03 Greedo - Substance Lyrics

Hey, 03

We woke up
Intoxicated off of all type of drugs
I'm never sober when I'm in love
I need some type of drugs
I need some type of substance
She keep sendin' me subs
I need some type of substance
She keep sendin' me subs
So I need some type of drugs

So I hit up my plug
Wanna spend some time with a thug?
Come here, suck a dick in the club
Type of bitch who don't give a fuck
Fallin' in love
I'm off all type of drugs, oh
She keep sendin' me subs
I need bread and the cheese
I'm the center of the streets
I need premium fee
That's the boss, he in me
Come and fly with a P
Woah, I'm putting drugs in my tree
Bitch, you know I'm a fiend
Give you all to me
Take a dose, maybe three
It's only one of three

We woke up
Intoxicated off of all type of drugs
I'm never sober when I'm in love
I need some type of drugs
I told that bitch I need substance
She keep sendin' me subs
I told that bitch I need substance
And she keep sendin' me subs
So that means I need some type of drugs

Take some, shake some
Pop it like some ecstasy
Take some, shake some
Pop it like some ecstasy
Take some, shake some
Pop it like some ecstasy
I drank some, shake some
Pop it like some ecstasy
Take some, shake some
Pop it like some ecstasy
Take some, shake some
Pop it like some ecstasy
I told her take some, shake some
Pop it like some ecstasy
Baby, take some, drank some
Pop it like some ecstasy

We woke up
Somewhere by the sea
That's the buzz, he in me
Come and fly with a P
Ooh, I'm a wolf you lookin' at, ayy
Lookin' like somethin' to eat
You know I'ma creep
Ice man in my cheek
In the snow it's a freeze
And snortin' blow is a key, yeah

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03 Greedo Substance Comments
  1. Daniel Delgado

    This reminds of something that could've changed my life I ain't happy or dwelling on it just glad I was able to experience the feeling you left me with thanks I guess....

  2. Jesus Torres

    west coast travis scott

  3. ruru_ esco

    2020 #free03💯

  4. money Maker

    I was offf ah , whole lotta jalee slapping this song on repeat nonstop lol

  5. Brianna Lopez

    2020 babe


    Free the 🐺 ..✋✋✋

  7. Xantana

    I just took some random ass powder wish me luck 😕

  8. Priscilla Ambriz

    Free 03 fast out them Gates

  9. Joel Perez

    All yall be safe with the substance cuzz that shii be taken people💯

  10. Mundo Martinez

    Free 03

  11. Aegean Sea

    I swear with Juice World passing I’m almost happy Greedo in jail because I would be just as crushed if he passed.

  12. RUBEN Hinojosa

    I told that bitch I need substance...

  13. Kamron Smith

    Free bro😴 shit hits so hard when you fucked up

  14. Ramzieh

    Tfw you at the subocxone clinic.

  15. LiohnelRemyhs

    Thanks Greedo 03

  16. Lily J.

    FIRE 💆🏻‍♀️🥰‼️.

  17. cynthia ortiz

    This song hit when you faded 🔥💨

    Richard Carrion

    smoking a blunt rn lmaoo

    Robert Aguilar

    Thatttt ain’t no LIE.



    Oswaldo Bolanos

    Me right noww shhesshh

  18. Oscar Gonzalez

    Off 2 green xans I’m vib’n good with this wood to the dome 🤯☹️


    Oscar Gonzalez 2 green xans? That’s how I know you cappin, they are called hulks buddy


    Sloopie tbh it don't fucken matter what they called there green right?😂

  19. Bill Daly

    Drug addict musik dope boy shit yeeeeee

  20. James Huynh

    Man 03 greedo IS GOAT he still has DUB+ ablums that aint even dropped yet!!!!! And YAWP 03 got hella sleepers BEG, SOMETHING THAT I DID, BLOWER, ONNA WAY TO THE PAPPER, NO GOOD, TRICK ON THE JUST ANYBODY, FLOATIN....and the features he's on the list goes on.....

  21. Trippy Hippy505

    #FreeGreedo 🙌

  22. Andrew Vanderbilt

    Greedo been slept on❌ been asking people if they fuck with him and they don't even know who he is 🤧 unfriend them hoes IMMEDIATELY

  23. Jason Levato

    Who feels connected to there soul when this fire joint comes on🔥

    Robert Aguilar

    Shit I’m feelin connected rite now nnniiiiggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. Christian Rodriguez

    All fiends favorite song

  25. Junior Morales

    Xanax in my codeine and a wood got me vibin to dis joint. #freegreedo

  26. J At the Scene

    Y'all go subscribe and like my videos

  27. Chris Dynamite

    Everytime i hear this im automatically on a drug i swear

  28. Enrique Perez

    Does he have other songs with this type of flow?

  29. Alexander Keeper

    This song hits so fucking deep
    03 a goat

  30. Caro_ Tho

    Intoxicated off all type of drugs 🤪

  31. Adrian Adrian

    Puros corridos tumbados alv🔥

  32. danielle gibson

    Free the only 03

  33. suavè

    I slowed this down for y’all 💙



  34. J K

    i need bread and the cheese
    bitch u know I'm a fiend

  35. Dryw Hopps

    Take a dose maybe threeee

  36. Varlo Florez

    When the beach sounds come on. Wow

  37. Teràntino A

    This song literally makes me feel like everything is perfectly fine despite how fucked up I am.

