(Sandy) Alex G - Do U Lyrics

Do you hate me?
Do you hate me?

You give me everything
You will not get it back

Do you hate me?

You give me everything
You will not get it back

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(Sandy) Alex G Do U Comments
  1. Steven Denny

    Bobby's just a friend of mine
    He's on his back
    I'm on his mind
    He wakes me when he goes to work
    His hands are cold
    His breath is smoke
    I'd leave him for you
    If you want me to
    I'd leave him for you
    If you want me to
    I'd leave him for you
    If you want me to
    I'd leave him for you
    If you want me to
    Do you forget when we first met?
    You grabbed my hand
    I tore your dress
    I felt things I cannot express
    But I lost my way
    I made my mess
    I'd clean it for you
    If you want me to
    I'd clean it for you
    If you want me to
    I'd clean it for you
    If you want me to
    I'd clean it for you
    If you want me to
    But I know what you're doing
    I know what you're doing
    I know you
    I know you
    I do, I do, I tell you what
    I paint pictures of my heart
    The colors blue and purple start
    To bleed into an endless dark
    It's only you, it's only you
    I'd burn them for you
    If you want me to
    I'd burn them for you
    If you want me to
    I'd burn them for you
    If you want me to
    I'd burn them for you
    If you want me to
    But I know what you're doing
    I know what you're doing
    I know you
    I know you
    I do, I do, I tell you what

  2. Sandy

    I've been looking for this song for a very long time. It brings back good memories

  3. Jody Wheeler

    So no one is going to comment on the fact that they just placed some wasted-acting dummy singer infront of the band in the video? I'm guessing it's a reference to the late Benjamin Smoke, since the whole video has that kind of vibe. Still kind of weird. Any theories?

  4. bigstar66

    Does anyone else get a boner after hearing the way Emily Yacina says “on” at 0:26?

  5. Lost Gems

    this is everything to me

    Tomas Riley

    the feel

  6. fleventyfive

    Why are you so hot man

  7. Petr Vlach

    pěkná písnička

  8. Mary

    Please Alex grab my hand and tear my dress.

  9. AmateurSuperFan

    dangit bobby

  10. Web DotCom

    This has seriously has became one of my favorite songs. ❤️

  11. jieyanni

    I had a really long dream where I was with my friend bobby and long story short I got upset with him things arose and somebody shot him and I thought it was my fault and I was screaming and crying and when the ambulance came I started singing this song

  12. Daniel Avery

    I like to think this song is about making a deal with satan late at night

  13. Doodle Bug :D

    Listen at 1.25 speed 🙂also is any one else here because of cavetown and Conan gray’s cover

  14. Jumbo M

    makes me wanna cry

  15. Ali Mikhaylyuta

    this song makes me feel high

  16. Lie Likes Music

    Deserves more credit! This song and the Rocket album is just incredible.

  17. Alex D

    love this song so much but i gotta say, the director really dropped the ball on making this video.

  18. Con Bon

    This song is really helping me get through a rough time in my life. Realizing my bad behavior and cynical outlook on the world I've built up in the past couple years towards myself, others and my lover, and realizing I need to "leave it" for them and myself.

  19. Andy Carothaters

    This is bluegrass, I don't care what you think.

  20. Lost Gems

    really cool to see Leafy branching out

  21. RoadKillzine

    Gets a down vote for me, there are already hundreds of bands that sound 'a bit' like this... and i dont need to see another montage of someone knocking about in their town, next to some train tracks ever again.... the song was as un-inspiring as the montage that accompanied it.

    Con Bon

    Alright guy

  22. Igor Souza

    muito bom.

  23. Hydro Pear

    I can't hear Wilco and Jayhawks or Uncle Tupleo,but I do hear somewhat Young Elliot Smith and Beck during his One foot in the grave days and Bright Eyes.

  24. Chase Stephenson

    never noticed this but 3:35-3:46 alex is a shapeshifter

  25. Zack Green

    remember when he make yee yee song

  26. Barf Salamandruid

    R.i.p. Dolphasty Farkonis

  27. Nathan Renshaw

    Anyone know who the girl singer is?

