'N Sync - I Need Love Lyrics

I just tell you how I feel
I just wanna have a love that's real
How can I stop this burning desire

I can see that you are the one for me
You're the only one I really need
I need a love that burns like a fire

All I wanna do is give it a chance
Everybody needs a true romance
I would give anything to be with you

I will give you all the love you need
If you only give your love to me
What would I do if I were without you

I need love
You need love
We all really need love

All I want
All I need
We all really need love

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'N Sync I Need Love Comments
  1. MultiCowgirl22

    Late 80s and early 90s eurodance inspiration especially bc they started in Germany after a little time in the US

  2. Mai Jamnil

    I Love you Jc I Need Love from you

  3. RJ Braver

    I just remember this today. I think I need love. 🥰

  4. MusicLover_KB

    Came to hear this again after Joey admitted to hating it. Why? This is awesome

  5. Sparkle P8nter

    On the #RabbitTrail #MaskedRabbit #TheMaskedSInger for CLUES! I think it's #JCChasez!!!

    Sparkle P8nter

    @J its still him... hes like a magician... hes distracting with the voice and clues and adding tiny hidden clues that only people Really paying attention to detail... look at the official fox masked singer page... thats what they say!!!

  6. A&A The Musician

    I Need Chriskirkpatrick😍😍😘😘❤💗#4everinlovewithu ❤

  7. michela monne

    ricordi meravigliosi!!!!

  8. Eurodance Girl

    I like this song.I like the 90's.

  9. Willie Lee

    I miss teen pop and eurodance

  10. Nsink Papa

    I love this song NSYNC

  11. Kandisha D

    This is La bouche - where do you go

    Mezak Zambono24

    No it isn't it's the beat of this song that makes you think like that

  12. Linda Herrera

    Still here for you N'SYNC 2018 LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  13. Amaiso Nensy

    The song that fit into this year situation ...



  15. Coretta Simo Love Monk

    I need money maintenant et amour.

  16. jealousofmypuddin

    One of my favorite songs from that album. It is so eurodance, but I’m into it.

  17. Kendra Hicks

    Worst song on their debut album. My CD player never got past the first three words before I pressed the next button.

    Ross Harb

    Kendra Hicks it’s not the song that grabs the attention but the lyrics penetrates the soul , it’s what every human being can relate to .


    really? I love it. Everything I Own and Giddy Up are skips though

  18. cherrycolaaa

    I remember leaving a comment under this video a couple of years ago, turns out it was SIX years ago 😭😭 I was so young 😔💔 Time goes by so fast...

  19. Christine Elizabeth Olson

    23 and it's still on my playlist

  20. FeeFee 86

    I was around 13 years old back in 1999 when this song came out miss the 90s!!

  21. Anne-Marie Audette

    15 people are just too good for love apparently

  22. Juanpablo Greco

    q grande n^sync. año 98en la casa d mi amigo luigui escuchando a estos monstruos.

  23. タカラギ


  24. Evan Collins

    This really reminds me of Mr. Vain by Culture Beat


    Well they are both Eurodance songs.

  25. Heather S

    Dance party! :) I love this song!

  26. Bug Eater

    you probably wouldn't have been able to tell from my avatar, but I worshipped this band as a kid.

  27. FireCoyote85

    How could I have forgotten this song?!? LOVE it.

    Sean Stout

    +FireCoyote85 long live the 90s.

  28. MusicLover_KB

    I first came across this song about 6 and a half years ago, and it's awesome. Very thumping, funky Eurodance track. Plus JC's vocals are on point as always.


    great song! my childhood!

    Gym buddy2605

    the memories. .

  30. Jarel Gordon

    I need love myself :( never in my life have I found someone who likes me for who I am.


    +Jarel Gordon I understand how you feel. I never fallen in love or been loved as in a relationship. However, I am sure that you will not be like me and will find that true love.

    Sean Stout

    +Jarel Gordon I'm single too bro.


    How old are you guys?

    Dana Abel

    If you want someone to love you, the 1st thing you have to do is love yourself.

  31. skyllo

    lol jc's i need loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove part gets me.
    this sounds so dated.

    Christine Perron

    @skyllo LOLOL it so does.

    Rilian Lunsford

    yeah it's adorably 80's or whatever, I don't know, I was a baby then.

    Ross Harb

    Yea it sounds pretty 90s euro dance .


    @Ross Harb I love Eurodance... Btw there are still groups making music in this style, Digital Base Project, Poison Beat (both Russia), J&V (Brazil), and Free 2 Night (Ukraine) just to name a few.

