'N Sync - If I'm Not The One Lyrics

If I'm not the one you want
Take your time to figure out

I'm staring at your picture every night
The scent of you still lingers in my mind
I wonder if you're alone and feel alright
And the sun has come out of the clouds

And sometimes when I listen to our song
The night seems so cold and far too long
I wanna call you up cause in the end
I keep writing letters to my garbage can

Lately, feels like I'm going crazy
And baby, come and lay down beside me

If I'm not the one you want, then who's he?
Take your time to figure out, and you'll see
If I'm not the one you want, then maybe
I'll be the one you need

I feel like it's on you I can depend
Wish I could turn back the hands of time
Enough of building castles in the sand
Why can't we be forever


[Chorus x2]

Somewhere, in the back of my mind (back of my mind)
I know that you will be mine (you will be mine)
Somehow, wish I could rewind (I could rewind)
And leave all the worries behind..

[Chorus x2]

I'll be the one you need

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'N Sync If I'm Not The One Comments
  1. Violet Chinamale

    What a decade!!

  2. Zepp Deth

    This sounds like Westlife would record with

  3. Faizalcholil 1985

    November 2019 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼

  4. brunobelz

    “If I’m not the one you want... pussy”

    Always understood This...

  5. Senator Frederiksonnn

    Once upon a time, pop music was perfect.

  6. Arsenal FC

    My favorite song!!!!

  7. Shanika Anderson

    JC!! The things your voice do to me is sinful 🤣 😍😍😍

    Perla Marquis

    Shanika Anderson he’s a paradise

  8. Mai Jamnil

    I Love song this I liked voice Justin singing this

  9. Cheryl Turnbull

    I can't believe they sang this song awesome song

  10. BNO97 !

    Damn I wish I was born a few years earlier than 97

  11. ganrel1234567lmn 1234567Sabino

    Loucas por eles 💛💛

  12. BNO97 !

    I wish I grew up with this sound of music, I was born in 97 so missed it

  13. marco garza

    Can we bring back Justin Timberlake back from the dead .

  14. George TheAwesome

    I woke up this morning remembering this sing

  15. KwangYun Lee

    엔싱크 노래 좋음.

  16. Jennifer Ocampo

    One of my favorite *N Sync songs!

  17. Cool Shywalker

    If it were only so easy to hear this at school , I hate my generation 💩

  18. lawanda D

    Great music

  19. Brieanna Praski

    Jc's voice 😍

  20. Caezar

    Who's jamming with me in 2019!??

  21. balqis ibrahim

    Best nsync

  22. Christopher Valdes

    This song should’ve been mainstream such a great song

  23. Paul Hana

    The forever legends

  24. Honest Erica

    Jesus 💘 u. Follow him. 💘 nsync

  25. Jessica Gilcrease

    this my song ;)

  26. marco garza

    This song came out when I was 17 working at McDonald's 😂

  27. Jojo M

    Such a hot song

  28. L Anna Petersen

    McDonald's made me sick I nearly ended up dying. Why TF was this song on that CD 😣

  29. tennie marie brown

    This song makes me feel SOOOOOO WEIRD LOL

  30. João Paulo Barros

    2018... :D

  31. Nathan Schulman

    Has the same CLACK sound as BSB - QPG, i like this song!!

  32. Microatlarge Corp

    Great memories. If only during my younger years, I had a friend named Anya and I didn't really know them previously being into strictly R&B but then after that day when I took her to see them, I began to understand why she loved them so much. Actually, being that now I feel different about their Albums, I have learned from experience that those were some of the generation's best time for music for the bachelors.

  33. Mary Lewis

    I miss them 😔😔😔

  34. Francesco Roma-est

    when I came out of the CD in Italy I hurried to buy it and from that moment it remained with me in my car even if now I no longer have the cd player but usb. This song is nothing short of amazing <3

  35. Stella Horan

    One of the most underrated n*sync songs ...

