(Sandy) Alex G - Hit Lyrics

I listened to your CD on the bus on my way home
I'll tell you what I think when I can organize my thoughts into a poem

I saw you at our show, I didn't know you knew the words
I wish I looked into your mouth when you started to sing the second verse
I wonder what you think about when your head's up in space
I wonder if you'd ever want me to show you my favorite hiding place

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(Sandy) Alex G Hit Comments
  1. mrk

    0:00 everything is ok
    3:12 slooptee
    5:32 screwy people
    8:54 Colleen
    12:17 muppet
    14:28 east coast
    16:59 untitled instrumental
    18:24 2626 (cock)
    20:44 not really
    22:36 track
    25:32 untitled piano
    28:47 5129
    31:56 treehouse (ft Emily yacina)
    33:27 high
    35:26 pretend

  2. Jake

    Good lord that first instrumental

  3. lacorde

    2626 has that zelda vibe

    Marin Barzic

    yea to me it remind me of chrono trigger

    Grant Hespeler

    I got Mario 64 vibes lol

  4. Chazzz Pitts

    this dude have his cloud hacked or something? or does he have a hand in releasing this “unreleased” stuff


    he used to pass this stuff around at shows and to friends from what i know

  5. Sabrina Pasadena

    alex g spot

  6. moriah harris

    Song list?

  7. stay buggin

    screwy people

  8. wowokthx

    is this a new release?


    no this is a compilation of really old stuff of his

  9. George Shoemaker

    I can't get enough of Alex G, thank sweet jesus he is so prolific

    George Shoemaker

    ​@desillusion here you go 👞


    thanks George!

    George Shoemaker

    @desillusion np


    *so porific

    Brandon Castillo

    thank sweet jesus cheers

  10. Luke Dyer

    This music keeps ma going

  11. Jake Powell

    So this isn't a new release? are these all new tunes tho?

    sneakerholes '

    Jake Powell no a lot have already been out, like east coast

  12. Quasar

    the opener is breathtaking

  13. KNIVESTUBE 1114922519202125

    Yes this is it

  14. Kitty Bomb Ditty

    you never disappoint, Sandy ♥️

  15. andrew

    more on unreleasedalexg.github.io

    George Shoemaker

    !!!! thanks!

  16. cody graham

    Alex’s sister Rachel is selling hoodies on Instagram with this painting on them, just so y’all know


    cody graham ay thank you

    George Shoemaker

    @cody graham, wasn't able to find @rachel_giannascoli_art, did it change to @rachelgianna_art ?


    George Shoemaker yeah she changes it

    Zach Fleming

    @Nanoc what is it currently?


    Zach Fleming @rachel_gianna

    it might be 2 underscores also sorry for being late

  17. Charlie Reese

    alex Gesus, the son has risen!

  18. Eren Deneri