrMot611

    This is the story of my first marriage in 1976. Almost every verse rings true. We separated 9 months later.


    OUCH!!! I've always been an utter cynic about love/marriage/romance and stories like your's only confirm my belief! I hope things have worked out for you since... Love 10cc of course... that is a love can remain in perpetiuity...


    I want to know why Vws Vas placed this GEM on You Tube ??

    Vws Vas

    How Dare You! is my favorite 10cc album and one of my most favorite 1970s pop-rock albums.
    And this song, instant top favorite since the first time i heard it.

  14. perripeach

    ah... thank you, 선미...

  15. Trishulananda Paul McMullen

    Pretty sure my heart skips a beat whenever I hear the opening bars of this song, then it's just wave after wave of pure emotion. Genius composition and performance.


    Totally agree, well said. :)

  16. Gabrielle Dragonetti

    Awesome song

  17. wajobu

    A proper Godley and Creme drama.

  18. Brock Mak

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_2T_i_3DTU&t=9m27s Sunmi brought me here.

  19. Paul Hallam

    Nobody could have wrtten and performed this song the way 10cc did. simply the best

  20. torben lyneborg eriksen

    That's ...art.

  21. Sally Pea

    Great song! Beautiful voice

  22. dazzlingdublinblue1

    Kevin Godley has such a beautiful voice. Love 10cc and love this song.

  23. airofan

    It is a stunning track. I think that Kevin Godley has the most astonishing voice in Rock to this day.

  24. james woody

    I've called a million times!

    Susan Stocks

    But to me your never in.

  25. John Russell Reilly

    My fave song by 10cc !!!

  26. Richard Fleming

    2,500 views you got to be joking, what a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Susan Stocks

    Richard Fleming and with the shite they churn out today.

  27. Floyd Feeser

    one of the greatest under rated bands of all time. simply genius.

  28. mcgrathjc

    Simply perfect.

  29. Ágnes Albert

    Who composed this great song?

    max slamer

    Kevin Godley & Lol Creme. Kevin sings lead. Maybe my no. 1 favourite 10 cc song, among many .

    Ágnes Albert

    Thanks. :)

  30. Find That Music!

    So perfect, what a voice too.

  31. xtstevie

    Another stunning track

  32. europis888

    Kevin Godley in lead vocals, right ?

    mic fos

    +europis888 Yep, gotta be one of the best rk n rl vocalists ever, extraordinary range

    Ágnes Albert

    The background vocal is also great and beautiful.