  32. groupthinker1

    the most eurodance song from N Sync.


    Best one

  33. Leila Joslin

    This totally randomly just popped in my head, lol....brought back some lovely memories!!! <3

  34. purpledew

    This awesome song should hit at least a million views!! Underrated. Love this!!

  35. beejosie91

    Wow brings me back to my 9 year old self singing my lil heart out lol

    Saria Dickinson

    beejosie91 ... I second that! 💜👍🏾💜 this was my favorite song to sing and dance to.

    Marybeth Langendorf

    beejosie91 I was either 9 or 10 also.

  36. moved

    I miss these guys they are so much better than some of the music today...

  37. sandy haqqy

    dont understand why they wouldnt come back as a four piece they dont need justin why all the boybands came back

  38. Faith Seed

    jizzz, old but still beautifoul song, i love this one.

  39. makeitsupersized

    Joey Fatone looks like Buff Bagwell and George Michaels.

  40. Bug Eater

    i kinda feel like a pussy for liking this. :(

    Nicholas Petroff

    I know this comment is pretty old but I felt the need to reply because having grown up dealing with anxiety I know how you feel.

    Fuck what people think, stay true and do you. Though I don’t like the stigma that comes with it, I personally love My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic for how great the principles taught in it are and how genuinely funny it is...the character progression, personalities and use of sound effects is as good as Ed, Edd n Eddy to me and I’m not bragging but I’d have been a SEAL Team member if my attention span, information processing and retention weren’t so fucked by my ADHD since rescuing hostages and suppressing terror cells is my dream job. There are plenty of combat veterans who also love MLP: FIM too, manliness is about being the best you that you can be, controlling your thoughts and feelings and not letting others’ opinions push you around like a leaf in the wind and lifting the downtrodden around you up.

    I’ve always hated the western idea of the robotic, emotionless brute being the ideal man since it suppresses human nature and not for the better. What’s really “pussy” is being so afraid of not looking like a real man that you change yourself to suit other’s opinions.

  41. Bug Eater

    remember al capone? gang violence has been around longer than nsync.

  42. Devon Crawford

    After all the shootings and gang violence nsync needs to make a come back and sing this on tv and spread the word

  43. BLUE QUARTS 1989

    i was shopping on iTunes for n'sync songs when i found this one.
    how could i forget such a beautiful song?!

  44. mikey p

    cause it wasn't released as a single but was on thier first album which was a hit so really all the songs were big in thier own right

  45. JaySexi08

    Love This Song Still....Surprised I Still Know All Of The Lyrics

  46. Michael Labonte

    Best, NSYNC song, ever. Eat your heart out BSB.

  47. alohaforeveryone

    This is so 90's

  48. James Hankins

    The only NSYNC song from the first album that i didn't rip in windows media player. :( and now my cd is to scratched to play cause I played it to much back in the day. :(

  49. crankyboiy

    dont chuu mean walkman? lmao

  50. Wayne Cullen

    Reminds me of the days I used to play this on my CD player on repeat.

  51. DeathbatNation1991

    Now, suddenly, I need love too.

  52. MyTVGuide

    I'd forgotten all about this song!!!

  53. twiztidzlette

    i still love this song. idc what any1 says

  54. Elaina Liotta

    This takes me back to my sophomore year of high school.

  55. Battulga Munkhbayar

    music similar to an old song music fan named it

  56. Battulga Munkhbayar

    music similar to an old song music fan named it ?

  57. twiztidzlette

    im almost 23 & i still love this shit.lol!!

  58. twiztidzlette

    OMG SO DID I!!lmao

  59. Hana

    this song is so funny. Hahahhaha

  60. musicrox0719

    nsync made me love dance music

  61. reesespieces22

    Now Justin's getting married, I guess he got the love he needed!

  62. harisbluebiru

    I am in Indonesia.

    I like this song and picture. nice song and picture.

    I remember with Nsync songs and music.

    in 1997 - 2002, Nsync popular in Indonesia (my country).

    I think, the world (Indonesia too) remember with Nsync songs and music.

    greetings from Indonesia.

    thank you.


  63. gabstanace2

    Wonderful song transitioning the 90's into the XXI Century. I still don't get why it wasn't a huge hit. I for one think it's the best musical piece N-Sync ever put together. On February 2000 my mom passed away to cancer and this song brings memories of her back to me: happy ones, sad ones, yet definitely profound ones.