  28. anita smithies

    thanks cavetown

  29. Isaac Morelos

    Love this

  30. Baxter Williams

    who is the female singer

    Will Bement

    emily yacina. she's in a lot of alex's songs

  31. Samuel Slattery

    Is this basically (lyrics) someone saying their emotions are messy and their relationships complicated but if the person the song is addressed to wants to be with them they are willing to sweep all the messiness away and burn their other commitments and confusions and just be with that one person. That's actually really interesting.


    the way i perceive it is fucking heartbreaking, loving someone so much who may not feel the same way anymore so youre desperate enough to cut off everything else even if it makes you happy, just to be with them. and to me the part about burning the pictures of his bleeding heart seems like a metaphor to being willing to hide and ignore your own emotions in an effort to show you care more for them than yourself.

    dick van dyke

    Yes and I think bobby is a part of Alex g and that’s who that guy in the video is supposed to represent that’s why at then end it switches from bobby to Alex


    The most interesting part is it appears to be a conversation BUT it’s unclear because the man and the woman both sing every word.

    So the first verse is probably the woman talking about Bobby and saying she’d leave him if the man wanted him to. The second verse is the man reminiscing on what their relationship used to be before he made his “mess,” and saying he’d clean it if she wanted. The post-chorus seems to be the woman distrusting his attempts to get back together with him. The third verse is probably the man... idk typical desperate love song words.

  32. Cha Gal

    who's doing the harmony?

  33. Deshift00

    all i can think of is urban fucking outfitters

  34. Crystal ?

    thank u caveboy

  35. th3FT pUnK

    So beautiful

  36. Erik

    And this didn’t get nominated for a Grammy.... wtf

  37. Azusa H

    I like this song :) Could anyone tell me Bobby is one of His friend or Her friend please ? I cannot understand all as I am not English speaker.

  38. BonoLightier

    Is this....country?

  39. Dwayne Colbert

    just saw this on carson

  40. Kylie B

    So good

  41. Getrude & nuCompani

    Whos the girl singing alongside ?

  42. Haiku

    Best band I found in 2017

  43. John Barrie

    Every December I go through the end-of-year lists to catch up on music I've missed. I've listened to this song three times in a row now. Sublime.

  44. aanaa felema

    this dude alex got me in my feelings

  45. dingo

    This video is pennsylvania as fuck

  46. Speed Voager

    Winter by the fireside music.

  47. Savannah Navarro

    looking for more songs similar to this. Any suggestions?

    Speed Voager

    Savannah Navarro

    Bright Eyes-Four Winds-Hot Knives
    Neutral Milk Hotel-Two Headed Boy-Ghost
    Sebadoh-Truly Great Thing
    Badly Drawn Boy-Come From The Ground
    Snow Patrol-Maghoney
    Beck-Hallow Log or anything of the One Foot In The Grave Album.


    Savannah Navarro anything by Elliott Smith or Sufjan Stevens

  48. Royce Edwards

    just beautiful

  49. Jaime Aguayo


  50. amy nowaskey



    Came here because of cavetown and conan<3

  52. maki94


    Vitor Eduardo

    é noiz

  53. FutPlays

    Does anyone know where I can find the violin score for this song

  54. Ali Ochoa

    I've been listening to a lot of this guy over the summer and i'm convinced he's E. Smith reincarnated


    What's this song about?

  56. Marina Janson

    I love this..

  57. Connor Gill

    who is the violinist??

    Regg Ina

    His girlfriend!!!

  58. Takyon

    What a lovely song...

  59. Nick Greto

    Anyone have a contact or website for the director, Colin?

  60. merzbow

    im in my feels again
    id leave him for you

  61. UrinaryTractInspection

    Saw him live two days ago in Orlando. Honestly, half of Rocket sounds like completely experimental shit that's incoherent, and terrible. More-so live. You can say that I don't understand it, and don't appreciate art & stuff. That's fine. But I just really have an opinion on him being a moderate folk/indie/rock maker and then going into an extreme of yelling off beats, and screaming into a microphone and calling it stuff. I guess I just don't like it. Not saying it's not good really, it's just more so me expressing my opinion, and more so being moderately bummed that I went & saw him & watched him do that. Because if I knew the set would consist of half of him screaming into a microphone I probably wouldn't have showed up. Regardless, God bless man.