  36. Eri

    I never ate McDonald's as a kid, but I remember making my mom take me just to buy the CD from them lol. I love *Nsync and was completely obsessed with them lol This is my favorite song from them. I heard this again after years not too long ago and felt like I was 12 again.

    claudiu Jager

    Eri sad is they don't have a video clip to this song

    Zhaiyar Tyrus

    this one was one my favorites too. idk why it didnt become a hit rather it was hidden in a mc donalds soundtrack

  37. L Anna Petersen

    Damn I remember this song, it's a little vague❤

  38. farid sidi abdelghani

    my favourite!!!!!

  39. aprincetobeking

    now yall know i copped this when i saw the mcdonalds commercial back in the day lmfaooo al my friends called each other like did you get it? yeaah i got it yeaaah me tooo!! lmfaoo omg to be a teenager and have a favorite boy bad i swear lol

  40. Reem Alaish


  41. J Crash

    For those that are wondering what album this song was from, it was from the Macdonald's CD Nsync did with Britney spears back in the early 2000s

  42. J Crash

    That McDonald's CD Nsync did with Britney back in 2000

  43. O.H

    This song makes me feel so many emotions, happy and sad at the same time. I LOVE NSYNC! I wish music was still this meaningful yet upbeat. *Sigh*

  44. noemistephanie93

    this song sounds like something the backstreet boys woulda sang.
    i like it alot though, they should kept it on a cd

    antoine r

    noemistephanie93 I was thinkin the same thing lol.

    Nicolette James

    I've read that a lot of songs originally written for bsb were turned down and given to nsync. So basically nsync sang a lot of bsb rejects lol.

  45. sigit firmansyah

    Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2017!

    Barb Gellert


    Ms Farred

    2018 :-)

    Raquel Edwards

    sigit firmansyah 2018 boo😚

  46. Ęęśã Ķhãń

    ive never ever ever understood the part "...if i'm not the one you want.. then who's he?.."

    Aloha Peartree

    Ęęśã Ķhãń do you now?

    farid sidi abdelghani

    Ęęśã Ķhãń if you ask a girl if im not the one you want.. then who is he? with he they mean the boy that she wants.. what kind of boy she wants..

  47. Rafael Carrizales

    I guess this track could have replaced some other N'sync album track...

  48. Sarah Bailey

    i loved this song

  49. Jeff King

    I knew this song was on some CD not released on an album. For some reason I was thinking I got it in a cereal box, but McDonald's makes sense too.

  50. Nettie Malv

    Such a good song!! Crazy that it was on a McDonald's CD, worth the money and meal^^


    awww yes I remember that. dang that was the good ol days

    Kelbi Frugia

    Nettie Malv that cd created my first boyband crush at 5 years old. Lol

    No sleeep

    U remember that

  51. Honey Medina

    Yea the same I remember this song from McDonald's CD they gave out it a very good song :-)

  52. Adi Barbu

    Song 13 on album ( no strings attached )

    Adi Barbu

    @howardkevinm  no strings attached (14 songs)

  53. Nabeel Faiz

    damn !!! i'm searcing this song since 2003  and found it now here by luck  ???? fuck hhhhh

  54. Alexa Kovacs

    I remember this song track from the CD that McDonald's gave out as a promo, I sadly lost my CD throughout the years, :(. I love NSYNC even though they have broken up.

    Mars Topia

    I had the exact same CD. There was also some Britney Spears on it, I believe :D


    +Amelia Bieber 2000.

    Max Johnson

    @DustyinLVNV Thank you! (I think I found the cd at a resale shop in May. Yes I did buy it.)


    +Alexa Kovacs I also had it. I remember that my mom bought it for me from McDonalds. But I don't know where it is right now. I think it was too scratched at the end so I had thrown it away. This was the best song from the whole CD. The rest were Remixes from Nsync and Britney.

    Alexa Kovacs

    @Starsurfer1988 Yes, I Remember!