  38. LavishYuri

    I miss greedo!! Free him! 😓 20 yrs for an oz of meth , it’s just cus he’s black cause there’s white people caught with the same and don’t even get 6 months smh!!! FREE 03 greedo!!!

  39. Roberto Alvarez

    When he said caught her sucking dick in the club i felt that

  40. Doughboy Los

    Bruh this song got so much sauce!! Too much sauce!!!

  41. Anthony Negrete

    Still looking for the instrumental 🤦🏽‍♂️

  42. Marvin Rivas

    Hear this when u high asf on indica trust u fr in the couch

  43. Ski Mask

    Oh mama🥴



  45. talentedskillz1

    Dumb ass song 😂

  46. Damian Rodriguez


  47. Austin

    Free Greedo, 20 years is too long

    Brandon Cubit

    Austin he could get out 5 years on good behavior so about 3.5 to go then he gonna be in the system 🙏

  48. angel garcia

    In the snow w some freaks.👣

  49. Money Boy

    Im @ subway eating all kinds of Subs bubble up inside my cup call it bub

  50. Moises Sandoval

    best song out there dont fkn @ me

  51. wat_da_fuq92

    If I ever overdose I want this song playin real loud wen they find me body

    Money Boy

    Don't overdose drugs are whack Nigga

  52. wat_da_fuq92

    This song feels gud

  53. jennifer bravo

    Im on ecstasy & this song hits different 😩😩

  54. Bryan Coronel

    “ Im off all types of drugs ”

  55. amayra

    the guy who I am talking to which is almost my boo thang showed me this song and now we vibe to it together :)

    Isaiah Perez

    On drugs?


    @Isaiah Perez yea

  56. Devyn Martinez

    Free 03 🤙🏽 so we have more music to ride to

  57. Moises Cardenas

    This needs at least a million 🔥

  58. Ed Romero

    This song so slept on free 03

  59. Luz Mendez

    free greedo :(

  60. Kenneth Aviles

    Fuck the Jura free my nigga 03

  61. Lexo

    You know 03 a creep, druggin California hippieeeeee

  62. bobby bob

    Wat a beautiful song

  63. LiohnelRemyhs

    "Type of bitch who dont give a fukk "
    Purple world 😈😈😈

  64. Bgfj Gfch

    I love you senona

  65. Kevyn Noriega

    Wow I can actually relate on everything hes saying

  66. toolittoquit

    How this shit not have more views? Free the guy 🍇

  67. Sarai Ballesteros


  68. Andrew Henderson

    I relate to this shit so much

  69. Letty Arteaga

    Future needs to drop a verse on this

    Ernesto Ramos

    Nah foh

  70. delon301

    Slept on 🔥🔥😴😭

  71. dogtown83block

    He prolly sippin mud in the pen like Boosie was lol

    Alter Music


  72. Yerenis Flores

    This goes got me feelin everywhere when im high asf or off a xan but #freegreedo🍇💜

  73. Druggie Junkie

    2015 uzi needa hop on this 🍇🌌

  74. Sean McQuillen

    FREE 03!!!!!

  75. Gg Cc

    I told that bitch i need substance

    Gg Cc

    Realiest thing a woman can give you

  76. Zach Becker

    Fuck around and relapse listening to this shit. It’s fire as fuck should have millions of views

  77. BiG JORGE863

    Brings back memories of me and the loml ridin round. I miss you Marisenia!!!!

  78. chris martinez

    30s n Xans taking over the world

  79. DBagEm

    Wait.. Pop a E first then come back

  80. alex abeyta

    someone make an instrumental

  81. Randy Roque

    Talk about addiction

  82. Brianna Mitchell

    Lol hard

  83. Olivia Arvizu

    Free 03 💯🤟

  84. GoGettaDan 310

    Free Greedo onna set ull be out soon 🍇💯


    oof.danny 310 you don’t even bang goofy ass nigga

  85. Talia Lewis

    this is fire

  86. BombbBesttestt 23

    03 can substance this pussy on tha mutha fukkin trackk haha!!!

  87. Jesus Corleone

    #03 👾

  88. Ugly God

    Slept on...

  89. Valerie Drank

    Free the real though ya feeel me

    backwood s

    Valerie Drank 💯

  90. Valerie Drank

    Soooo I hit up my pluggggggg

  91. pancho Lopez

    I feel his pain i feel the way he does

  92. BigMacWitCheez

    Damn this nigga 03 Greedo is really a legend

  93. Jr Camarena

    I love the song but the beat is sweet too

  94. DUB TV

    We woke up somewhere by the sea

  95. Real Nigga2Foe

    This goes hard on some Xanax 😌

    Collin Alvarado

    Real Nigga2Foe bro I’m on 2 and some white this song got me feeling it

  96. TRR_ Dark

    Carlitoes anyone from his snap

    Sweaty Hotty

    You mad Lil bihhh yep

  97. alexa Estrada

    FREE O3 till it’s backwards✨🍇