'N Sync - I Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You Lyrics

This is the time of year, that we learn to give
And the greatest gift is learning to forgive
We will have the best that time we ever knew
If you forgive me and I forgive you

I don't want to light a fire
Unless it will warm your heart
I'm playin no holiday songs
I need you to sing your part
And baby if I could have just one wish come true
I don't wanna spend one more Christmas without you

It's so hard to believe
We're staring at the end
When all we think about is starting up again
Whatever we lost, when we were apart
We'll find it all alone in the dark

I don't wanna light a fire
Unless it will warm your heart
I'm playin no holiday songs
I need you to sing your part
And baby if I could have just one wish come true
I don't wanna spend one more Christmas without you

There's nothing more that I want from you
Then to lie here together
And stay here forever with you
There's no one I ever knew
That I wanted to spend Christmas with, more than you....

I don't want to light a fire
Unless it will warm your heart
I'm playin no holiday songs
I need you to sing your part
And baby if I could have just one wish come true
I don't wanna spend one more Christmas without you

I don't want to light a fire
Unless it will warm your heart
I'm playin no holiday songs
I need you to sing your part
And baby if I could have just one wish come true
I don't wanna spend one more Christmas
I don't wanna spend one more Christmas
I don't wanna spend one more Christmas without you

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'N Sync I Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You Comments
  1. crystal clear ComCom

    The words and music very meaningful. Also perfect wedding for those who married in december.

  2. crystal clear ComCom

    This christmas its just not about recieving gifts. The true meaning of christmas is right inside your heart.
    Five ingredients of christmas

  3. crystal clear ComCom

    Theyre harmonization is very good. Justin and jc vocal range so angelic.aside from their songs who are highly choreography. They can show some soul and RNB FLAVOR OF IT. MERRY CHRISTMAS. SPEND WITH YOUR LOVED ONES. THIS COMING GATHERED YOUR FAMILY.

  4. Ben Saechao

    JT is a good singer but with limited range, lets be real JC hits all the higher parts.

  5. Elmer Ayala

    Very nice song

  6. Kathy Hardee

    Awesome Song lovely lyrics...❤️🎄Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas. 🎄🎁

  7. PureAloha78

    What a beautiful song .

  8. Lyon Islanco Squall Shiar-Triton

    When Clara forgiveee yoouuu

  9. Lyon Islanco Squall Shiar-Triton

    Its supposed to sing a song not attack you...whats within is within, im not you!!

  10. Sherill Miller

    Love this song specially the holiday seasons you thought you be with the person you love but your all alone which l hate to spend one more Christmas without you lol l think l felt that all time 🌲🤧😠💔🎧😍🌲

  11. Kelly Stephens

    Luv this song & Nsync vocals, I enjoy jc vocals & I miss Nsync harmonies!! ❤️❤️🎤🎤🎤🎼🎼
    Need NSYNC reunion...

  12. Grisel Griselda

    In 2012 when I was 15, my photoshop high school teacher filmed her neighborhood Christmas lights in on her yacht in Yorba Linda and we had to make a compilation of it with music. Oh man I remember being so happy while editing and I used this song for my video and wow... such fun time. I’m 23 now and I just love how simple times were back then.

  13. Bambi Rarican

    so sad what a beautiful christmas songs

  14. aeron beldz

    2019? who's listening 😊

  15. DRAP SINCE1998

    My favorite song .nice

  16. Zayn زين

    Anyone from insta? Seeing the girl reject the proposal

  17. Patrick B.Santos

    Na minha opinião o *NSYNC deveria voltar.O Justin Timberlake tem uma voz sensacional e também o JC Chasez é fera como segundo tenor.

  18. TastyDrop 11.11

    The most beautiful Christmas song I’ve ever heard ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. ynjacobs


  20. Dodong Dalisay

    Listening 2 days before Christmas🎄

  21. Muffy Chao

    Christmas sucks when you let the one you Love get away due to uncontrollable circumstances😭😢

  22. Claire Thompson

    Such a beautiful song ❤

  23. Mom 2 MattJack

    Just to hear from my son's. Too many lost days.

  24. Dodong Dalisay

    Christmas time again 2018🎁🎄



  26. Rahmat Zakaria

    i love this song a lot i play it everyday it touched my heart a lot

  27. audz martinez


  28. Nancy Medeiros

    I like this song that is from NSYNC. I don't also want to spend Christmas without my important people that are in my life like my friends and family as well. That was one of my wishes from my birthday.