  55. Ahjane Butler

    Brings back my first crush in preschool

  56. olivia saddler

    wowww!!!!!so my high school dayz...lol

  57. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    to Laura Pronk:I Tried,But my Oldest Nephew Wouldn't Let me Blow Any Candles Out,we Combine B-Days Because of The Economy

  58. China Brooks

    This sounds nothing like bsb quit playing games with my heart! That is an insult to Nsync! Love them

    Nicolette James

    I like nsync but bsb have always been better, sorry. And it has been confirmed that nsync sang a lot of songs that were originally offered to bsb but turned down. Like tearing up my heart? The bsb turned that down so then it was given to nsync.


    @Nicolette James They're loss

  59. Speshal Shawty

    p.s. my generation had a cool but teenage years, cause we thought that a boy next door was the one we need...............

  60. Speshal Shawty

    thatas my sooooooooooong

  61. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    my B-Day's Tomorrow,&,I Know Excatly What I'm Gonna Wish For,For*N'SYNC to do a Real Reunion

    Laura Pronk

    good luck with that wish

    Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Tried,&,my 9 Year Old Nephew Wouldn't Let me Blow Out Any of The Candles

  62. Popular Ship

    Wow takes me back 12 year ago

  63. Mikie Khamsa

    MCD lol

  64. ChinpokomonMaster

    now we all remember the CD...but what about the hit clips??! I wish I still had mine. lol!

  65. shacana blackwell

    I remember getting this cd from McDonald's!!!!

  66. Omega kappa

    Yes this and Britney Spears was on the McDonalds CD.. The time when McDonald's was actually doing big with their merchandise

  67. Ashlee Starr

    I love love this song!!! Thank u McDonalds for selling this cd. Nd Joey ur still my husband u just don't still don't know it yet! Lol. :)

  68. JennellyBelly

    I remember the McDonalds CD. It had triple image on it as well.

  69. asudork

    i used to have to have this CD autographed but my little sister got to it and broke it in half :(

  70. dianeaballa

    this song was on a CD from McDonalds! End of Summer 2000!!! Still have the CD actually, two of them!!!

  71. darkyamizaki

    I love this song

  72. damon lewis

    nsync is still awesome lol

  73. Mis understood

    i still have the cd :D

  74. Mis understood

    i still have the cd :D

  75. Jason Michael Martin

    Thumbs up if you're still listening to this in 2012 and still have your copy of the CD!


    Jason Michael Martin I lost my CD in a car crash not too long ago 😭

  76. Jenn Hatcher

    This should have been a single....damn

    tennie marie brown

    Jenn Hatcher I'm convinced these deep cuts off NSA were too good 4 this world 🙏🏼 lol

  77. Karim Melikian

    this is such an underrated song and i think it's one of their best

  78. lovlisparrow

    Everytime JC starts singing I get weak. His voice is amazing!!!

    fiona hamilton

    lovlisparrow yep it is beautiful I always look forward to hearing him sing . I was a massive n sync fan I had this album . Celebrity and there self titled first album I always brought every magazine they were in I recorded the tv every time they were on

  79. KrazyKatSkills23


  80. Luz Suarez

    miss them a lot!

  81. karina thompson

    i miss them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. HannaDean

    waaaa almost forget this song!! it was my fav !!!!!! omg im about to cry T.T

  83. Jodi-Ann Douglas

    I misss nsync so much!

  84. Freaksoftheinternet

    which episode?! I must see it!!

  85. Celina Mae Ruiz

    Such a beautiful song

  86. Little M

    Lucy has nothing to do with this song... If I'm not the one you want,than WHO'S HE,take you're time to figure it out YOU'LL SEE.. NOT LUCY ;)))))))))))))

  87. letsgoskate194

    dang I remember when i got this CD from McDonalds. yes i'm a guy.

  88. Lexy Nunez

    7th Heaven i remember this episode Lance sang it to lucy lol

  89. shinodita

    It sounds similar to "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" from BSB. But it's a good song, anyways! ♥

    Richard Grace

    shinodita not even remotely...the best isnt even remotely similar to begin with

  90. marie

    My favorite song.. It never gets old

  91. Ivy CroaTia

    This was my favorite song on album....
    I got this album for my 16B-day.... wow... that was so long ago! lol!
    anyway <3