10 Years - From Birth To Burial Lyrics

You're next in line to love me for the night
So say goodbye and leave me on high
Don't darken my door with your light.
Your long winded lies of a short mended life
I die by design on a dime.
Drag me along singing this song.
Bury my bones when the glory is gone
The infection has led to the heart and the head
The infection has led to the heart and the head

All my monuments of accomplishments
Are lost and left behind
How do I find an end,
I can't remember how this began
There's no loyalty in shooting stars
Just lawyer fees and failure scars
For every birth there is a death,
For every sunrise there is a set
Half past my prime that spark in my eye
Is discolored and oxidized
And all that resides is how to survive
And provide when this dream as died

Farewell welfare, farewell welfare

Don't darken my door with your light,
Long winded lies of a short mended life
I die by design on a dime.
Bury my bones when the glory is gone

Farewell welfare, farewell welfare
We're dying in stereo from birth to burial
We're dying in stereo from birth to burial

So say goodbye, you loved me for the night

Farewell welfare, farewell welfare
We're dying in stereo from birth to burial
We're dying in stereo from birth to burial

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10 Years From Birth To Burial Comments
  1. Derek Becerra

    Porque este disco no esta en spotify ?

  2. ronald d Shouse

    one of there best live songs ever  !!  just never caught on ....

  3. Lydio Kenerly

    One of my favorite bands all time. That's across the whole music genre' too

  4. Josh Marquez

    2019 !!

  5. jesse davidson

    I've been with them since they released "Feeding the Wolves" Wish I found them sooner but my God they have become my number one band by far. Can't wait to see Jesse live!

  6. Lyndaa Welch

    One of my favorite bands!

  7. BitingZ

    This album I sung with so much emotion

  8. Aliyah Burnette

    I love Jessie’s voice good lord he’s cute.😍

  9. Kevin Reed

    I saw them live last year at the sokol auditorium in Omaha, NE. Fucking awesome.

  10. Lynette P

    I feel this song is a big middle finger to the music industry!!!!!

  11. Pokemon Ranger Hannah

    I'm 16, 17 soon, and I grew up listening to this band. My mom would always play it in the car when we were going somewhere. she knew I like the way it sounded despite not knowing what the lyrics meant or the names of the songs. Now I'm here years later listening to this band and feeling nastolgic. I always feel my mom when I listen to this band. Don't worry, she's not dead. I just don't see her much these days. So this band means a lot to me.

  12. Big StraitAl

    “Farewell welfare.” So simple yet so poetic

  13. Dunkel Sidhe

    Just found this song. I can hear the Tool influence and i ADORE it!!! Great song!!!

  14. hardlybreathe93

    Damn Im the first comment in a year

  15. hanibal lektor

    sounds a lot like TOOL.... which is great btw

  16. omar khorshed

    Fuck yeah i want running in place :( i cant found this music

  17. Matthew Cota

    Memento mori

  18. Yanick Lajoie

    That's so good chilling music after a 2 hours Black Metal session ! They are pretty impressive live ! Love the vocals. So Underrated !!

  19. Kathryn Odgers

    I love this band, it's so underrated. ♡

  20. DONVITO_817

    I'm be sad when they take my welfare away.

  21. jc1424

    This song is orgasms.

  22. Ryder21

    If you get a chance to see them live, do it. They do not disappoint at all, I saw them a while back and Jesse just casually walked up to me and I was a little dumbfounded. It's not often that you get to meet people that influenced your life and kept your spirits up in times of sorrow.

  23. Cam Drake

    this whole album is fucking golden

  24. Chris Hoffman

    I kept waiting for this to go a place that it never went. Frustrating.

  25. James Harrelson

    seen these guys in a acoustic concert with finger 11 at ziggys by the sea in Wilmington north Carolina awsome show keep it up guys rock on..

  26. RocketLR

    This song reminds me allot of Supernatural, for some reason..