  29. Four seasons Adkins

    I love this song it's so heartfelt and meaningful thank you nsync

  30. ayra delosantos

    bye my soulmate 😢

  31. Timothy Johnson

    Still listening in 2018 on 4-2-18.Monday this tim wife listening luv it so much

  32. hams morka

    This five harmonies are perfect..singing voice from heaven..no offend but N'SYNC is incomparable boy band..even Louis Walsh the manager of WESTLIFE saying that N'SYNC is amazing and they really show up how to be real boyboand

  33. smart girl

    JC could dance but jt is everything

  34. Melvin Tejera

    Justin and Jc's voices are pure gold

  35. Anna Nueva

    I love nsyc

  36. Lanie Resuello

    when i listened to this song my tears fall bec. of meaning of the lyrics....love it very much!!!

  37. joanna michelle baldos

    I always love this song...I keep on playing this song even if it's not Christmas time...

  38. joanna michelle baldos

    Very nice....I keep on lovin this song...I miss's him...

  39. joanna michelle baldos

    I keep on lovin it...nice!

  40. Jennifer Brier

    He did not own this song it was the whole group and back off cause jc is mine and so is Lance and this is a very special song NSYNC AND BACKSTREET BOYS ARE MINE AND 98 DEGREES and the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK ARE ALL MINE SO BACK OFF

  41. Lauren Kaminski

    Listening to this song right now on 2017!❤🎄🎁🎅🎶

  42. andrea reyes

    one of my favorite nsync christmas song..NSYNC i miss you badly,my heart is crying out for you guys..

  43. Jean Dockery

    JT owned this song

  44. Nando Fernando

    músicas boas de ouvir pena q tudo q e bom acaba,nsync era um grupo completo cantavam bem e dançavam muito bem

  45. Cameron Wright

    i now have to listen to this since aku finally wins and samurai jack trying to give up and lose all hope now
    im serious about that

  46. alexandre ambrosio

    Essa musica eu gostei show11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Silvia Huch

    Justin his voice .so Wonder ful. so nice so sweet

  48. Cameron Wright

    i also learned that opinion are the antithesis or the opposites of facts and i think i'm getting it fast

    Cameron Wright

    I have to comment about the issue with the whole opinions thing and so and this song might see to it in a way

  49. Cameron Wright

    so awesome and I'm hearing this in Christmas whhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  50. HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio )

    Check my playlist: " A Real Christmas " on my YouTube channel. :D

  51. Leah Mae

    My man sent me the link of this. I went crying after watching. If he only knew how much I love him and really want to be with him. 😞 I wish him happiness and success in life this Christmas season. 😃

  52. Alex Krauth

    All the vocal harmony groups of the 90s were amazing, from Boyz II Men and Jodeci all the way up through BSB, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and such. Who agrees?

    Daniel Bautista

    Alex Krauth I Agree !

    Bella Rose

    alex krauth - i agree too, those are some of my favorite groups.

    Alex Krauth

    Bella Rose awesome! When were you born? I was born in 1991!

    Made Ary Prawira

    @Alex Krauth 1991 me too 😎

  53. Kevin Atsaphanthong

    wow.. this will be the first time in 8 years spending Christmas alone..

    Jeffrey Schindel

    Kevin Atsaphanthong me too. I was also alone last year.

  54. Megan McKnight

    This song has me in tears 😭 man I miss *NSYNC a lot. I really do,they've been one of my favorite music groups since I was 1(which was in 1995 the same year they were formed)

    Megan McKnight

    Robin Nicol:hahahahahaha I feel old too:( so you’re not alone there

    Carlos Murray

    Megan McKnight I feel the same

    Killua Zoldyck

    Megan McKnight ohh... I was still in the tummy in that year ☺

    Megan McKnight

    Killua Zoldyck:i was born in 1994 and I had sisters who listened to them also

  55. Rin Rin

    Christmas is coming.. xoxo

  56. Rosa Pagnotta

    This song makes me cry every time 😢

  57. Kelly Donovan

    I love this song. Every time I listen to it gives me goosebumps!

  58. Sarena S

    I'm a fan of them and have to say the one Christmas song I have not heard before until now. Love it already! always great vocals! love there music

  59. trebledc

    here I am listening to this song again coz it is already almost Christmas maybe 100 countdown but I never spent a Christmas with my 3 year old daughter for 3 years coz I have to about her future... I love her so much I hope she understand

  60. arollingpenguin

    jc owned this songggg

    Cassandra Molly

    I'm saying!


