'N Sync - Here And Now Lyrics

Here and now
Is the way I live
Unafraid of what life gives
And there've been times in my life

I couldn't see the difference
In pain, or in joy
Or in sun, or in rain
It just seemed the same

But I'm only human
Rendered by ambition
But I'm going to make it count

Here and now
Is the way I live
With an open heart and mind
Here and now

So many intentions
In life I could have followed

But one of those paths must lead to eternal love
Here and now
Is the way I live
Unafraid of what life gives
Respect things I don't understand
All Here and now
So many intentions
In life I could have followed
But one of those paths must lead to eternal love

Here and now
Here and now

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'N Sync Here And Now Comments
  1. brunobelz

    Its good to hear other NSYNC members voices in solo, not just Justin or JC...

  2. Sophia B

    This is song is beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Clara Oi

    I think it’s branded by ambition and not rendered by ambition

  4. C. Arts

    perfect song♥♥♥♥

  5. day pc

    It's Joey at 2:04. I know Lance's and Joey's voies outside NSYNC, that vibrato is Joey "follow". Lance can sing high, I have listened Walking on air, Hairspray etc but he's not singing there

    Annamarie Sieberns

    day pc Yeah I’m sure Lance is there but I don’t hear his low, low voice. I always loved this song. I had it on my old PC.

  6. Cadeho3

    David pc, the song is not from 1995. It was recorded for the Widows Soundtrack in 1998.

    day pc

    thanks I didn't know, I had wrong information

    Rob Wilson

    well that's for this version. Here and Now is also the name of a track on their 1995 demo tape :)

  7. DanMarc Bardo

    @illnelnel not true he gets a full solo in the song only gift

  8. day pc

    this song wasn't included as a bonus in their different first album... I don't know if it was a promo song. I've searched and in the song it says it's from 1995... before the official launching of NSYNC in 1996

  9. Felicia Mara

    When Nsync first debuted, they released so many different versions of their album. And there were promotional albums in different countries. I saw this song somewhere and remembered not liking it .. i was a baby but i love it now :)

  10. day pc

    Yes...I can tell, Ive listened to the song with headphones and from 2:04 to 2:20 LANCE sings lead vocals. If you pay attention from 2:15 on he lowers the pitch and sings a trademark bass vocal. Anyway it was tricky because it could recall JC singing powerful and lower as usual

  11. Jota Jones

    No one knows what brazilian NSYNC fans know.
    I'm sure Lance is singin'.

  12. Julia Anderson

    yeah, it sounds like Lance...

  13. sabri-nah

    I've never heard this song, mainly because it wasn't released in america.

  14. alyssa trujillo


  15. puffsfish

    The first Verse is Obviously Chris Duh! he sang the high part sometimes Jc, Justin and Joey would sing high and we'd think it was Chris. The Second Verse is Justin. Then he is followed by JC in a lower octave. my bad I almost forgot Chris reenters and then at about the 2 minute mark is LAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCE! NOT JOEY! nowhere in this song does Joey have a solo.

  16. Dreamstrikers

    @puffsfish lol ya kidding? I LOVE Lance, i'd know his voice anywhere! <3

  17. puffsfish

    @Dreamstrikers finally someone is not an idiot!

  18. puffsfish

    to all of you who think that's Joey @2:03 well it's not! A.) Joey Doesn't sound like that Lance sounds like that. if you don't believe me listen to them talk. true Lance hardly ever had solos but that's definitely him. B.) Joey doesn't sing that low. and you call yourselves fans? you can't even keep the voices straight. forget what you know don't give me that BS about it not being Lance because he didn't sing solos!!! Believe it or not it is LANCE!

  19. Eileen Taylor

    My friend, Hayley, is Cousins with Chris. I'm not lying/joking

  20. Dreamstrikers

    @MiaVita1281 i'm pretty positive Lance is the one doing the solo :)

  21. katie

    Awww... I remember hearing this song a year ago... <3
    I love this song.. it will never get old..<3

  22. theusagirl

    This song is sooo beautiful and sad at the same time, and yes, this song is in the 97 movie?? "Widows or "Willows"..Im not sure..

  23. Amanda B.

    @flowerxgirl Well, I had already downloaded this video, then converted it into a WMV file, and then used Windows Movie Maker to turn it into an MP3. But thanks so much anyway! =D

  24. flowerxgirl

    @arquettefan If you can't find a dl link, let me know and I can upload it for you. : )

  25. flowerxgirl

    @vietboy341 If I am correct, it was an unreleased song. But I'm not completely sure myself. I tried to google it, but that wasn't much help either. So I'm guessing they never released it official on a cd or anything.

  26. flowerxgirl

    @Steffen2k7 Lol lol, Yes I did! Better believe it bro~~

  27. Steffen2k7


  28. Amanda B.

    Why don't a have this song in my iPod!? Beautiful song! I better download it right away. ;D