  62. comrade hermit

    Just the best kind of something.

  63. Nikita Lane

    I want to see you collab with Future in the future.

  64. oh louda

    i want to make love to this physical song. i want to bone this song.


    oh louda i want your number

    comment bot but i have no mouth and i must scream

    @hunter12555 why are you like this

    Lily L

    that's a strange thought... but I get what u mean


    Why is he on another mans mind while hes on his back and leave him gaaay lol

    Will Bement

    you're a delightful person

  66. Kenny Forrester

    The song is called Bobby and they sing "I tell you what" like 4 times. This song is about king of the hill.

    Scutter Boy

    its about whatever you'd like it to be. its interpretive in that way.


    Oh. My. Lort.

    Sam Oguntoyinbo

    that boy ain't right

  67. Gabriel

    Inthony Trotano here

  68. ongo bongo


  69. 08bourquem

    keepin it G

  70. themushieman

    Better than earlier stuff???

  71. Gabriel Valdetaro

    alguém do brasil?

    Fabiana Gomes Fabiana

    Gabriel Valdetaro sim

  72. jumentum85

    can anyone direct me to similar music like the first 20 seconds of this?

    Spenser Jenkins

    kind of reminds me of band: The Corrs

  73. x Morales

    alex g i love your music but please shave more often

  74. The Zucc

    This is honestly so fucking well written

  75. iusefizzylogic

    ? who is the non-alex vocalist on this ?

    Spenser Jenkins

    Emiy Yacina, aka EmYa

  76. Miguel Cruz

    Alex g is the only band that I listened to in highschool that I still love and don't hate

  77. Meryl Duprey

    I'm going to step out on a limb and say this is the best goddamned song of the year. Hell, I'll step even further--best song of the decade...

  78. SAM-OO-RAI X

    The ending.... Why Alex G WHY

  79. afterlife

    the violinist is his girlfriend!! thts fckn cool

  80. Eli Aranda

    alex g is very cool and funny live and was really nice to me when i talked to him after his show at the observatory last year. love his stuff.

  81. Elliott Barletta


  82. bedroomed

    is he ok 0:21

    Brandon Pasqual

    He's singing?

  83. Matt3683683

    Anybody know anything else that sounds like this? I know this isn't typically what he does and I'm not even sure what genre I'd call it, but I'm looking for recommendations


    Matt3683683 Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks, maybe some Wilco, and I would definitely recommend Neil Young, the albums Harvest and Comes a Time have a sound similar to this I'd say

  84. Elijah Clevenger

    wow this is really good!!

  85. Epic Enforce


  86. Adam Gergich

    If this song's any indication, this may be his best album yet.

  87. fatforprom

    fuck you

  88. Lexi Hex

    WOW alex g has to be made of pure nostalgia and sweetness

  89. bedroomed

    someone please tell me what those drum sticks are called at 0:00

    Cody Nelson

    simply brushes, my friend. http://vicfirth.com/brushes/


    Cody Nelson I love you sm :) <33

  90. willis475

    why does this have so many dislikes?


    willis475 obviously no one has listened to Race before. I love Alex's more punky stuff but the guy clearly has an affinity for country/folk, which he really pulls off imo.

  91. cicely smith!

    love the bike scenes cause that's exactly what I imagine whenever I listen to alex g, riding my bike on an overcast day

  92. That M3talhead

    Just heard this song on XL102 in Richmond VA had to look it up

  93. Evarra

    This is kinda disappointing, I REALLY liked the live version of this song with drums and piano and that's all gone in this version. Also just from a personal standpoint, I'm not digging the girls vocals, it makes the whole tune sound like a cutesy indie folk song which is just a sound I really don't click with. Especially since the reason I like Alex G is for his earnest and imperfect vocals. Idk, maybe if she was just more subdued, she just seems to over power his voice. Overall the song just lost a lot of its dynamics that it originally had during its live performance, which sucks cause I really wanted a clean version to have on my phone. It's okay though, I understand Alex is just trying to experiment and keep things fresh, I hope he enjoys what he's putting out, that's all that matters.

  94. Alec Morgan

    some of the best alex g yet mang