'N Sync - For The Girl Who Has Everything Lyrics

You drive a pretty car - you know how fine you are
And nobody needs to say it.. no way..
They love the clothes you wear - they compliment you and I
Just love the way you play it...

But the only thing you dream of - money can't buy for you..
And in my dreams I make your wish come true

For the girl who has everything
I bring you love
I bring you love
Cause the girl who has everything can't get enough
Of my love

Why do you run and hide? - Say what you feel inside (say what you feel..)
Why must you always fake it? (oh yeah..)
Girl you need to understand
Your heart is safe within my hands and
I promise I'll never break it...ohh..

I know that you still dream of what money can't buy for you
And in my dreams I'll make your wish come true

For the girl who has everything
I bring you love (I bring you love)
I bring you love
Cause the girl who has everything can't get enough (enough of...)
Of my love

If you just let me try - my baby listen
I'll help you find what you've been missing
You gotta listen to your heart and not your mind
Ohh.. baby yeah...

For the girl who has everything (everything..)
I bring you love (I bring you love..)
I bring you love (I bring you love..)
Cause the girl who has everything can't get enough
My love (of my love..)

For the girl who has everything (I can't, cause you want my love )
I bring you love (And I'm gonna give it to ya)
I bring you love
Cause the girl who has everything can't get enough

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'N Sync For The Girl Who Has Everything Comments
  1. crystal clear ComCom

    Nsync is one of the main staple of the 90's the beat is very romantic.

  2. Lucas Alexandre

    Não consigo achar o clip dessa música.

  3. Ebonee Adenusi

    They fucking robbed JC

  4. beep

    Born in 91. Got the tape back in the day.

  5. BossUpWithNaeC

    Takes me back to sixth grade. The Disney channel concert introducing them 😍😂

  6. Agatha Procópio

    Quanto amor por esse álbum inteiro!

  7. Pablo Lemos

    Quem está ouvindo em 2019? Melhor Boy Band!

  8. Andrew Payne

    this song is so underrated

  9. Oscar A.

    Video Clip https://youtu.be/imL_zVNL3FQ

  10. Cha Darly


  11. Everton Santos


  12. mary iannuzzi

    I am a 90s kid (36) and ive seen them many times, their xmas is a classic in my house my 7 year old loves it.  I still listen to their music! I'm just waiting for thatreunion!

  13. Lady G256

    This is dedicated to You Lorielle 🥰😍😘

  14. Gamergirl4AyaBrea&Jesus

    This version sucks. The jc only version is best

    Malik Jefferson

    Gamergirl4AyaBrea it was added later on the 2nd greatest his album it wasn’t released in the us jc original and acoustic jt remixed I’d better for me


    @Malik Jefferson I still think this version sucks cuz Justin ruins it.

    Malik Jefferson

    Gamergirl4AyaBrea they had a legal issue from RCA

  15. black beauty

    Im looking for the original version. But i'didnt find.

    Malik Jefferson

    black beauty it’s on NSYNC topic

  16. ember michelle

    Nsync fan forever.

  17. Iris E

    JC had the best voice in my appointment. I was listening to their album the other day and never realized how JC was the lead in majority of their songs. Was never a fan of Justin's voice.

  18. ZIPPS


  19. Catallano1981

    Where is the music video of this beautiful Song?

    Oscar A.

    Catallano1981 https://youtu.be/imL_zVNL3FQ

  20. Imperfeito_Eu

    Só procurei pq o vídeo original foi proibido no meu país kkkk

    Oscar A.

    VIDEOCLIP https://youtu.be/imL_zVNL3FQ

  21. Renata Lopes

    Seria ótimo se eles fizessem uma turnê e viessem aqui no Brasil 😍

  22. A Eubanks

    The intro sound is amazing wooo.

  23. Nsink Papa

    Super song 2019 and I love this song

  24. Problemm Childd

    That boy JC can sang his ass off

  25. Brieanna Praski

    Love JC's voice 😍😍

  26. Jordan Valentine


    Angel Sharia Moore

    Lately by Tyrese

  27. Kelly_Grey

    check out that lower register on JC <3 0:42

  28. fairytales of yesterday

    I like this version so much better than the other one. The jc/justin harmony at the end is EVERYTHING!!

  29. Erika Haze

    JC was ALWAYS my favorite, his voice and look and personality. He was my favorite on Mickey Mouse Club too!!😍 miss him, miss them

  30. MissTia777

    Still hot!!!!

  31. TheSmoothkriminal

    1997 till 2019..wow where those years are now?man i feel like if my life was stucked there.....

  32. luis lara

    I feel a orgasm in my heart!!!

  33. Daniel Adrian Toro Ruiz

    You select nsync..🔥 🔥 🔥.....

  34. You Full Of Keto

    Wish I had some friends to sing this with

  35. Erika Haze


  36. Menerva4

    The CD version is just JC, and I like that one better.


    Yesss! A lot of people tended to look over the fact that JC had the voice of this group.