    *THEY owned this song

    C E

    JT will always be my fav but godddd you’re so right. JC killed it on this track

  61. stephen oakleaf

    Should be a bonus track on their Christmas album.

  62. Johnathan Keener


  63. Harry Yan

    Asa. Jkgc. Jugurtha,umnj,Yum

  64. Harry Yan

    Fiefdom. . Mm moo lul. U

  65. Harry Yan

    C. Ñmnmn n hljhuio.,l!pmlp


  66. stephen oakleaf

    would love to own this song myself too

  67. Damian Horton

    Just heard this at the book store! Fell in love with it as soon as I heard. Merry Christmas everyone!

  68. Jewell Sky

    So beautiful…thank you!👼👼👼👼👼

  69. Arvy Jay Ramos Cuman

    This song brought me to tears many times! I don't know how many Christmas will I spend without you!

    Delbert Suryaatmaja

    me 2 :(

  70. Crhise Dickerson

    hi my name is chrise dickerson i am fan of nyscn i all there christmas song ao munch

  71. Gabrielle Silver

    they started to play this at the mall i work. And i legit never heard of this, but who can not recognize J.T. 's vocals lol

    Gorth N Sports

    +Artcika How have you never listened to this?

    Gabrielle Silver

    @Gorth N Sports because i never was a fan of them so i guess they slipped through?

  72. Brian Crilly

    Am I a homosexual for loving this song?

    Dawn Slater

    +Brian Crilly that's a very stupid question.

  73. trebledc

    I am worker overseas o always listen to this song... I have a 2yr old daughter that I miss very much but I can't see her because of my work overseas I love her so much but what I do is for her so I have to spend Christmas without her.


    +trebledc This made me tear up. I hope you get back to your daughter soon my friend.

    Lin games Group

    I will pray for you and your daughter


    +phanatic215 thanks you feel where I am. happy new year!


    +Reiger Erickson thanks you feel where I am. happy new year!

    Huan Le

    I wsead

  74. Gian Bersola

    love this song <3

  75. Julianne Crider

    I remember this..song brings back good warm memories..

  76. Piper Wilson

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  77. Queennie Dalguntas

    Merry Christmas to all..

  78. patver alas

    I think this is on now its christmas collection album by various artist


    Now That's What I Call Christmas Vol. 2

  79. Piper Wilson

    one of m y favs. I feel this way.

  80. Sweet Pisces

    I LOVE YOU SCOTT! This song is for u ♡

  81. Kaori

    My new *Favorite* Christmas Song!!! WOOHOO!!!

  82. Christine Chrissy

    My favourite christmas song ;)

  83. Christopher Nickelson

    To find this song it's on iTunes under " My pop Christmas" @Caitlyn Knoblock

  84. Caitlyn Knoblock

    Does anyone know what cds this song is on???

    Jeremy Porter

    +Caitlyn Knoblock this song is on Superstar Christmas Pop Hits cd.

  85. Isa

    Gotta be my favorite Christmas song XD

  86. Johnny Cash

    Greast gift would be to dance under the stars, and dance the nite away.

  87. Johnny Cash

    The greatest gift would be love and a heart.

    Jonathan Roberts

    Yes it would and to love til the end 

    De Bra

    thats realy 👍👏

  88. Johnny Cash

    Luv this song, I just needed to also spend Christmas with true luv,

  89. Dodong

    nice song,next is september,but i'm very exited now,and i already feel the christmas

  90. Thomas Williams8484

    great song i love it

  91. Rhianna Montgomery

    Song reminds me of my fiancé....We've been together for almost 6yrs and every year we spend Christmas apart....Damn distance :(

    The Universal SHIELD

    Dude this feeling Im experincing it now it has been that long only 2 years but I feel ya on the long distance

  92. Robert Faddi

    Love this song

  93. tina paulson

    i so luv this song

  94. cougar1561

    Phoenix zoo lights brought me here

  95. xJustBreatheInx

    It's also on MTV's TRL Christmas

  96. Kai Nguyễn

    thump up if now is 2013

  97. faaaduma

    wow! i just heard another favorite chrismas song:) love N'SYNC FOREVER!!!:D


    i need my babe this Christmas i miss him

  99. Hannah D'zayah Aubrey

    One of my fav Christmas song!!