'N Sync - Here We Go Lyrics

Here we go one more time
Everybody's feeling fine
Here we go now

Yes yes yes here we go
'N SYNC has got the flow

Bounce your head to the beat
We've got everything you need
Here we go now

Yes yes yes here we go
'N SYNC has got the flow

Here we go just one more time
And everybody is feeling fine
Here we go now

Here we go, yeah

If you want to party with us
Just feel free and feel the rhythm
Here we go now

Here we go

You know the party's here
Sing - a - long and have no fear
'N SYNC is here to make you people scream
Now the the time for us to reunite
Come on party people
There's a party going on tonight

Tonight is the night
Everything is going to be alright

Just get up, feel the flow
And here we go


Let's sing it one more time
Everybody's feeling fine
We got the skills
To keep this party pumpin' baby
Keep dancin' all night long
Until the break of dawn
Come on party people
There's a party going on tonight

Tonight is the night
Everything is gonna be alright
Just get up, feel the flow
And here we go




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'N Sync Here We Go Comments
  1. Sasusaku4Eva!

    I'm nearly thirty years old and The Backstreet Boys and Nsync is my jam!! 😎

  2. ShyGuy83

    I'm not ashamed to admit I liked this music back when I was both a freshman and sophomore in high school.

  3. Jose Reyes


  4. Alex Carrillo official

    grew up on this.. love it. <3 nsync, bsb, and youngstown. :D

  5. John Smith

    Here in 2020!!

  6. Laura Mashburn

    2020 babes❤❤

  7. Isabelle Kimpiob

    Dec 2019 anyone?

    Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life



    this tune has been in my head since 2004. Only heard the song once, thought I would never figure out the true lyrics. found it in 2019 🙌🎉

  9. NyQuiiL Cold & Flu

    I see white people...

  10. fiona hamilton

    I wish Jc would take his own advice . When he says now is the time for us to reunite 😃

  11. Mau Pac

    Caucasian overload.

  12. CometTamer

    The nostalgia factor here is high as hell.

  13. Emma Anderson

    I think about this song a lot while raiding

  14. wa la


  15. mother

    JC Chasez David

  16. mother

    JC Chasez. Stephanielorranie

  17. mother

    There always that one person JC Stewart

  18. Anthony Nan Qiu

    "I see white people...

  19. Alena Liu

    90's pop is the best musical generation ❤️

  20. Ella Naoe

    My teacher is a great teacher, she sings it sometimes, she's pretty cool.

  21. Anina Garcia

    The Jonas Brothers brought me here

    Karl M

    Don't bring Jonas Brothers here.

    Thanks, girl.

  22. Mai Jamnil


  23. Talentless Potato

    I wonder what the song would be like if they add a fan chant

  24. pablo Bellotti

    Camino a Córdoba capital

  25. Rafaella Leitzke

    só tô aqui por causa do now united,mais alguem?

  26. Brenda A

    The opening to the Disney movie Model Behavior 💗

  27. King Kami

    They were the New Kids on the Block to the Backstreet Boys’ New Edition.

  28. Andrew Wong

    old song in my youger years from andrew wong

  29. Norman Garcia

    90s pop is fucking cool

  30. maria elo

    Quem mais veio por causa do now united??? 😂😂😂

    ana clara

    eu kakkaka amo dms

    maria elo

    @ana clara 😂😂

  31. Ashley Edward

    Stop staring at me!! Gawd!

  32. mercedes brambila

    Gustavo love mariana

  33. Thlulunator

    Everytime i get in a fight with my friends or customers at work I sing this chorus and immediately feel better lol

  34. Nsync

    JC 😍

  35. david wong

    jc is the best from andrew wong

  36. Deathstroke Clan Rules

    Haven't heard this since "A Bug's Life" came to theaters way back then. God time goes fast.

  37. Alice Lima

    i'm here cuz of now united haha
    but loved it <3

    João Tavares

    i am too

  38. Christina has D E P R E S S I O N

    *NSYNC has got the flowwwww

  39. Jacob Lashner

    This was pretty good, but why didn't they release the music video on YouTube? We can't actually see anything except the poster. This is literally the first time I have ever heard this song, never even knew it existed until recently.

  40. XBarajasX

    Where's the music video of this??? The basketball one

  41. Jai Norman

    Real music!

  42. Elijah Jones

    Lol Undercover Brother anyone?

    J B

    More like model behavior

  43. 2von dayz2


  44. Bianca Lang

    The breakc down tho.

  45. Jordan Mcvay Vasquez

    0:47 Ok so I’m still waiting for that reunion!

    Gamma V

    Call the album 'ReSync.'

  46. Jennifer Poole

    *N Sync and Backstreet Boys are both my most favorite boy bands of all time.


  47. LadyLake Music

    Yes yes yes HERE WE GO!!