  37. Lillian Oquendo

    For the man who has everything. ❤

  38. Guaci Curbelo

    In love with the JC's voice 😍

  39. Ariane Garcia

    Saudade desse grupo bons tempos da minha adolescência e a minha música preferida

  40. Daniel Souza

    A música que faz pensar na mulher que eu amo Iulara Sabrina. 😎😍👏👏🎵🎼🎶🎶

  41. whitney owens

    Love this song always and forever

  42. Tyler Long

    this is like my high school days

    Angel Sharia Moore

    Elementary days for me

  43. Linda Herrera

    Still here in 2018 to hear the SWEET SWEET voices of N'SYNC Gosh still the biggest FAN ever!

  44. Daniel Souza

    Nsync eu gosto muito das músicas do grupo😍☺👏👏👏

  45. Vic Flair

    I PROMISE this song has been stuck in my head since 1998, on god

  46. Mrs Renae Oheadley


  47. Leonardo Xavier


  48. Mikell Clark

    I'm 19, love the 90s and a fanboy

  49. Wellington Souza


  50. LBH1984

    2018 still love this song🇲🇾

    Oscar A.

    LBH1984 https://youtu.be/imL_zVNL3FQ

  51. ilovelegos2000

    Where is the video? Did it get taken off?

    Malik Jefferson

    ilovelegos2000 yep


    Malik Jefferson oh that's too bad then

    Curtis Givan

    ilovelegos2000 its in vimeo


    @Curtis Givan it's not anymore. Can you give link if you find from other sources?

    Oscar A.

    Videoclip https://youtu.be/imL_zVNL3FQ

  52. Jennifer Wong

    I love love this song its beautiful.

  53. Daniel Adrian Toro Ruiz

    You now my love

  54. Daniel Adrian Toro Ruiz

    Nsync es nsync

  55. OldSchoolGaming4Life

    DeBarge - "I Like it"
    Guy - "Piece of My Love"
    Tyrese - "Lately"


    Brody Lane

    OldSchoolGaming4Life mind blown

  56. Nik B

    where is the good version of this?

  57. de Prado

    It's 2017, but I still listening this.

  58. Carla Espinoza


  59. navynugget7

    JC solo version much better!

    The One and Only

    Nope. 100% not. Only in Nsync he was the best

    Brieanna Praski

    I pretty they meant JC's solo version of this song is better.

    rachael wilbur

    I like the one where it's just jc singing better

    Aquiona Russell

    navynugget7 agreeeeeed

    Malik Jefferson

    On the USA tour only jt sings 2nd verse on sneak peak ep and the USA album better JC did lead vocals start to finish

  60. Omni Toys World

    All time favorite song

  61. Tinker B

    Yikes Justin sounds terrible doing the second verse

  62. Britteny Bryant

    why did i just have a fan girl moment

  63. Jessica-Silver Gonzalez

    i cant believe ive never herd this song b4 its so good

  64. Larisse Lima

    Nostalgia ❤

    Daniel Adrian Toro Ruiz

    Lari Lillian hablale

  65. Eve Noel

    Who is here cause the show foursome refrinced all the songs

  66. leyla zhane

    my song.

    The One and Only

    leyla zhane Who is that on the picture? Ill fuck the shit out of you

    Oscar A.

    leyla zhane https://youtu.be/imL_zVNL3FQ

  67. EL AFGHANI Ibtissam

    still love this song

  68. A Vision Unseen

    why didnt i know about this :(

  69. Mike Rhines

    32 and still a fanboy lol

    Dj Palazzotto

    Can never get enough of *Nsync.... 💙

    hltr skltr

    13 and a fangirl 😂

    HiHai Lah dida

    +Mike Rhines, No shame in that. A lot of guys back in the day made fun of Nsync, but secretly they listened to their songs just to try and sing JC's hard ass parts. LoL


    LOL same. I'm appreciating JC a lot more than I did before, JT was always the best for me growing up

    Saxon Webb

    Same Mike! Did you ever see them live??

  70. Christopher Valdes

    Love this group love their harmonies

  71. Versatil Titan

    the whole album is classic listen to it front to back so 90vibe

  72. Lorena Rosa

    Musica perfeita😊

  73. LaChele

    This is a pretty song. They were my favorite boy band during the time. They never really overdid it and stuck to the melody. JC sounded good.


    That's funny because JC never sounded bad, lol.

  74. Cristina Capezza

    i USED to haVE AN *n the mix vhs or whatever and there was a video for this. i waa hoping it would be on youtube but its not :(

    lala gray

    Cristina Capezza yaaaaaaasssss!!!!! I came with a little pass and block buster had it!! Lmao


    Are you talking about them finding a girl's lost luggage washed up on the beach, and rummaging through her belongings? My sister was a fan, not me, but she showed me the video at the time, and I couldn't help but laugh at it. I'm surprised nobody has posted it, honestly.

    Daniel Adrian Toro Ruiz

    Cristina Capezza te amo




    @Meghannsh the link is dead. Any other source?

  75. Kneno Hammond

    love this song the boys did a great job on singing it

  76. Rossoneri

    i love this song so damn much.

  77. Ranger X

    love it

  78. Matthew Phillips

    biggest Justin timberlake fan right here


    +Matthew Phillips me 2 :)