  27. burnout rage

    so fuckin awesome nice punch

  28. SgtFunBun

    When are they coming out with a new album? I need it!

    Michael Squires

    Hopefully next year


    That's what i heard.^ new music coming up this year hopefully. HYPE!

    Rig 111

    It’s out

  29. Marissa Miguel

    I love 10 years so much😍✨. it's such an awesome band and the words to the song has so much meaning.

  30. 000000000000

    Wow can't believe this has so little views they kept playing this song on music choice and now I'm looking for it cause it was so good ^.^

  31. Robert Aguilar

    i like this song but i remember he had super dookie dreads


    underated beyond belief the most epic sound and so different than everything else out there. such a shame.


    I casually share their music with my friends every now and then to try and boost their popularity because frankly, they deserve it.
    I know it'll make almost no difference but hey, all I can do

  33. bertie 5830

    currently obsessed with this band why did I not find them sooner :(.

  34. Swedish Mussolini

    Imagine this song featuring Chino Moreno... :o



  35. Jøbąrd

    Needs to be patient so that his lance of the heavy, and a lot spleen it.

  36. reach4fallen

    Why aren't there that many Views or likes?
    I've followed this band for years


    For 10 Years? ;)

  37. Killsocialmedia

    Midlife crisis! The glory is gone!

  38. Mary Wiede

    I really enjoy the lyrics, deep and honest with the concept that it portrays.

  39. Replicator Fifth

    every album is different I swear. was a fan since The Autumn Effect and I like each change they make. miss the old surreal sound of Autumn Effect so its nice to see that, at least lyric wise, there is a return to that

  40. Alfredo B

    Wow ! Very little views now a day for rock bands that make awesome and great music. Why people stop listening to 10 years!


    They've moved on to rubbish like Justin Bieber and the like.

  41. Ictinaetus

    Am I the only one who really didn't enjoy this album? I miss the creative string complexity of past albums, and this album just seemed like a typical "hit everything really hard and play really fast" kind of album.

    Mathbook Hero

    i kinda felt the same way when i first got it. Be of fact i was so hyped for it i actually ended up hating it. But after a break from their music for a few months a took a listen to every album i had all the way though and it felt like a good progression from Minus the Machiene to this.
    But i formally respect your opinion as i 100% where youre coming from with it

    Jaria Pippin

    +Mathbook Hero Same. It didn't strike a chord with me like previous albums, but they still rank as one of my favorites.

    Replicator Fifth

    +Shneaky Shnake I do miss the surreal feeling of Autumn Effect. I'd do homework to that album back in middle school. This is closer to their very first album which was heavier.

  42. EvilBastage Morningstar

    no 1 gets out alive

  43. EdgeOfNightfall


    stinky spider

    @narve​ their songs "the red" "Send the pain below". "Vitamin R (leading us along)" "the clincher"
    All played on the radio at one point. Even NOW-A-DAYS you'll hear "send the pain below" on the radio And just to add to how not underated they are, they're actually on tour right now and on September the 24, they are coming to where I am in a stadium close by to do a show. actually 2 big known places.

    Alfredo B

    @empire LK Aren't those songs from chevelle? 😕


    Those are all definitely Chevelle songs. You trolling?

    Gibson Guy

    One of the most underrated bands of the 2000's and still today.

  44. Jennacide Angel

    Most of there songs r about drug addiction and how it destroys you and everyone you know. Lol I'm a recovering addict so I can pick up on all the things that seem like "riddles" to prob who have not been or seen much of that lifestyle. I love them for this. Listening to them helps so much and my beloved who is still a complete junkie. I used almost all of 10 years songs, to show him and let him listen to help. Either I say, this is me singing to you! And then play the song like this one. Being and addict is a true disease. So when he says DIME, A DIME BAG of weed,coke, ect. Also they sing about what fame does to you and intesneifys. The drug usage for them. Like the song, shoot it out, about being famous and doin drugs and fighting against them, the song, chemical life, thatS kinda self explanatory. But read my below comment so tall don't think I'm trying to be be a know it all lol. Just went down the page n nobody really could say what it was about. Use its meaning 4 what helps u