  64. Christopher Nickelson

    This song makes me hyper!!

  65. thundergattiv1


    so because he admitted something we all knew, that makes him look like Ellen DeGeneres?

  66. Faith Seed

    @TheOnyxNightshade like Eiffel 65 blue etc, lol, nive song of course, i love theses eurodance 90-00's moment

  67. Marcus Carrington

    @smcoach41 I definitely think the song was a response to the Eurodance trend, but there was so much time between when the album was recorded and when it was actually released (at least here in the US), that by the time the album was released stateside, this song probably would have tanked if released as a single. By 1998, Eurodance was already on the wane and other imported subgenres from Europe (French House and Nu Italo for example) were picking up steam by then.

  68. DiscoverPlatinum

    I was never a huge N'Sync fan but I had their album for some reason. I remember this being my favorite song on the album because it was techno, which is now my favorite type of music.

  69. Devyn Hertzog


  70. evilcleo

    Oh man, this reminds me when I was a hormonal teenager...

  71. Nathy978

    @nebchic OMG You were a teen & i was a little girl!! Best moments

  72. Nathy978

    MY SONG =D

  73. nebchic

    Lol. I am 26 yrs old too. I was in love with this band, as a teen!!!! Great memories!

  74. velliebellie

    terrible lol. I want you back

  75. brianrawks123

    @YULEN16 :)

  76. Jacqueline Valens

    I effing love this song.

  77. Donjee02

    @Ekta8477 He had a lot of solos/lead vocals in the first two albums. too bad he was the lead singer and never took off as a solo artist

  78. moodyblue4

    This song brings back so many great memories for me. My family and I were at a wedding, and the guy playing the songs lost Nsync’s “I need Love” and I had the CD with me at the time, and I let him borrow it. After he played that song he let me request a song, and I chose, “Sailing.”

  79. 87alsjth

    @kryptonian541 There was a shirt that you could get when he first came out of closet. It had his face on the shirt and it said "did not see that coming." LOL! Yeah, that was shocker for sure.

  80. kal-el kent

    i still cant beleive lance bass is a fruit loop???....... DAMN!

  81. Dreamstrikers

    haha this song is SO hippy-ish but i love it! :D

  82. 87alsjth

    Love NSYNC! Good freaking times man! Gosh I am so glad I was born in 87. I really had a hell of a time growing up.

    J Crash

    87alsjth shut it kid. You didn't get to see Nsync live in concert unlike me and my brother who's 21 years old now

  83. meganchasez1976

    Awesome song! It's so disco....but still awesome, makes mi wanna smile! :D

  84. Magicprincess9000

    I saw Justin Timberlake in Social Network last night and I just felt like listening to Nsync all of a sudden...This is my favorite song from them~!

  85. cherrycolaaa

    Summer '98 road trip, I was boy crazy and there was no shortage of cute boys haha
    good times


    Hello, me!


    Hi 👋 😃


    I still like this song

  86. Bard Ah

    great song!

  87. jmiester25

    ok im a metalhead and this song is a masterpiece

    Veronica Ranger

    jmiester25 I'm also a metalhead and I'm in love with these boys.
    I know your comment is ancient, but I felt the need to reply lol

    Emikiz Jarayo

    +Veronica Ranger lol

  88. EpicEcho

    Thank you for posting! Haven't heard this since I was a little girl. :]

  89. Nena Landers

    @Frostypeanut I was in the 2nd grade when this came out! DAAAAAMN!

  90. LisaTigressHardy

    This would be awesome played at a rave! it has the perfect dance beat for it too.

  91. Frostypeanut

    This takes me back to fourth grade. I love it.

  92. JenTheGothKid

    I just remembered why NSYNC was awesome.

  93. LPpapercut87

    omg this was always my favorite. i havent heard since those good ol family car trips...

  94. coach41

    This was easily my favorite song off the album when it was released. Though I was probably too young to realize at the time, the album was released at a time when Eurodance had picked up steam in the US. From La Bouche to Real McCoy, dance music was pretty big. This song might have been a response to that trend. Too bad the song never got officially released.

  95. Caylee Curtis

    This song is so awesome. I do not know why it didn't become a hit. It still could some day - who knows - they might make a big deal out of nsync 30+ years from now like they are with the Beatles 40 years after they broke up.

  96. Rinat Mandelboim

    this song is so good

  97. XxstardropzdreammxX

    look at Lance Bass! lovingg hair :)