  48. MsAndrea85

    My high school memories so cool

  49. Amanda Vasquez

    Nsync song Here we go is a great song 👌✊🎶🎤🎼🎵🎶🎤🎼🎵🎵🎼

  50. Jay Rock

    if this had been a black group, no one would be saying anything about their race. SEESH.

  51. Emmett martens

    0:04 sounds like another song beat but i cant remember it...

    Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

    Probably Backstreet Boys since they had the same producers. I can hear a few songs in that opening alone.

  52. Khoa Nguyen

    This is my song for my school dance

  53. Yasmin Ribeiro

    Music from now united bootcamp ❤️🏳️‍🌈

    Leticia S2

    Yasmin Ribeiro aaaaahhh eu tbm, só tava esperando alguém comentar sobre ksksks

    João Tavares

    Tem muita gente que veio aqui por causa do now united só que ninguém comenta kkk

  54. javiera pavez

    2019 🎶🎵

  55. ert

    today every popstar is a combine between radical muslim ...and whorehouse boy

  56. Victory Rocha

    Now United tests, anyone?

    Dan Claudino


    Yasmin Ribeiro


    Leticia S2

    Victory Rocha meeeeee

  57. 트와이스핑크

    jam on cause Backstreet's got it
    come on now everybody
    we've got it going on for years...

    Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

    Same producers and song writers 😅😅😂😂

  58. michela monne

    eccoceeeeee!!!!! here I go with N SYNC!!!!! alwayssssds

  59. teenie36214

    So Lance says he hates this song....

    deonna dyson

    where did he say that...

  60. Faith McGillacutty

    another song needing a video! time machine anyone?

  61. Ricky M

    I kind of heard this on a short music video of _A Bug's Life_ as a kid.

  62. Brandon Fischer

    2018 anyone?

  63. Diana Leyva

    Now united make me really happy with this song and rigth now i listen everytime

    Yasmin Ribeiro

    Me too ❤️

  64. Ádám Végh

    térdig hó ♥

  65. MisterX3866

    How the police feels when protesters at a BLM rally start getting rowdy.

  66. Finita Eldredge

    Came here because my kids don't know *Nsync 😒 where did I go wrong as a mother Lol (they gon' learn today)

    Ileana Gomez

    Fina Segundo i’m here because my son and deezer. Lol. I love backstreet boys, so when i put a random list, this song pop up and he loves it. So, now i’m here because he wants to hear this song

  67. unnew

    “Too much white for a brother to take”

  68. Toni Torres

    Still a bop

  69. David Ramirez

    like listening in 2598

  70. Alison B

    2018 <3

  71. Josh Peters

    Drake should do a remix to this record

  72. Penquin402

    My sister used to be a huge fan of their's growing up. She had one of the dolls from No Strings Attached but she never opened it. She's reason why I love *NSYNC. They need to get back together and do a reunion tour because they were so good. I am so happy that they got a star on the Walk of Fame.

  73. Jessica Ricks

    so cool i am happy

  74. Cacey wong

    love this hit song from andrew wong

  75. Problemm Childd

    I'm guessing this was the song of the summer the year it came out?? 🤔🤔

  76. lea cali

    When this was also on model behavior on Disney!!!!

  77. Ramon Galvez

    Hermosa cancion

  78. Freezy tv

    Our yeah

  79. MZ8

    this was good music. i need a time mashine.

    Alena Liu

    M689 true lol

    Luna SilverFangs

    Yes me too

  80. jen Dixon

    Nsync got the flow if you agree with me follow me my name is jennylnn dixon

  81. Keith Fleming

    A bugs life passed thru my head and this song came to mind. Wow Disney. You sure know how to program the masses. its 2018 and this is in my head

  82. ana loves to read

    phatonix brought me here

  83. Joe Gutierrez

    here we go a couple more times

  84. Joe Gutierrez

    here we go a couple more times

  85. jen Dixon

    Nsync still my jam my name is jenny dixon no rude commitment ok

    Katherine Nichols

    Harry Dixon qewertyyuipatsaasssaaaatssssdddstssaaaaaaadssassssdfhghjkzcxcvbqeatrqqqqawQqwfx

  86. jen Dixon


  87. jen Dixon


  88. Tÿłãń Wîłęÿ

    Caucasian overload-undercover brother

  89. ZeldasFinalFantasy

    MTV Party to go

  90. futuremrsjonas

    Cue the millennial bandwagon fans from Lance Bass video on Facebook

  91. banababy504

    classic ✌✌✌

  92. Allison Harris

    Good morning Allison Marie Harris super star 🐕 Andrew Kennedy red hair done today YMCA green Walk yesterday 😍 pictures 288

  93. Leilani Collins

    Please get back together because my mom listen listen to you she was very little

  94. Gwyneth Velarde

    Ac Bonifacio's dance cover of this song on her journey to now united brought me here!😍💙I'm 2000s child and I like this song😊

  95. Jon Snow

    why not the police play this at the nearest BLM protest just to "Re-educate those people...