    Roi The Cryin

    wow, thank you. glad you are recovering, good luck :)

    Jennacide Angel

    +Watch Out, I Spot Cancer! What cancer! Nooooo but I've been clean for 9 yrs! Lol just kidding about the first part n yes clean for 9ish years. I think it might be 10 but just incase it isn't I say 9 :p lol thank you for nice reply! 😸

    Roi The Cryin

    any day, and if you ever need to contact someone, I'm right here, have a nice day :D

    Albert Quitero

    Jennacide Angel it

  45. Jennacide Angel

    It's mainly about what drug addiction does to you, but I like to think we take lyrics outta context all the time with different songs and use our meaning of what they think to get bye! ;) insanely fucking epic! Been waiting for a lyriced video so omg thank you thank you! Who ever made this made my day so fucking good!!

  46. Grimm

    I don't know I am not giving this band up though. It does have positive messages and I will prove to her that it is not satanic.

  47. Grimm

    I have been in a debate with my mom about this band. I absolutley love the band but my mom claims that they are a satanic band, I did so much research to find out if they are or not, mosltly the answers I got were they were Christian, but I did get other answers saying they are not or they are satanic. Please help me to figure out if they either are, aren't, or neither. I love this band and their music so help is appreciated! Thank you!


    Ive met these guys and watched them live several times, they are NOT satanic.. They're neutral. As most bands in relation to them are. Very nice guys as well. Show her the lyric video of "proud of you" by them. That song alone should prove it.


    +MrNateMCM Thank you this was helpful! The song was beautiful too.


    I'm sorry but how in the world is this band satanic? Most of their songs have positive messages. Your mom is so wrong and misinformed...

    Swedish Mussolini

    few bands that aren't metal are satanic. the members of 10 years are Christian, and some Christian elements can be found in their music, but you won't be singing any 10 years songs in church anytime soon


    Z0mb13 Honestly man, I have to admit that there is a point where religion can overtake someone's life and allow it to sway their decisions and what most would view as rational. 10 Years is not a satanic band by any measure but, Ghost BC on the other hand is a satanic band but here is where I find conflict. Bands like Ghost BC are more about the idea of the most important being is one's self and no other deity but Christianity seems to be so full of bigotry and close mindedness.

  48. DabRecycleMichael

    This bassline is too much for me to handle. Holy shit, such epicness.

  49. Brandon Constant

    badass live band, maybe my favorite......

  50. ttlpwn34

    at first :D followed by :O ending with :)

  51. MrNateMCM

    The beginning was beautiful.. First time i heard this, the beginning gave goosebumps. Then it went to shit.. Being a bit brutal i know. But this could of been a BEAUTIFUL SONG. He could of carried that song on slow adding in some heavy acoustics and really let that voice flow because he sounded incredible. Once the tempo speeded up.. Faceplam moment. Been a fan since the 1st album, they had a weird direction on this one. However the album isnt bad, 4 solid tracks.

    Mike Nelson

    +MrNateMCM I die hard with this band. I've listened to this band's entire catalogue, and last year decided that they were my favorite of all time. I even included them in a sleeve. I am wiiling to admit that it gets a little strange at 1:28 to 1:41. You can't go from those opening lyrics and a piano to yelling and guitar work instantly. Having said that, if you don't fall right back in love with this song at 2:08 when the guitar comes in on the bridge, I don't have much hope for you as a hard rock/metal fan. It's powerful.


    +Mike Nelson no it does pick back up, it's just that part makes the song as a whole disappointing hearing the direction it was starting to take. Hard rock fans can enjoy a heavy acoustic with a soft melody... lol

    Joseph Freese

    You just have poor taste in great music.


