(Sandy) Alex G - Bees Lyrics

I've been waiting for a woman I can call my own (he can call his own)
A lady I can call late at night on the telephone (on the telephone)
Daddy won't like the looks of a kid like me (of a kid like me)
She'll tell him to get lost cause she loves me (cause she loves me)

Don't worry honey because nothing ever bothers me
You can be the flower and I'll be the goddamn bee
Now what's so special about a thing that comes so naturally
Well I don't know babe cause nothing ever fazes me

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(Sandy) Alex G Bees Comments
  1. A Bored Ruka

    okay, im going to comment this on every video till you get ur amazing ass music on spotify

  2. Adam Haney

    Have you ever lived with

  3. beck c.

    why is alex such a great singer? i'm convinced he's the best of our generation

  4. Brianna Hernandez

    very nice and warm like a hug <3

  5. Daveigh Josephina Collopy

    this is my favorite alex g song. i listen to alex g all day every day

  6. Mary

    i'm in love with him in ways I cannot explain


    Word on the street is you're the girl with a leather heart and leather gloves that he'd like to fuck.


    @cheeesonator I feel so blessed

  7. Stacey P.

    Such a sweet song.

  8. Fettuccine Alfredo


  9. Brian Roe

    is this on bandcamp or anything?

  10. yesnogo

    new upload when???

  11. Number 9

    Alex g is the greatest

  12. Rnye

    true ogs here only

  13. Seth Props

    Almost at 2k subscribers. You're the man!

    block perce

    Seth Props thank u :+)

  14. Daniel Cowman

    aw bees ahah

  15. Zachary Chapple

    I have a severe bee allergy

    Daniel Cowman

    thats unlucky for you, theyre so cute

    Andrew Carter

    careful listening then

  16. Tina Haughn

    Alex is the man.

  17. matthew leger

    this is a good one

  18. Felipe Bolton

    lyric? :(

    anaisa garcia

    I’ve been waiting for a woman I can call my own. A lady I can call late in the telephone. Daddy won’t like the looks of a kid like me. She’ll tell him get lost cause she loves me. Don’t worry honey cause nothing ever bothers me, you just be the flower and I’ll be the god damn bee. Now what’s so special about a thing that comes so naturally, well I don’t know babe cause nothing ever phases me.

  19. Khadijah Juswil

    huh! need me a man like that

  20. kaylie

    ill still be your flower
    if youll be my bee
    we can sit inside and wait for the spring
    just dont make me sit through this winter alone
    I know I'm dead from the roots, I'm last seasons bloom
    I have nothing else to offer you, just the hole in my chest
    From where you've sucked me dry
    - flatsound

  21. Sharon McCabe

    Man, this is fantastic. I'm so glad Alex G exists.

  22. scarypotter777


  23. Emmie Thompson

    i like this song very good yes?

    Emmie Thompson

    ew actually no go away you weirdo

    Emmie Thompson

    just kidding you are really attractive person if i do say so myself

    Emmie Thompson

    sorry about before pls send bob

    Thomas Daly

    Emmie Thompson how about I send multiple bob?

    Talcom powder Anonymoose

    open cloth bitch lasagna

  24. Javanaise Productions

    bee is one of my faaavorite pet names. It is just so pure

  25. Conor McNamara

    i love henoheno

    Talcom powder Anonymoose

    Conor McNamara same bro

  26. super famous

    reminds me of "Goin Home" by dinosaur jr. i love it~

  27. haylie

    so pretty

  28. jack borsack


    block perce

    almost a year late but start on G then walk down the second fret to Em, then Am to Cm7

  29. vacantparking

    so so so good

  30. offline p.k.

    uggghhh yes