    Yep. If they heard Dillinger Escape Plan they might shit their pants.

    Communist Ham

    Know any songs that are fully like the beginning?

  52. Stephanie Lambert

    Yes guys are amazing ♡♡♡♡♡

  53. Fuad Alloush

    This guy's VOICE !!!!! can't describe it 😍😍😍

    Bryan Lenihan

    Fuad Alloush Jesse is one of the most underrated vocalists in the scene


    I can. It's just a replica of Maynard James Keenan


    @SuperFloyd35 i'd say a mix of Chevelle and Deftones but definitely not maynard

  54. Mostly Rocket League

    new song? why am I late to this ?

  55. Django W

    How do we 10 years videos as many views and likes as anything from Miley?

  56. Denisha Campbell

    I looooooove this song!!!

  57. Evil Toad

    I'm new to 10 years. I really like their song Wasteland, and I like their album The Autumn Effect, so I decided I'd check deeper in to them. This song, I have to say, the instrumentals are phenomenal. The lyrics are a bit out there (Dying in stereo. farewell well fare), but they're kind of amusing at times. This is a pretty good song if I do say so myself.


    +Evil Toad Yeah they definitely do have a unique lyric style. A lot of their lyrics, in my opinion, are made in subtext and a little bit of riddle.

    Replicator Fifth

    +Frisbee remind me of Tool ever so slightly but they are indeed unique :D


    the autumn effect is such a perfect album

    Evil Toad

    Update, after this, I kind of forgot about the band, until I heard the song Waking Up one day. Somehow I'd missed it when I listened to The Autumn Effect, and had never heard it. Now I'm hooked fully. Favorite two albums have to be the first 2 though

  58. LTCWM1

    they went system of a down on this song

  59. Tuestanio

    oh god! it was perfect until de fast part... almost make me download the album, but when the vocal sing fast crap the song


    That was my reaction, as a long time fan. The beginning gave me goosebumps. and... Then it sped it up. Im thinking NO. Could of been an amazing track. His vocals were perfect

  60. Victoria Flanagan

    It's so catchy

    Victoria Flanagan

    Can't stop listening

    Roi The Cryin

    +Tabby Kitty same

  61. We Are The Empty

    Why did they release the album then delete it? :-(

    William Wildman

    They died in stereo deleted in burial!

    Cheryl Williams

    +William Wildman your stupid lmfao

    Rig 111

    They didn’t

  62. Jonathan Ramirez

    This is an honest question hopefully some of ya'll can provide some feedback on.
    What do you guys think the band meant to portray with the verse "We're dying in stereo, from Birth to Burial"?

    Thanks you guys?


    stereo is when there I'd two speaks with different noise, so I'm guessing it means that we die in two ways, mentally and physically

    Jonathan Ramirez

    @Rennoc thanks for the feedback. That makes sense and better than what I thought. Lol. I just thought we were dying "loudly". Lol

  63. Marco Tilburg

    love it!

  64. Evan Acker

    Brilliant song!! Favorite from the album. WORTH going and buying this album too. 10 Years for life!!

  65. Skorp

    Truthful lyrics. Always think about my death all the time and the realization we are all not immortal.

    The Artist J

    i am. im going to heaven. Jesus died so i could.

    Zero: Dragon of the Void

    @The Artist Bros
    Boy are you going to be disappointed. Or not. Corpses can't feel disappointment.

    Nathan S

    +The Artist Bros because people didn't die before he was around right?

    Roi The Cryin

    +Nathan S According to what I've been told, those people who died before Jesus would have the Earth to himself or something. I'm not exactly active in religion, but that's what I remember. Don't diss someone for religion.

    Jesse B

    explains the existence of a creator.

  66. A Perfect Circle

    Just picked up this cd today... Hardcore 10 years fan! LOVE IT

  67. Sid

    So fucking edgy.

  68. PlotwistInc

    Frickin' amazing, as usual!

  69. Cheryl Williams

    You guys have to release 'Luna' also... this album so worth the wait.

  70. Alexandra Jade

    Well, I found my new favorite band.

  71. Marci Drechsler

    I love this band..........hardcore fan!

  72. UndeadHybridS9ldier

    "From Birth to Burial" wasn't my favorite album from 10 Years but it certainly had a few killer tracks.

    Jennacide Angel

    +ruukusanla Really support your comment! Even though that kid was prob 13 lol. But whoever it was acted a lot younger so fuck em! And I get yelled at my grammar :( but just like u said I spell things wrong and right in my own way lol as u can see ;)

    Jennacide Angel

    +Jenna Jenkins see errrr meant *for my grammar* :p


    +Jenna Jenkins thanks Jenna. . :)

    luv ur profile pic btw and if you love 10 years try CODEC another great band orginal singer from 32 leaves just a shout out... just be sure you buy not pirate ;p..x

    Replicator Fifth

    +Kyler Tallant for bands like this I like to support them :D

    Ben Stapleton

    +WeAreTheOcean13 I'm not gonna tell you to buy all the music you listen to, but I won't tell you stealing is ok. I don't care if there is a cheaper way of doing something. Doing things cheap can get people killed, take the Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse as an example. An engineer there did something unethical by cutting corners, I can't get into the details here but someone doing the cheap thing killed people. While stealing music is not the same as killing, cutting corners starts with the small stuff. I understand you do not have the money to buy every song you want, but buy the songs that are most important to you and use free Spotify for the rest. It isn't about what you think is right, its about what is right.

  73. Lauren Ross

    man they made another great song but I remember about 6 years ago when they were so amazing-er that what they is now :P they've changed a lot

  74. AHab

    Holy shit!! I didn't realize how much I missed them till I saw this...Did I forget to mention how amazing this sounds?


    Grim Reaper Welcome back! haha


    SuzuRyderHD 😮 Where have I been?

  75. Krystal Wilkerson

    Love the song and video.
    'For every birth there is a death, for every sunrise there is a set'- Reminds me that it is a part of this life to have cycles, make the most of our high points and find a way to learn from the low points to grow from there.
    Thankfully, you guys are fully alive and able to let us be part of your 'dream' that has not 'died.'  Great job, guys! :D

  76. Innocent Sweetie

    EPIC song! I love 10 Years!

  77. Tzu An Po

    Come to Taiwan plz!!!!

  78. Christopher Frederick

    as soon as they open their mouth at the 28 second mark....DONE....! Fucking posers..! You wanna hear true NEW METAL at its forthcoming 2003? Dry Kill Logic...."ROT"


    This is just rock... Get the fuck over yourself.

    Cheryl Williams

    may you suffer from the itch of A thousand crabs and your arms be too short to scratch if you speak bad about 10 years me your tongue fall out


    Dry Kill Logic? What's that? An obscure local band you started with a couple friends? Get over yourself homie.


    Dry Kill Logic is like System Of A Down, except obnoxious and hardly enjoyable.

    Being a fantastic singer doesn't make you a poser, by the way. It just makes you a fantastic singer.

  79. Clare Mascall

    please come to the UK, we're ready for you \m/

  80. NoFantasyLives

    Great song I love you guys

  81. Sandy Royer

    Very interesting, every time I here this song the more I like it. Since I'm known as the "Snake Lady" gotta say I love the anaconda action too, keep up the good work!!

  82. Andrew Robinson

    Not bad.
    Not great.

  83. Mishell vite

    So happy I'm going to their concert!

  84. Preston Howard

    Great song. Great potential.

  85. SENTRY404

    Amazing album. Worth every penny!

  86. River Rat

    Very eerie

  87. River Rat


  88. FallenServantOfGod

    It's been 10 years....

    Jennifer Elswick


    Abby Urig

    Savage78 true! I need another album.

  89. Erick Var


  90. David Witt

    First. Great song.